Roy Nelson Done with Shane Carwin After He Pulled Out of Two Previous Fights

December 16, 2012
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Shane Carwin and Roy NelsonRoy Nelson didn’t get to fight his fellow Ultimate Fighter 16 coach on Saturday, but he came away with a victory nonetheless.

Originally slated to face Shane Carwin at the TUF 16 finale, Nelson ended up fighting Matt Mitrione instead after his original opponent fell out of the fight with a knee injury.

It’s the second time Nelson and Carwin have been scheduled to face off, with neither bout actually taking place. The original fight was supposed to be at UFC 125, but Nelson was forced off that card with a back injury.

Nelson says at this point it’s two strikes and you’re out, and he’s not interested in being matched up with Carwin for a third time.

“I’m focusing on somebody else besides Shane (Carwin). I’ve already been down that road twice, and I’m already over (it). We already know whose the best coach cause my guy won,” said Nelson when speaking to Fuel TV.

“His guy” would be Colton Smith, who Nelson coached during season 16 of the reality show that aired on FX. Nelson says he had all the confidence in the world that Smith would beat Team Carwin’s Mike Ricci, and sure enough he did with a unanimous decision victory just moments before his former coach knocked out Matt Mitrione.

“I knew Colton was going to win and the other person, if Jon (Manley) would have been Colton, Jon would have won, so Team Nelson,” said Nelson.

There isn’t any indication who Nelson will face next, but with his dedication to first round knockouts and a growing heavyweight division, “Big Country” will continue to be a hot commodity for the UFC.

  • ” We already know whose the best coach cause my guy won,”

    Proof articles much?

    • WhiteyWhiteman

      It was a quote. They just typed it like Nelson said it.

    • Learn proper Grammar

      Ur are a Idiot.. Take a English course. LOL edit a quote….

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        I think you mean “An idiot.” Dumbass….

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        and “You are.” Not Ur are. Nice try though Mr. “Learn proper grammar.” -_-

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    DonB really u cant jst read the article wit out having sumthing to say about the wright dose it make u feel bet about ur self ur lame

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      Learn how to speak like a human being!

  • gjgg

    “Nelson was forced off that card with a back injury.”

    Carwin was forced off that card with a back injury.
    If I remember correctly, he also had a neck surgery before this recent knee problem.

    • bajafox

      I was thinking the same thing, Damon usually has pretty good articles but this one is kind of all over the place…

  • bajafox

    He called out JDS and Cain and I say let him have one of them. He would be a wrecking machine if he could ever drop to 205 though.