Roy Nelson Draws Gabriel Gonzaga for UFC 146

April 23, 2012
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The reshuffling of UFC 146 continues with another new match-up now set with former Ultimate Fighter winner Roy Nelson now facing Gabriel Gonzaga on the May 26 card.

UFC President Dana White first released the news via Twitter on Monday. sources had indicated on Sunday that potential fight between Nelson and Gonzaga could be in the works, but only one side had verified interest in the bout. Now it appears both fight camps are on board with the bout taking place at UFC 146.

Originally, Nelson was on the card with a fight against Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva while Gonzaga was taking on former Strikeforce prospect Shane Del Rosario.

Once main event fighter Alistair Overeem was pulled from the show, the dominoes began falling with new match-ups being made virtually every day.

Silva is now slotted to face Cain Velasquez in the UFC 146 co-main event, while Frank Mir replaces Overeem in the main event against champion Junior Dos Santos.

With Gonzaga now facing Nelson, that leaves Del Rosario as the only man without a fight currently, but the UFC will likely find a replacement in the coming days.

Gonzaga made a successful return to the UFC in January where he won in his home country of Brazil, taking out newcomer Ednaldo Oliveira with a first round rear naked choke.

Now the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt will face a much stiffer test as former Ultimate Fighter winner Roy Nelson greets him at UFC 146 in May.

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  • I’d like to see these two duel it out on the ground. Both are accomplished grapplers and it would be fun to watch.

  • rogerdoger

    Here we go again. Another bad move. They could have just kept Bigfoot and big country, left gonzaga and del Rosario, and put Travis Browne in there to take on Cain and do away with all the confusion, but now u got 4 fights shifted from the original instead of just 2 and del rosario still has no opponent. Joe silva’s a great matchmaker but idk wat the hell is up with this.

    • Cptmats

      Completely disagree. Out of all the shuffling that has gone on, this is the only decent match up they have put together. This is a great match up, Both have solid ground games, Big Country’s big right may be the difference.

      • Lesnardo

        Don’t count Gonzaga out though.

        In any case, screw Reem. He messed up the best card in the history of UFC.

        Also, Brock and Carwin!!! Why are you guys retired or injured???? Come BACK!!!!

        JDS vs Mir
        Cain vs Carwin


        JDS vs Brock
        Cain vs Mir

        Would have been SWEET!!

      • rogerdoger

        That’s true, this is a good match up, I didn’t mean it was a bad fight I jus mean it’s messed up to shuffle so many people around so close to the fight. They could have jus left Bigfoot vs roy and gonzaga vs del and put in Browne or possibly werdum In for Cain and save the confusion. Now Bigfoot, comin off a huge loss to cains teammate, is in there and shane has no opponent. Jus messed up to me

        • Lesnardo

          Werdum wants to build his career before going for the belt and he is currently slated to fight Russow.

          Come on, let’s give Cain a decent opponent that’s worth his pay check. Carwin is injured. And Barnett can’t come to the UFC.

  • D-rail

    They’re really getting messy with this. I’m really surprised that the fans are making better match-up suggestions than Joe Silva getting paid tons. Shane is another talented dark horse, but the problem could of easily been solved with a simple call to Sergie. What are they doing??

    • Lesnardo

      Yeah, that’s what I’ve been saying.

      Honestly, they could have just bumped up Mir and brought Barnett or Sergei over for Cain.

      I wouldn’t say the fight again Sergei is totally meaningless for Cain. Hardcore MMA fans know that Sergei is a strong dude.

  • Advance

    It’s easy to criticize Joe Silva but we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. They may have offered fights to certain people and they didn’t accept, or they’re not healthy enough or whatever. It’s not as simple as everyone makes it out to be.

    • rogerdoger

      That’s true, u never kno wats goin on in the UFC, but I guarantee Browne would have took the Cain fight or even big country if he was offered it. He said after the Griggs fight that he would love a slot on this card. He’s healthy, he undefeated, and just crushed Griggs with ease, idk why they would want to shift everybody around like this. And yeah where the hell is Sergei???

      • Lesnardo

        Not sure I buy Browne hype that’s going on here.

        He looked impressive against Griggs, who had an impressive run in SF.

        But everyone on the card right now, except for maybe Stefan Struve, is more accomplished than Browne.

        The dude tied with Kongo.

        • rogerdoger

          Idk I think he’s more qualified than most of those guys jus by the way he fights and being undefeated. He knocked out Struve, would dance around hunt, probly KO gonzaga and big foot, and beat up roy. I think Browne vs del Rosario would be a sick one, but I think Browne could hang with Cain, maybe not take him out, but he’d be game to fight

          • Lesnardo

            “He knocked out Struve”

            Who hasn’t.

            “would dance around hunt, probly KO gonzaga and big foot, and beat up roy.”

            WOULD! That is the key term “WOULD!”

            Shane’s most meaningful fight is Struve right?? That is pathetic.

            Eddie Sanchez was undefeated in the UFC and in his career when he fought Crocop. That was Crocop’s warm up match. Cain doesn’t want a warm up match.

    • Lesnardo

      Oh I am sure the list we have is the most “suitable” list.

      Werdum is slated to fight Russow and wants to build his career before fighting JDS. In a way, his goal in life is to beat JDS, who pushed him out of the UFC a few years back.

      Carwin is injured.

      Brock doesn’t want to do MMA anymore.

      Pretty much anyone outside the UFC is out of the question for one reason or another.

      Cain should not be fed an easy fight.

  • Fatty Turnbuckle

    Where the heck is Carwin?

    • rogerdoger

      Dude had back surgery. I think he’s out til mid-late 2012

      • Lesnardo

        Yeah, if Carwin was around, Carwin vs Cain would have been AWESOME!!!!

        Damn you Uberoid!! Why couldn’t you just not use roids for 2 months? Is it that addictive?

  • liver000

    should slide Matt Mitrione right in there

    • Lesnardo

      Oh man, that wouldn’t be good for Matt. Matt just lost to Kongo. One more loss against a middle-of-the-pack dude means end of his career.

      Mitrione needs to build up from scratch again.

  • phrankthetank

    I guess this is why they never do single weight class cards…

    • Lesnardo

      lol…so long as a steroid user is not on the card, I think it works.

      Uberoid screwed everything up.

      It would be really funny if Uberoid gets licensed. Then what?? Everyone back to their original opponent?

  • D-rail

    The classic rematch should of been between 2 old IFL foes;
    Ben Rothwell vs Big Country

    • Lesnardo

      D-rail, you can’t do that.

      UFC has these guys that they use as stepping stones at various levels.

      to get a title shot you usually have to beat Carwin.

      to become a contender you have to beat Mir or Roy Nelson

      to become a middle-of-the-pack you have to beat Rothwell or Kongo

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