Roy Nelson Expects Title Shot if He Beats Daniel Cormier at UFC 166

October 18, 2013
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Roy-Nelson-UFC-146-weigh-478x270Top 10 ranked heavyweight Roy Nelson faces No. 2 ranked Daniel Cormier in the UFC 166: Velasquez vs. dos Santos 3 co-main event on Oct. 19. If he defeats the undefeated Cormier, Nelson expects to be in line for a title shot.

“DC is top of the food chain. The only other person that’s before him is dos Santos and dos Santos is already fighting for the belt. So I look at DC as a guy to beat and you get the belt shot,” Nelson recently told MMA’s Great Debate podcast. “If I can beat DC, I’m fighting for the belt next.”

Nelson is coming off of a loss in his last outing. He accepted a short-notice fight against Stipe Miocic at UFC 161 and was soundly defeated by unanimous decision. The fight was the last on Nelson’s previous contract, but he has no regrets about the way it’s played out.

“Everything worked out. I’m in the UFC. I’m fighting the No. 2 guy in the world. Everything works,” said Nelson.

The Las Vegas native recently inked a new nine-fight deal with the promotion with the goal of fighting for the championship.

“There’s not too many people that can get a nine-fight deal out of the UFC. I’m a staple in the UFC, and they know the type of fans that I bring and what kind of entertainment value that I have for the UFC,” he said.

“It ended up working out in my favor. I’m fighting my last fight. I got more money, and now I get a chance to fight for the belt. That’s basically my goal,” added Nelson. “I’ve got my goals and the UFC helped me and we laid it out, the best way to accomplish my goals. As long as they can make money off me, they don’t really care.”

UFC 166 is headlined by the heavyweight title fight between champion Cain Velasquez and former titleholder Junior dos Santos. Dos Santos holds a win over Nelson, but the 37-year-old feels he has unfinished business with the Velasquez. According to Nelson, the two were supposed to fight in 2006, but Velasquez turned down the fight. If given the choice, Nelson would rather face Velasquez.

“Probably Cain because I’ve already fought Junior, and I’m always about fighting everybody at least once,” he said. “I was supposed to fight Cain in my sixth fight ever in MMA and he turned that down so it’s definitely a fight that I’d like to fight.”

If a title fight doesn’t materialize for Nelson, he’d like to get opponents that he considers legends in the heavyweight division.
“The goal is to get to the title. If I’ve got to sit back and wait for a couple of different things to fall into place, I’ll fight people that I’ve always wanted to fight, legends in the sport,” he said. “Like Big Nog (Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira).”

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  • solo

    Loool !!!

  • Kenny Powers

    I love Big Country but he aint gettin a title shot. Fabricio, Barnett, & Browne are ahead of him, plus he already lost to Stipe & Mir. He’s still about 3 wins away

    • Adam Vogt North Yarmouth

      In theory I agree with you, especially coming off of a loss (short notice or not). But DC has got a ton of hype behind him (well deserved), plus he has wins over Mir and Barnett, so I think if Big Country beats him, it puts Roy maybe one fight away from a shot at the belt, especially if he wins by KO or Sub. I love this fight because both guys are similar size (minus the belly) with huge power and both guys have world class ground games. The one question yet to be answered is can DC handle Roy’s power? We know Roy has a chin (probably the best in MMA) but does Daniel? Can’t wait to find out!

      • Advance*

        The problem is 3 of his last 4 wins are against guys that aren’t even in the UFC anymore. The other was against Mitrione who was filling in for Carwin. He’s lost anytime he fought one of the top heavyweights and got beaten pretty badly by Miocic. He really shouldn’t even be fighting the #2 heavyweight but even if he beats him I still think he needs to beat a couple more top 10 guys to prove he can do it.

        • Werdoomb

          So true.

          Roy beats cans and loses to mid-tier guys like Mir. Then he lost to Stipe.

          And he expects a title shot if (big if!) he beats DC.

          How about this. You beat DC, you can get a rematch against JDS.
          You lose to DC, you can get out of the UFC.

          • BryanA

            Not to mention Roy’s rocky relationship w/ Dana. Even if he did deserve a title shot, I’d be interested to see if Dana would put him in.

  • drkdisciple

    The only thing funnier then Nelson asking for a title shot is Jake Shields asking for another title shot.

    • taylor2008

      SHields has a better chance to beat GSP than Nelson beating Cain.

      • drkdisciple

        Both have zero chance of ever becoming champions the main difference is that Nelson is in a weaker division with less contenders.

        • Werdoomb

          weaker division. Pffff. This is 2013 bro. The HW division is stacked!

          JDS, DC, Werdum, Barnett, Browne, Stipe, Bigfoot, Mir, and even Reem are ahead of Roy Nelson.

          Just by looking at that roster, I would not say that the HW division is weak by any means.

          • drkdisciple

            it is improved yes but its still it to other divisions in the ufc and besides the 125 division it is probably the 2nd weakest weight class.

        • taylor2008

          The heavyweight division is the strongest its ever been. They have a ton of talent. Yes the welterweight division is the most stacked but Shields can beat GSP. You have to remember Shields was cutting waight down to 170. He has to get used to that cut.

          Again…Shields has far more of a better chance to beat GSP than Nelson beating Cain. Matter of fact GSP might get KO’d by Hendricks. You watch GSP just keep doing his boring jab. GSP isnt an exciting fighter, and I like GSP.

          • drkdisciple

            Any division that has antonio silva abd frank mir ranked top 10 is weak to say the least. I agree that is has been weaker in the past but a whole lot of improvement is still required.

          • taylor2008

            You mean the same Mir that beat big Nog twice and almost ripped out his shoulder in the 2nd win? Or the same Mir that KO’d Crocop and Kongo? Or the Silva that KOd Overeem? Hate to say this bur Cormier didn’t look impressive against Mir.

            As I said yet again…Shields has a better chance at beating GSP than Nelson winning the belt.

          • drkdisciple

            Yes that same frank Mir that lost his last 3 fights. The same Frank Mir that beat an old Big Nog that is a shadow of what he once was. The same Frank Mir that beat a CropCop that was outmatched by Brendan Schaub and yes the same Frank Mir that beat the mma machine Check Kongo that was so good that the UFC recently fired him. Yes we are talking about the same living legend called frank Mir…

          • taylor2008

            Yes the same Frank Mir that was once UFC champion.

            And I will say Once again…Shields has a better shot at being Welterweight champ and beating GSP than Nelson has at being heavyweight champ.

          • MuayThaiFood

            You’re living in the past. As unimpressive as DC was Mir looked far worse.

          • taylor2008

            Wow no kidding. Thanks for telling me what I already know.

    • JakeSimmons

      Agreed. They both need one more big win.

  • taylor2008

    I like big country but how is he going to get a title shot after he got owned by Stipe? Sorry but it isnt going to happen.

    • Milosc

      That fight was a favor to save the card (and he probably shouldn’t have even been in the cage that night). Situations like that take nothing away from Nelson, in my eyes. He just stood there gasping like a punching bag [still barely phased] because he was down for UFC. ‘Happy birthday’ for Stipe…

      But, regardless..

      If Cormier is ranked #3 in the World at Heavyweight, and Nelson beats him, then guess what?

  • Mark McDowall

    Title shot…MAYBE if he goes out and just destroys DC…but it would have to be a VERY one sided quick fight. If he finishes him…then I could see him being in a #1 contenders fight for the next shot after Fabricio. A decision win…puts him still one fight away from a #1 contenders fight.

  • Kyle Rayner

    No, Roy. Just no…

  • TheCerealKiller

    What are all these guys drinking asking for title shots lately?