Roy Nelson: If You Punch a Guy More in the Face, You Win

February 2, 2012
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LAS VEGAS – For whatever reason, Roy Nelson’s fight against Fabricio Werdum at UFC 143 isn’t getting much attention, whether it be a lack of interest or a lack of promotion.

Regardless, Nelson knows how important this fight is. It’s not the fact that he’s welcoming Werdum back to the UFC; it’s the fact that this fight positions the winner as one of the top contenders to the belt current held by UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos.

“It’s definitely one of those big game changers,” said Nelson, who believes he’s got a tough task on his hands come Saturday night.

“He’s definitely, the older he’s gotten, he’s gotten better, so I’m getting the best Fabricio out there.”

But best Werdum or not, Nelson knows that magic formula to winning, “You punch a guy more in the face, you’re definitely going to win.”

Check out everything Roy Nelson had to say when he met with the media at Wednesday’s UFC 143 Open Workouts…

  • vishkicka

    Wonder when big country’s gonna come in ripped?

  • Lesnardo

    I want to see Big Country vs Cain Velasquez. Send the fatty into retirement!!!

  • williampucci

    I would like for once if a fighter like Roy would lose the weight fans are asking for, show up ripped, maybe fight in the Light heavyweight division. Fedor is another fighter who if he chose to lose the weight and get in great shape he could fight longer, maybe in light heavy.

  • Anthony

    you know if JDS couldnt finish big country, I seriously doubt Cain will be able to , let alone “send him into retirement”–Last fight he lost quite a bit of body fat–give the devil his due, the guy can throw down,takes one hell of a punch, and seems to be taking his conditioning a lil more seriously as of late. This guy would make a sick 205er