Roy Nelson Had a Message for Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta After His UFC 146 Win

May 28, 2012
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Judging by the aftermath of UFC 146, Roy Nelson‘s fight against Dave Herman really was make it or break it for the former Ultimate Fighter winner.

UFC president Dana White said after the event ended that he met with Nelson along with UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta recently and had a very long talk about his future with the organization.

White says the meeting was similar to conversations he’s had about Nelson in private and public, and that his long term goals for him are always the same: take fighting more seriously, get in shape, and make a run at this thing or it may not work out.

“We had a conversation with him. I’ve said it a million times, I’ve said it to him and I’ll say it again in public, I respect him, he’s got an incredible chin, he’s got punching power, and I always talk about him taking his career serious and not training in his garage, and being in really good shape. The guy is tough,” White said after UFC 146 ended.

Nelson has never shied away from being the “every man” when it comes to his physique in MMA. He’ll probably never have six-pack abs or a chiseled frame, but Nelson goes out and fights with as much heart as anybody in the UFC.

White recognizes Nelson’s heart and determination, but just wishes he’d put the same effort he gives in the Octagon to his training and also his appearance, and it’s not just about having a gut.

“When he shows up and asking me why he doesn’t have any sponsors, and how can I help him. I’m not a fan, I don’t even know what that is, I think that thing is beyond a mullet, I don’t know what the hell that is now. It looks like a wig, he’s got the big beard, his beard is grey,” White said describing Nelson’s appearance.

Well, grooming criticisms aside, the best way for Nelson to guarantee his future with the UFC is to go out and win fights and on Saturday night he certainly did that.

Nelson clocked opponent Dave Herman with his signature overhand right that put the former Sengoku fighter out with one punch.

The win marked Nelson’s second in four fights, and after recent struggles, it certainly seemed to reinvigorate the former Ultimate Fighter champion.

Following the knockout, Nelson climbed the Octagon cage and shouted something in the general direction of White and Fertitta. What he said exactly isn’t known, but White gave a pretty good indication of what it was following Saturday night’s event.

“That was Roy Nelson’s (expletive) you to me and Lorenzo,” said White. “Did you see him come over and yell at us after the fight? It was.”

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  • kylesmith

    Dana needs to F off about how Roy looks. Try going to a bar or something to watch him fight sometime, he’s one of the most popular fighters in the UFC. Him knocking someone out and rubbing his belly on top of the cage usually gets the biggest ovation of the night. People love him, get off his back.

  • smill0313

    Although I agree that he can look however he wants, he has to know that is the reason he doesn’t have the same kind of sponsorship as other fighters.

    • Lesnardo

      Dude, are you out of your mind? Roy is a middle-of-the-pack dude.

      First of all, MMA fighters don’t get major Pepsi deals. They get Tapout Condom Depot type of sponsors.

      Even JDS doesn’t get multimillion dollar sponsorships.

      What makes you think that a middle-of-the-pack MMA fighter will get sponsorships if he changes his looks?

  • OMG Dana taking it to the next level of stupidity lets hope UFC won’t start to look like WWE.

  • I see both sides of the argument but Roy has nobody to blame for his lack of sponsors but himself. He manages himself instead of using a professional manager, is obese, has a mega – mullet and a gigantic out of control gray beard.

    If you were an exec at Alienware, Muscle Pharm or any of the other big name sponsors who “support” fighters would you want to attach your to a guy who looks like that? Answer honestly. He might be a fan favorite and appeal to the “every man” but is anyone really shocked that companies aren’t chomping at the bit to get in bed with a guy who looks like a homeless santa.

    • MaritalArtist

      I love Roy, but I’m LMFAO!

  • Tepin

    To me it looked like he said something about being fat, like “Is this to fat?”

    Gonna watch it again today at work see if I can make it out.

  • mrrsb

    Think Dana is looking at it from a business standpoint. The UFC tries to develop young heavyweights, brings them along and gets them quality wins like Dave Herman, then Big Country KO’s them with one big punch. Dana knows in his current state Roy is not going to be able to defeat the UFC’s top heavyweights. It’s been proven against Werdum, Mir, Dos Santos ( I know he performed well against Jr.) Think Dana doesn’t need Roy beating his stable of younger heavyweights knowing he’s never going to be champ.

    • Anthony

      Good point mrrsb–guess youd call him the gate keeper at Heavyweight. I think Short Bus hit the nail on the head too. I have to wonder if he did cut to 205 if hed be any more effective against the top talent there? To be honest, I dont think hed be a top 5 Lt Heavy either. Hes a very entertaining fighter, with a great chin, and a very well rounded game.Although hes very good everywhere( stand up and ground game)hes just not world class talent like JDS or Bones–still hes a fun guy to watch.

  • dathump

    I think Dana is just trying to help Roy help himself. He is such a natural talant, and has great cardio and versatility even at his biggest. Just imagine what he could do if he took diet and nutrition seriously. As for sponsorship, maybe Roy is looking at the wrong market, he should be going after Bass Pro or Burger King.

  • Roy has made incremental improvements. He looks healthier now than he has in the past. The problem for the UFC is how do they promote him? He seems to move horizontally and doesn’t take the drastic steps necessary to really change his results.

  • pauly12

    I’ve always thought it was a chick thing to dye your gray hair, but this seems to be what Dana wants him to do. He looks like someone who would ride a Harley Davidson to me. No supplement company would sponsor him but, as was mentioned above, Burger King would be a good option.

  • sc_01a350823f217ea607a08bd2c033d026

    Really, Dana and others watch MMA to see chiseled, hairless men? I watch the UFC for highly skilled fighters competeing to find out who’s the better fighter not the best body builder. This sounds like the daily show was right, good grief.

    • KBEsq

      I think the point that White is making, and that J. Rogan makes constantly, is that no matter how good Nelson is now, imagine how much better he would be if he trained properly and lost some unnecessary weight.

      White doesn’t care if you look “chiseled.” You just have to realize that fat is not only worthless, it’s a drain on your abilities. It most definitely keeps Nelson from making 205 (he would be a beast at 205). There are plenty of guys who do not have “ideal” bodies, and White never bothers those fighters. Genetics or not, there is no way Nelson would look the way he does if he had a semi-serious diet, and a more intense work out regimen.

  • speed-kills

    I agree with the above comment that hes looking in the wrong market for sponsorship, but I doubt burger king would want to sponsor him either… thats basically like burger king saying “hey, this is what someone who eats our food alot looks like”. and burger king knows that might scare off customers, because ppl arent gona want to look like roy.

  • kevstinx

    Roy is great, has a great personality and sense of humor. Anyone remember the golden egg of TUF? It was not Nelson, who happened to win and continues to defeat most fighters, as a guy said earlier. Nelson is knocking out the new heavyweights.

    I think Nelson likes the freedom, I think if he wanted to be a slim dude he would of bothered with that years ago.

    As for marketing, lets advertise unhealthy food(BK) and alcohol. Demographic 18 – 32 ???
    Lets watch ufc, eat unhealthy food and get drunk and kick the shit out of someone. Good stuff.

    Also they need to stop having popup notices in the corner during fights, look away to see that Silva vs Sonnen II is coming soon, which we are aware of. Bombarded with adverts, even to watch an event 2 months later, whilst we are trying to watch the event on at the time. One big advert.

    How can a fat man who does not take things as serious as other fighters, be hanging with the top heavyweight fighters in the world?
    I find that hilarious and brilliant at the same time, I am a Big Country fan.

    • Brian

      Ummm he has gotten beaten by the top heavyweights in the world. Dos Santos,Werdum, and Mir just to name a few. The UFC is just saying “Hey do you want to make a serious run at the title” or “Do you just want to be a gatekeeper”. He may be a fan favorite, but as far as lack of sponors go its his fault and not the UFC’s.

      • AdamBianski

        No one said he was beating the top guys he said he was hanging with them. I think he did better against JDS then anyone has thus far in the UFC.

  • dderizzo

    Dana, Enough….. Roy would F..K U up…. Leave him alone …Love this guy.He is for real.BIG COUNTRY IS THE MAN……

    • Brian

      Oh yeah Nelson’s boss should just stfu. Give me a break.

    • Eljay

      Have you been to a MMA training facility lately?? Just in my state alone there’s Atleast 15,000 fighters that think they can make it (obviously that’s far from the truth that they all would) but at least 2/3 10,000 of those guys training are in far better shape than Roy(maybe not the punching power) but as Dana said you gotta have the look to get the sponsors

  • byaworld

    I don’t think Dana was telling him to live his life. I think he was telling Roy if you come in and complain about not having sponsors you have to look a certain way to make yourself presentable to sponsors. No real sponsor is going to put their brand on a dude that looks like he hopped off the set of Swamp People get the fk outta here. SO yea on one hand i’m like Roy do your thing sh8t it works, but on the other hand don’t complain if you can’t get the sponsors revenues if you’re not willing to adjust your look a little.. SH8t at least cut your hair or something.

    • MaritalArtist

      Swamp people… LMAO