Roy Nelson Blames Dan Hardy’s British Wrestling for UFC 130 Loss to Frank Mir

May 29, 2011
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What happened to Roy Nelson on Saturday night? How was former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir able to dominate him?

Simple, it’s Dan Hardy’s fault. Or more specifically, the British wrestling that Hardy imparted on Nelson in training leading up to the fight with Mir.

Or maybe there was a little jesting in that answer from Nelson. Okay, a lot of jesting.

Nelson actually made no bones about his performance against Mir. He feels he just got outwrestled by a bigger, stronger guy in Mir.

  • afk

    Outclassed is more like it.

    • x1234x

      okay kid yu fucking retarted for a numbe rof reasons 1. “outclassed” wtf who are you to know who out classed who,
      2. their is nothing class involved when two guys are fighting 3. your retarted because frank mir went to the hospital witha broken jaw and ribs and Nelson is fine so Nelson won the fight because he did more damage end of story you are the weakest link goodbye!!!!!!

      • jpsmithmma

        Nelson was outclassed. Nice to know you can count to 3 though.


      • ShockednAwed

        I think when he says Nelson was “outclassed”, he’s talking about the way Mir dominated him so thoroughly in all facets of the bout. Like he was a man in the cage with a boy. As if Mir were the New York Yankees, and Nelson some Single-A team off their game. A noble lion versus a half-crippled, brain-damaged zebra. You get the picture.

        I also think there’s more chance Mir had his ribs broken when Herb Dean raised his hand than anything Tubby did during the fight. Possibly he slipped in his locker-room?

        In closing, Mrs. Nelson, you simply embarrass your son when you come on here posting like this on his behalf. Next time, wait a fews days after the loss and maybe watch the video again before trying to defend your minor-league kid.

        • jpsmithmma

          Damn! I think you about said it all!

  • br0knhalo

    He can say it was the Canadian Flu bug, or whatever it was, i know he’s joking, but the bottom line is this. I was sitting at Dundas Square the afternoon after the fights in Toronto. In the AMC building there is a small cafeteria, and they sat down next to me, Dan Hardy with a Sub from Subway with a water, and Roy Nelson had 2 A&W Burgers, Fries, and a Coke.

    That my friend, is what is losing you these fights.