Rousimar Palhares vs. Jon Fitch Title Fight Headlines WSOF 16

October 8, 2014
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After an initial meeting between the two in July was scrapped, World Series of Fighting welterweight champion Rousimar Palhares and former UFC title challenger Jon Fitch will square off in the WSOF 16 main event on Dec. 13, according to promotion officials.

The July bout had to be rescheduled after Palhares withdrew to deal with his mother’s considerable health issues.

The pair will now meet in December, but WSOF officials have yet to announce a location.

Palhares vs Fitch WSOFPalhares (16-6) last competed in March, when he won the welterweight title by defeating then-champion Steve Carl. His WSOF sting follows a rocky tenure in the UFC. Palhares was one of the most noted leg-submission specialists in the company’s history, but came under fire after failing to release his finishing hold as instructed on several occasions, the last of which cost him his job.

The WSOF is giving his career new life, and Palhares quickly took advantage of the opportunity by defeating Carl, although he is on a short leash in regard to his in-ring conduct.

Fitch (26-6-1, 1 NC) was upset in his WSOF debut, but has since won back-to-back bouts against Marcelo Alfaya and Dennis Hallman, setting up his shot at the belt.

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  • Muttley76

    No one deserves to get “Fitched” more than RP lol. Hope he does what he’s best at and just smothers him for 5 rounds.

    • j

      No one deserves to get their knee ligaments torn than Jon Fitch for questioning Palhares’s professionalism as Rousimar was taking care of his sick mother.

      Family always comes first, and Fitch will see that after needing help from his family just to walk for many months.

      • Muttley76

        I absolutely agree that Fitch was out of line with that (although he did also say if there was a legit health issue he was out of line), but I think asking for someone’s ligaments to be torn is a bit much lol. Palhares has actually tried to end fighters careers, so I personally hope he gets smothered the whole fight, but I agree Fitch was out of line questioning the health stuff.

      • Darin

        I question the professionalism of Palhares almost every time he fights. No one deserves to get their knee ligaments torn more than Palhares himself. And if he tears Fitch’s leg, they’ll both need a new career.

  • Just-scrap-nation

    I don’t know who I want to win. I dislike both fighters. It’s not Fitch’s style I don’t like its just… Yeah its his fighting style. Im hoping for a double KO.

  • julian moran

    Fitch better keep it on the feet, which he probably won’t.

  • julian moran

    All I can say is SNAP!

    • TheCerealKiller

      All I can say is

  • FitchIsGettingFitchedLol

    And the winner by verbal tapout stating “I’m pooping my shorts, please, don’t let him take my leg off” Rousimar Palhares who Fitched Jon Fitch for the WW championship! Fitched disrespected the guy when he went and took care of his mother, now it’s payback. I wouldn’t want to be in Fitch’s shorts when Rousimar bull-rushes him to the ground and hyper extends his whole leg. Ouch! Just thinking about it hurts! Run Fitch, Run! Fake an injury or something before you really get injured! LOL

  • mmalive

    Palhares will be adding Fitch’s leg, ligaments, torn knee, ankles to his trophy case.

    Palhares is an EXCELLENT submission fighter and Fitch better keep fight standing.

    Fitch has decent defense, but Palhares is a MASTER of submissions. Especially leg locks.

    Fitch’s will be in for a hard night.

    Nothing against Fitch though or Palhares.

    Decent fight here.

    RP by submission.