Roy Nelson Likely to Fight Mark Hunt or Daniel Cormier Next

April 28, 2013
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Roy Nelson at the TUF 16 FinaleUFC heavyweight Roy Nelson is coming off a devastating knockout victory over French kickboxer Cheick Kongo at UFC 159 on Saturday night. The win puts him on a three-fight, first-round knockout streak.

Always a fan-favorite for his bruising style and unique in-ring look, Nelson has earned his stripes in the Octagon since winning the tenth season of The Ultimate Fighter reality show. He is 6-3 in the UFC, while defying critics who say he can’t compete with his less-than-stellar physique.

After all, just one look at the six-pack challenged Nelson and you could assume that it was going to be a one-sided beat down for the physically imposing Frenchman.

But as most know by now, that was not the case.

At the UFC 159 post-fight press conference at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J., following Nelson’s successful destruction of Kongo, UFC president Dana White broke from his usual form and let everyone know what he thinks should be next for the bearded brawler.

“Me and Joe (Silva, UFC matchmaker) never talk about fights the night of the fights, but we talked tonight,” said White. “And we like Roy Nelson vs. (Daniel) Cormier; or Roy Nelson – if Mark Hunt wins – Roy and Mark.”

Nelson made it clear that he has title aspirations, but White said if that’s what Nelson truly wants, he’ll have to increase his level of competition get it.

“If he wants to get close to the title, those are the guys he’s going to have to face,” White stated.  “I know what he wants is a title shot, and I honestly think he deserves to get a fight with one of the top guys to get him closer to that or to get him that shot.”

Cormier, who must have been watching the press conference stream, liked the match-up.

“Hey @danawhite ur right I think Roy nelson and I would be a damn good fight,” he tweeted, while the press conference was ongoing. “How about it @roynelsonmma?”

When Nelson was asked about a potential match-up with either fighter, he was his usual carefree self.

“I’m there, whatever,” said Big Country. “I want to fight the best in the world and fighting Daniel, you know, he’s an Olympian.  I’m more than happy to welcome him to the UFC.

“Mark Hunt, if he can get past (Junior dos Santos), that’s great. If he doesn’t, I’d still fight Mark Hunt because I know the fans want to see that one. I’m all about making everybody happy.”

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  • Keithy

    So Hunt beats JDS and the reward is Roy? Methinks a title shot would be more fair for Mark.

    • Adam Bianski

      not sure of a title fight maybe a bigger chalenge though.

      • What bigger challenge is there after fighting JDS other that Cain?

        • Adam Bianski

          I dont know really, maybe he could fight big foot after cain destroys him. Really though I dont think he will beat JDS

          • Mark Fareas

            If it stays on the feet there is almost no plausible way for JDS to beat Hunt. Hunt’s power,chin, technical precision, ex k-1 wgp champion experience, and highly underrated speed will be extremely hard for jds to overcome. Don’t get me wrong jds probly has an edge in speed but not in hand speed and he will absolutely not win if it turns into a slugfest.

          • PhranktheTank

            Mark hunt has KO power and a solid chin, but JDS is better than him at every aspect of the sport. I’m a fan of hunt, but all he has in this fight is a puncher’s chance

          • Mark Fareas

            Mark Hunt has a solid chin? First time he fought Cro Cop he took a flush left head kick, fell on his ass and immediately got back up. Second time they fought he took another left head kick and it didn’t even phase him. Trust me dude all the things I said about Hunt are true. Like I said the only advantage that Junior will probly have is speed. Who knows maybe he has better jiu-jitsu but I don’t see him submitting Mark if Struve couldn’t. The fight will probly stay standing and if it does it will be in Hunt’s favor TRUST ME.

          • PhranktheTank

            I watched mark hunt get KOed by Melvin manhoef. Manhoef hits like a truck, but he’s still basically a middleweight. I watched hunt get dominated on the ground over and over again. I watched him take ridiculous amounts of punishment in K1. Props to him for staying conscious. Hunt is a 38 yr old kick boxer with a tough chin and a powerful right hand. JDS has faster hands, just as much power, and a lot more tools. Nelson has just as much power, just as good of a chin, and way more tools. I would love to see hunt pull off another upset. But I don’t see it happening.

          • Cptmats

            DUDE it doesn’t sound to me like you know much of anything about Hunt ! He is an Very technical striker, Prob the best chin in MMA far more power than JDS more tools as well.
            Styles make fight, JDS isn’t gonna be looking to take Hunt down and Hunt is a much better striker.
            Your trying to compare the stand up of a MMA fighter that just got out struck by a wrestler to that of a K-1 legend.

          • urdooomb

            Hunt is very technical. His striking game is as polished as one can be. He is up there with Remy, Hoost, Schilts, Cro Cop, and other elite K-1 guys.



          • Cptmats

            “He is up there with Remy, Hoost, Schilts, Cro Cop.”
            Hoost is the only elite k-1 fighter you mentioned. If you had said Hoost, Aerts and Hug i might have respected your opinion. Guys like Schilt and Bonjasky wouldn’t have amounted to s*** if fought in the mid ninety ! Hunt has put much better strikers than JDS to sleep.
            My comments may sound Bias but JDS is one of my all time fav. fighters but this is just a horrible match up for him.
            I don’t think Hunt would fair well against many of the UFC’s top HW’s except JDS and Maybe Carwin, That’s because these are prob the only two guys that would stand with him and there isn’t a HW in the UFC Hunt can’t KO in a stand up fight !

          • DamianCross

            I watched Ikuhisa Minowa beat Butterbean but that doesn’t mean it actually “happened”, ya know?

          • urdooomb

            I don’t even understand why this is even argued over…

            JDS is too much of a freak for Hunt to handle. The size, power, speed, athleticism, reach…I mean…JDS would beat the crap out of guys that beat Hunt easily, example Barnett.

            The textbook striking knowledge is not enough against a younger freak fighter like JDS.

          • urdooomb

            That was 10 years ago buddy. Since then Hunt has been dropped by Mousasi and Manhoef.

            Oh wait…you are gonna use his 10 year old fight against CC as evidence of his solid chin but not his more recent fights in Dream…

          • urdooomb

            this is correct. JDS is just too much of a beast.

          • urdooomb

            I disagree.

            I agree that Hunt is a superior striker but only in the sense of his knowledge of the striking game. He is a K-1 champ and has competed in kickboxing at the highest level.

            But youth + speed + physical power + reach…I mean…there is a huge difference in those categories. In fact, these differences are so big that I cannot see Mark Hunt winning.

    • bajafox

      Since when does who’s next in line determine who gets the next shot in the ufc?

    • Lucas Freire

      Me too. I think Nelson should get Cormier or Overeem.


    Roy Nelson is just great no fake act just a real guy.

  • Jonnylobster

    If you beat the former champion (Cigano) who JUST lost the belt, than you are the next in line for the title shot. Hands down.

  • Anthony Lopez

    How in the world do you give Hunt this fight if he beats Cigano? If he beats JDS, he should get the champ, and that’s it. Now if Mark loses, then I say throw this fight together

    • Mark Fareas

      I agree 100 percent. Also I don’t see Nelson doing well against Hunt. I understand why people wanna see it because of the similar body types and similar power and chins but there;s no way that Nelson beats Hunt at his own game. He just doesn’t have the speed or boxing ability. Nelson would have to try and tap him out.

      • PhranktheTank

        You’re really a mark hunt fan… Nelson is probably the worst matchup for hunt. He has a steel jaw, he’s smart, and he’s got great grappling. Nelson beats Hunt every time in my opinion.

        • Mark Fareas

          No offense but you don’t seem to know much about Mark Hunt and have probly only seen his UFC fights. He doesn’t have a solid chin he has probly the best chin in mma and also had the best chin in k-1 which is even more impressive. Your right about Nelson being a superior grappler but if Nelson decides to stand and bang with him as he likes to do he will stand no chance.

          • PhranktheTank

            Roy Nelson is probably the only person in MMA who has a better chin than mark hunt. Hunt will not KO Nelson. How else does he win that fight? (If it happens)

          • Cptmats

            Hunt has a way better Chin than Nelson. Nelson got K.O. by Werdume and hurt bad by JDS on several ocasions. Only time Hunt has ever been hurt by a strike of any kind to the head was when he charged into a perfectly timed counter punch by amazingly hard Puncher !
            It’s clear you are Just Troll or Hunt hater !

          • PhranktheTank

            …Nelson did not get KOed by werdum. And hunt outweighed that counterpuncher by 50 lbs.

          • Cptmats

            My bad, Nelson got KO’d by Arlovski ! lol Who Nelson outweighs by about 50 lbs. and is no where near the striker Manhoef is !

          • PhranktheTank

            Ever watch that fight? Terrible stoppage. And no, he outweighs arlovski by 20 lbs. arlovski is also a very hard hitter. 2 weight classes above the guy who ACTUALLY knocked out hunt

      • urdooomb

        Casual fans don’t know the reason why Roy Nelson KOs only the C-level fighters in the UFC. Guys like Kongo, Mitrione, Schaub do not have great timing ability. Werdum, Mir, and JDS are fast enough to see Roy’s punches from a mile away.

        Roy doesn’t want to exchange with Hunt. Roy probably wants to take Hunt down and submit him. But I am not sure if Roy can do that. And Roy, caught up in his own hype about his KO ability, will stand toe-to-toe with Hunt, which is a bad mistake.

        • PhranktheTank

          Congo is an accomplished kick boxer as well. Roy Nelson’s striking has improved drastically since training with mayweather. Regardless, I think Nelson standing with hunt is a non issue. The only way this fight stays on the feet is if Nelson is winning exchanges, or if hunt can stuff takedowns.

          • urdooomb

            “K”ong is an accomplished kickboxer?? So…what’s his K-1 record. You won’t find it because Kongo has for the most part been a B-level striker during his kickboxing career. So was Pat Barry.

          • PhranktheTank

            If you’re going to try and correct my spelling, make sure you spell it right. Kong’o’ is an accomplished kick boxer. A record of 21-2 makes you accomplished, did I say elite? No.

          • urdooomb

            Dude!! That is not his K-1 record. That is his kickboxing record.

            He NEVER competed in K-1 because he was never invited.

  • MMA Fan

    Nelson vs Cormier.

    JDS vs Overeem.

    Mark Hunt vs Bigfoot.

    • urdooomb

      all in one card. Would be sick.

  • If JDS beats Hunt he will get the next title shot, therefore if Hunt beats JDS, he should also get the next title shot.

    I like Roy Nelson vs Big foot or Overeem and Cormier vs Werdum/Nogueira winner.

  • Denny Swain

    Big country will ko cormier. Big country actually hits harder and has better wind. Cormier looked winded fighting mir. Both have huge hearts

    • urdooomb

      yeah…except DC beat Mir and Mir beat Fat Country.

      • PhranktheTank

        Big country had the flu going into the Mir fight. Would Mir have won either way? Quite possibly. It Nelson definitely looked off in that fight.

        • urdooomb

          Name one top level fighter Nelson has beaten.

          • PhranktheTank

            I can ask you the same question about hunt. And Nelson has a much better record.

          • Cptmats

            “I can ask you the same question about hunt.”

            It would be a stupid question considering any real MMA fans know that Hunts first four opponents were a two time Olympic gold medal winning Judoka (Yoshida), the #1 205lbs. in the world (Wanderlei) and the #1&2 HW in the world (Fedor and Cro cop) And he beat Cro cop and Silva !

            “And Nelson has a much better record.”

            Nelson is 6-5 in his last eleven fights !

            Nelson has just as many losses as Hunt but the guys Hunt lost to were much better than the guys That beat Nelson !

          • PhranktheTank

            Where to begin….
            Hunt got a split decision over a guy 60 lbs lighter than him, and a split decision against crocop.
            Nelson is 6-3 in his last 9 fights. His losses were to Frank Mir, JDS, and werdum. Hunt is 4-5 in his last 9 fights. His last three losses were to manhoef(middleweight) mousasi(light heavyweight) and Sean mccorkle. Nelson has the same amount of losses as hunt, but more than twice as many wins. Mark my words, if this fight ever happens, Roy Nelson will dominate mark hunt.

          • urdooomb

            Again, I agree that Roy is a bit better than Hunt. But DC is better than Roy.

          • PhranktheTank

            I would agree with you

          • Cptmats

            Copy i like how you only went back 9 fights so His record would look better than it actually is !

            6-3 in his last nine, with two straight losses in the two prior fights which makes him 6-5 in his last 11.

            Nelson is a fat slob of a fighter and doesn’t even deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as Hunt !

            If he tried standing with Hunt He wouldn’t last a round ! Everyone on this page know that but your dumb ass !
            And By the way, a split decision over a Prime Crocop is pretty f***** impressive, because a prime Cro cop would walk through any current UFC HW, aside from Hunt !
            Get lost troll !

          • PhranktheTank

            So you going back 11 fights to make it look worse is cool, but me going back 9 to make it look better is me being a troll? Or how about you mentioning that they have the same number of losses without mentioning the discrepancy in victories. you’re trying to spin things to hunts favour. which sith mark hunt is difficult to do. but, If it makes you feel better, lets go back 11 fights with hunt too. 5-6, under .500, and losses to people who aren’t even in his weight class. Let me play out a mark hunt fight with Roy Nelson, Nelson takes him down, passes to side control, latches on to a crucifix, and punches hunt in the head until the ref stops it because hunt is pinned and ant defend himself.

          • Cptmats

            Bye Bye Troll !

          • PhranktheTank

            Talking to yourself now? You can find help for that

          • urdooomb

            I never said Hunt is better than Roy. I said DC is better than Roy.

    • urdooomb

      The people that Fat Nelson KOs are 3rd class fighters that can’t keep up with Roy’s timing. Any A-level fighter can see Roy’s punches from a mile away.

  • Tom Jolley

    i would like the Nelson vs hunt match but if only if Hunt loses the JDS fight

  • John Bunch

    This sounds like the “Superficial Eye-sore Elimination Equation” for Dana…

  • Mcgiggity

    All great fights! I kinda don’t want to see em fight each other because one of my current favorites has to lose in each fight. Arrgghhh! But make it happen Dana!

  • Cptmats

    No more Stupid Comments from PhranktheTroll please !