Roy Nelson: ‘I’ll Fight at 205 for Retirement’ (UFC 146 Video)

March 27, 2012
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It was only a few weeks ago that former Ultimate Fighter winner Roy Nelson was teasing a potential move down to light heavyweight in conjunction with a Facebook contest.

Nelson had stated in early March that after making a bet with a friend that if he reached 100,000 likes on the Mark Zuckerberg driven social site, that he would make the attempt to cut down to 205 pounds.

The bet was that he would try to cut down to 205 pounds if the numbers reached 100,000-plus in less than two weeks.

Well, it took well less than two weeks for Nelson to reach the plateau, but then just days later it was announced that he would be fighting at UFC 146 in May against Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva in a heavyweight bout.

Despite the matchmaking, is Nelson still ready to follow through with his bet after this fight is over?

“Actually, the ‘likes’, I got like 80,000 in a day, so I like to think I’m well liked, but a lot of people as soon as they found out I was fighting at heavyweight, they didn’t want me to drop down, they wanted me to stay at heavyweight,” Nelson said on Tuesday at the UFC 146 pre-fight press conference.

“I think they just like to see me fight.”

While he didn’t rule out a potential move down to 205lbs in the future, it appears for now the ’round mound of knockout’ will keep banging heads at heavyweight, starting at UFC 146.

“I’ll do like the Chuck Liddell/Randy Couture, I’ll fight at 205 for retirement,” Nelson said.

Nelson faces Silva as part of the main card of an all heavyweight five fight show at UFC 146, headlined by champion Junior Dos Santos making the first defense of his title against top contender Alistair Overeem.

Check out Roy Nelson’s comments at Tuesday’s UFC 146 press conference in Las Vegas…

  • Lesnardo

    Why is the UFC keep feeding Roy Nelson to big name fighters? After seeing his fights against Mir and Werdum, I don’t think he could beat Bigfoot who has 4 inch height advantage over him.

    I think Roy Nelson may get one more shot if he loses to Bigfoot. And that last chance might be against another top name. And then the UFC will kick him out. He will go fight in the minor leagues, perhaps a rematch against Arlovski for $50k.

    • phrankthetank

      He ko’ed struve… 4 inches is nothing compared to that, besides, Bigfoot isn’t a big name within the ufc

  • z999

    Friggin liar. I’m taking him OFF my friends list.

  • matty

    He has a crazy chin! I do like to see him fight however Bigfoot will beat Nelson with ease!

  • brianhussey

    Nelson is a great test for any newcomer to the UFC … I don’t care how big the name is, if they are coming into the UFC from somewhere else, they have to be tested first. Unfortunately, Nelson will always be a test fighter for other champions! I hate to say it; but he is the next Carlos Beltran!

    • Lesnardo

      Not if you are prime Fedor or Overeem. But you are right, putting aside super stars, Roy Nelson is a good test for every new HW.

      I feel bad for Roy though. I he has to fight every one of those SF monsters?

      I just see this Bigfoot fight being one-sided. Bigfoot is sluggish. Roy is sluggish. Bigfoot will clinch knee Roy’s belly and face.