Roxanne Modafferi and Peggy Morgan Head Long List of New Invicta FC Signings

February 15, 2014
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17-Roxanne-Modafferi-TUF-18-Finale-w-478x270Invicta Fighting Championships on Friday announced the addition of 15 new fighters to its all-female roster. The 15 new athletes are spread across all five of the current weight classes the promotion boasts.

Chief among the new signings are veteran fighter Roxanne Modafferi and her Ultimate Fighter 18 castmate Peggy Morgan.

Since the inaugural Invicta FC live event in April 2012, Invicta has maintained its goal of showcasing the current stars of women’s MMA, but tempers that with building the stars of the future. To date, over a dozen athletes have made their professional debuts fighting for Invicta FC, a trend that continues with their recent signings.

“Invicta has always endeavored to balance delivering the athletes fans know and love, with an eye towards building the next generation of female MMA stars,” said Invicta FC President Shannon Knapp. “It has always been important to give the fans new athletes to cheer for, and to give the athletes themselves a platform to showcase their talent for the entire world to see.”

Continuing another Invicta FC trend, recently signed athletes hail from all corners of the globe, including as far away as New Zealand.

“Women’s MMA is truly a global sport, and at Invicta we have scoured the globe in order to bring the best talent to our fans,” said Knapp. “There is talent all around the globe, and our goal at Invicta has been to provide athletes with a worldwide platform to display their talent.”

Newly minted Invicta FC matchmaker Julie Kedze is excited with the options the new signings represent for Invicta.

“This new class provides me with added depth to put together match-ups that we believe the fans want to see,” said Kedzie.

Invicta currently plans to hold six events in 2014, with the first tentatively planned for early April.

The following is a complete list of the most recent signings by Invicta FC:

Atomweight (105lbs)
Amber Brown – 3-1, United States

Strawweight (115lbs)
Livia Renata Souza – 5-0, Brazil
Karolina Kowalkiewicz – 4-0, Poland
Mellony Geugjes – 0-1 MMA, 18-5-2 Kickboxing, 10-0 Pro Boxing, Netherlands
Herica Tiburcio – 7-2, Brazil
Ashley Greenway – Pro Debut, United States

Flyweight (125lbs)
Rachel Ostovich – 0-1, United States
Joanna Jedrzejczyk – 4-0, Poland
Valerie Letourneau – 4-3, Canada
Delaney Owen – Pro Debut, United States

Bantamweight (135lbs)
Peggy Morgan – 2-1, United States
Roxanne Modafferi – 15-11, United States
Cindy Dandois – 5-1, Belgium
Irene Aldana – 3-1, Mexico

Featherweight (145lbs)
Faith Van Duin – 4-0, New Zealand

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  • drkdisciple

    glad to see that two horrible fighters are no longer with the ufc.

    • TheCerealKiller

      I hear ya brother!

    • shakejunt

      roxanne has a lot of miles, but peggy is by no means horrible.

      • drkdisciple

        perhaps 1 day I will agree with you, as of right now she isn’t much of a fighter. Definitely did not show that she deserves to be in the big show!

        • Seth

          So, from horrible fighters that are still in the UFC who’s left? Wandarlei and Nogs?

          • drkdisciple

            Would never call long time Champions like Wand and Big Nog horrible. Both of them are true legends. However their best years are behind them and they have nothing left to prove. Wish that both would pull a GSP and retire.

          • Seth

            Honestly, Wand has only his wild style of fighting, Lil Nog gets injured before his fight is announced, Big Nog is ego-driven lately, thinking he is 20yr old again and bulletproof. They should retire a long, long, looooong time ago.

          • drkdisciple

            To say that they should retire is one thing to say that they are horrible is another. Big Nog was once my favorite fighter but now I agree with you that he has very little left. I mean losing against Frank Mir twice is a good indicator that its time to move on. Even with that said I would never refer to him as horrible and never would compare him to two never has beens like Peggy “Sticks” Morgan and Roxanne “The Cr**py Warrior”Modafferi

          • Seth

            Honeslty, Modafferi was a trail blazer for female MMA. One of the vets. If you want to rate him with same standards as men – yeah, she’s not good. But if you take male divisions aside and focus on MMA – she is one of the girls that started this thing. Imagine old days when guys were fighting with so low pay. Girls fought almost for free back in the days – and Roxxane is one of those girls that you should at least respect for what she did for female MMA, before Rousey arrived. Without girls like Roxxane, which tried to build this sport – Ronda wouldnt have a place to come and conquer.

          • drkdisciple

            I respect your opinion but if we are to talk about women mma the only people Ronda should thank are Gina Carano and Cyborg Santos. Those were the two women that created interest in women’s mma.

          • Seth

            But without girls before, neither Gina or Cris wouldnt have a place to fight also. Imagine if Royce Gracie, Dan Severn, Shamrock and others didn’t participate in first UFCs – who knows how history would go? Before both Gina and Cyborg, there were girls that busted their butts to show people that female MMA is there also 🙂

    • horace

      peggy Moran tall skinny lanky and terrible and that dimwit Rozanne has zero skills.

  • horace

    Peggy is a 6’4′ toothpick who is terrible and roxanee is a dimwit. glad they are out of the UFC as they both stink.

  • horace

    Time too flush both of these homely looking broads away.

  • horace

    That crane Peggy has to support that black baby by fighting but why can’t the father support that kid?