Roy Nelson: “People That Tend to be in Our Sport Tend to Abuse Performance Enhancing Drugs”

June 6, 2013
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Roy-Nelson-UFC-143-WorkoutUFC heavyweight contender Roy Nelson has never been the poster boy for a fitness-minded physique, and he believes there is a reason he doesn’t look like most UFC fighters.

Nelson doesn’t sport six-pack abs.  He often rubs his oversized midsection when celebrating victory, embracing the fact that his body doesn’t fit the typical fighter’s form.

“People that tend to be in our sport tend to abuse PEDs or performance enhancing drugs. So that’s the reason why I probably don’t look like the typical UFC fighter,” said the outspoken Nelson during a UFC 161 media conference call.

Nelson made his way to the UFC by winning the tenth season of The Ultimate Fighter.  He has emerged as a fan favorite, and part of that could be that he looks more like the average fan of the sport and less like his fellow fighters.

“I don’t know if it works in my favor,” he said about his body type.

Known for his grappling ability, one-punch knockout power and granite chin, Nelson’s fighting style may have more to do with his popularity than the way he looks.  But his battle beard and belly have become his trademark.

Nelson takes on Stipe Miocic in the UFC 161 co-main event on June 15.  He accepted the fight on short notice and while his outspoken nature sometimes leaves him at odds with the UFC brass, Nelson is still a company man… at least when it comes to short-notice fights.

“When the UFC calls you, you just kind of step up and you just, you know, say yes.”

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  • As a fighter Roy has some talent. He is an excellent grappler. He worked hard to become a BJJ Black Belt. His granite chin, he was born with along with his KO power. He keeps losing all his big fights though. He KO’s guys ever win and comes up short against guys like Mir, JDS and Werdum. He’s a pretty tough guy and all but these statements are just bad for the sport. I honestly believe the UFC and the commission will catch the guys on PED’s and we should leave it to them. Roy’s comments are insulting to almost every righter out there who works hard. I’m not in denial. I just don’t think it’s right to accuse other fighters unless they have previously failed a test.

    • Ian Price

      Well, lets just agree that we don’t know what we don’t know.

      • Rence

        Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

        Jk, i’m a big fan of the “presumption of innocence” and tend to believe that if a fighter doesnt test positive for a banned substance then he’s clean until proven otherwise.

        So yeah, until Roy has some proof, i’ll just consider his statements to be just more hot air escaping his body, along with the stench of week old Whoppers.

      • 😉 Indeed

        • Pizza boy

          Shut it!

  • Darin

    I tend to believe that people who tend to eat too many cheeseburgers tend to be fat.

  • Sean Sherk You’re Dead

    Dumbbest fighter on the roster right here

    • bajafox

      How is that? People who use steroids and threaten their careers and bodies are dumber than he is. He might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he’s smart enough to stay clean and fight when he’s called upon.

      • toom

        he’s saying that comment was stupid you lack common sense what are you Roy’s son

        • bajafox

          “Dumbbest fighter on the roster right here”

          Where did you read he said the comment was stupid?

          Here, read it again

          “Dumbbest fighter on the roster right here”

          • Sean Sherk You’re Dead

            I agree with you that he’s smart enough to stay clean, but if i had to choose a fighter to spend any time having an interesting conversation, Nelson would be my last choice..
            He’s got a well documented history of making dumb comments

          • toom

            read between the lines do you take everything ppl say literally

          • Darin

            He said Roy was dumb. What lines do you need to read between? Look below, he says it again. I agree, Roy is pretty damn dumb, OR….. maybe he just knows who his fans are and how to get them to identify with him…………

          • toom

            Roy’s a great fighter but if you say you identify with him your probably fat

  • Baller31

    Roy is an awesome fighter…..despite his fatness…which likely has nothing to do with his lack of PED’s and much to do with his Krispy Kreme addiction..

  • toom

    clearly if you don’t take performance enhancing drugs you’ll look like Roy Nelson the McDonalds for dinner every night has nothing to do with it

  • Lee

    Would agree it looks bad on the sport. Body make up has a lot to do with genetics also. Not everyone is capable of having the perfect body no matter how hard they train. Cain Velasquez isn’t exactly ripped but don’t think anyone could accuse him of not training hard. Taking PED’s wouldn’t all of a sudden change that a great deal.

    • Mike mckinney

      You better watch what you say. For some reason people seem to think that all the PED’s out there are superman pills.
      Take a pill, take a shot in the ass, and wake up in the morning looking like overeem.

  • Alex Anderson

    Roy needs to lay off of the performance dis-enhancing drugs (beer is the prime suspect). Also french fries, hamburgers, ice cream…

  • The Best Eva

    Big Cunch is the man, He needs more fast food sponsors.