Rousimar Palhares Explains Controversial Finish: “I Will Continue to Chase My Dream” (video)

October 12, 2013
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Rousimar Palhares UFC 84-110x77Rousimar Palhares has come under a firestorm of controversy since finishing Mike Pierce with a heel hook at UFC Fight Night 29 on Wednesday night in Brazil.

Many believe that he maintained the dangerous submission well beyond a point that was considered sportsmanlike. As a result, he has lost his job with the UFC and been suspended for 120 days by the Brazilian Athletic Commission.

On Saturday, Palhares posted a video explaining his side of the situation, and declaring that he will continue to chase his dreams.

  • Lucas Freire

    I really like him. And I truly believe he has some kind of retardment.

  • Manuel Lopez

    He’s dangerous . To let him keep competing is basically UFC putting their athletes in danger.

  • Jay Mcgarrity

    Sounds like a bunch of BS. If you watch the replay you can clearly tell that Pierce taps several times before the ref gets in there and the taps are on ref.

    At the same time I do recall a fight where a guy taps out so the other guy lets go. The ref doesn’t see the tap and continues the fight. Fortunately I believe the actual winner of that fight was able to win in the end but it should’ve never gone to that.

    They tell you to never stop until the ref breaks it up but at the same time you need to use your own personal judgement. In the submission situation I would just make sure a guy tapped 2-3 times before I let go to alleviate any dispute. It was unfortunate that the ref was not able to get in there sooner due to having to reposition after Palhares repositioned. If this was a first time offense then a warning would probably suffice but Palhares finds himself in these situations too frequently, the guy just isn’t going to learn.

    • Poo

      Think that was Matt Lindland vs Ivan Salavarry. Not sure, but it was definitely Matt that tapped and continued fighting.

      • MMA FEEN

        Most of ya’ll bandwagon MMA fans!! SMH..I’ma prove my validity..Jason Mayhem Miller is one of my top 10 favorite entertaining MMA fighters but…facts is facts..U wanna see “controversial” finish click.. at that’s “controversial” finish..get off of Palhares “psychotic” nuts and let the man do his job!..I’m done here!!..

        • Kbroesq

          So because someone else in some other BS fighting organization had a more controversial finish than Palhares in the UFC, Palhares should be given a pass? Awesome argument!

  • Darin

    The guy is clearly undisciplined and dangerous. He was suspended for exactly the same thing before and apparently he learned nothing from it. He is a liability, if the UFC kept him and he did this again and ended another fighter’s career, the UFC could face a lawsuit.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Did he end anyones career?

      How could someone sue the UFC for injury? It’s not slavery, you don’t have to fight the guy.

    • Brad King

      yo even more stupid stfu

    • Guest

      Um you do realize that the UFC has fighter’s sign contracts before they even set foot in the ring so they can’t be sued right??? Someone could get their arm ripped off and noone can get sued; multiple fighter’s have attested to this in interviews….

  • TheCerealKiller

    What are we becoming? “He’s dangerous”, good! It’s a fight. I don’t want to watch two harmless guys slap each other. He “ended another fighter’s career”, I could list hundreds of career ending injuries that have happened. Those fighters weren’t cut for inflicting them. He is a total block head. He is not wired like you and I. This is the only thing he is good at and the UFC just took away his way to earn a living.

    As for Mike Pierce, you knew who you were fighting. You know what he is known for. You go in there and get caught in a heel hook in just 30 seconds? You don’t deserve to be in the cage with him.

    And for all the cry babies lying about his knee injury, he’s fine.

    • dgs

      “As for Mike Pierce, you knew who you were fighting. You know what he is
      known for. You go in there and get caught in a heel hook in just 30
      seconds? You don’t deserve to be in the cage with him.”

      There are many fighters who have one trademark technique that every other fighter knows about, and those fighters still catch their opponents with them regardless. Examples, Rousey’s arm bar, Hendo’s “H-Bomb,” St. Pierre’s take downs, etc.

      Even back in the day, Bill “Superfoot” Wallace had two kicks that he threw with his left foot only (roundhouse and heel hook). Every opponent knew he was going to primarily use those two kicks with his left foot only, and he still KO’d his opponents with them all the time.

      Lastly, Rickson Gracie was/is known for telling his students during grappling sessions stuff like, “I’m going to get you in a straight arm bar on your right arm only, that is the only technique you have to defend against.” Of course he would get it every time.

      Knowing what technique an opponent is known for gives you an advantage, but being able to stop said technique comes to down to attributes, yours and his. If his are better, he’ll catch you with the technique regardless of whether you know it’s coming or not.

      • MuayThaiFood

        Or….he’ll catch you with his technique if you fight dumb or don’t follow your gameplan. Bisping kept circling towards Hendo’s power. Pierce pulls a page out of Chael’s playbook and starts bashing Brazilians and whining to get on the main card. He then talks s*** about Palhares before the fight saying how he’s not a worthy opponent and a cheat. In the fight the first thing he does is close the distance with a guy who wants to get a hold of his limbs. Back to the undercard where you belong you unoriginal dummy. As for Palhares, yes he could have let up on the hold earlier but those saying it was 3 or 4 seconds after the ref was on him must have been watching it in slow mo. It was maybe a second or just over and I doubt his motive was to injure Pierce. In the heat of battle and with adrenaline flowing he may have been just too amped up. He didn’t have the luxury of watching it from his sofa like the rest of us. I’m sure his whole perception of events was different.

        • El Gvapo

          Correct. There’s a time lapse clip on YouTube which shows it was 1.2 seconds from the tap to the release of the hold.

    • Kbroesq

      You’re completely missing the point. It’s not about what is expected. This is a sport – when someone taps out, their decision to not want to have a broken limb should be respected. This is their livelihood and it shouldn’t be taken away from them because this freaking dumb ape wants to hold on to a lock too long.

      Also, the fact that there may be other career-ending injuries is not relevant. There will be accidents in the cage. But when you can associate numerous dangerous positions and potential injuries with ONE fighter, then he needs to go.

      You think Palhares knows the difference between too hard and just hard enough to make the guy tap? Before you say yes, I can assure you that he neither knows nor cares. He doesn’t give a damn.

    • Kbroesq

      Why do you guys keep mentioning how prepared someone is for the heel hook? How on Earth is that relevant to the discussion?! This is a discussion about holding onto the submission too long after it’s been applied.

      If you cannot even follow the discussion, how are people supposed to take your criticism seriously?

  • Timothy Milloff

    He can chase his dream in toughman contests at Carnivals

  • El Gvapo

    I still think what Hendo did to Bisping was far worse, ditto any other fight where the victor has gotten a couple of extra digs in on their unconscious opponent.

    • El Gvapo

      And what about all these dudes juicing? Surely they are putting their opponents safety at risk?

      • Gary Fredericks

        Palhares has been busted for juicing too.

        I would call him a monkey if it would not be so insulting to them.

        • El Gvapo

          I wasn’t defending Palhares with my juicing post. My point was that in my opinion juicing is worse than what he did. But yes he’s also been done before so he deserves the chop, I just think its a little hypocritical when other fighters do stuff as bad.

          • Gary Fredericks

            When I read your post, I read it as you saying that people juicing is an action equal to or greater than the risk of Palhares holding on to the ankle too long. That’s when I brought up that he too is a ‘Roid Monger.

            As far as the other incidents cited, namely Henderson vs Bisping, well, Henderson followed him right to the floor with a finishing blow BEFORE the ref stopped the fight. Palhares held the ankle well after the ref was stopping the fight. Huge difference in hitting somebody until the ref stops them and the fighter OBEYS the stop command. The last person I remember doing that was Babalu….and he was kicked out of the UFC for that infraction as well a few years ago so there is a precedent to Palhares dismissal.

          • El Gvapo

            I think juicing is worse but the two acts are incomparable really. Juicing is cheating, not releasing a hold is unsporting. Fighters usually juice so they are able to inflict more damage on an opponent. Plus it’s pre-meditated, you could argue that Palhares acted in the heat of battle.

          • Gary Fredericks

            Good point, but since he does both roids and not releasing holds, I think the guy is just an idiot with no respect for others. It is a good riddance in my opinion.

          • El Gvapo

            Plus the fact that the ref hadn’t stopped the Hendo fight isn’t valid. A flash knockout happens much quicker than a sub, there’s much less time for the ref to cover the distance to step in. Many people on here have said how a submission fighter like Palhares would know when the move was cinched in, when the tap would come and when to release the hold etc and his professionalism would make him release the hold. Well surely Hendo knew he’d flattened bisping and that no further damage was required? I’d point out Maia vs Marquardt as an example. Nate floored him and was poised to strike again but saw he was not getting up and withdrew his strike.

    • Timothy Malone

      It depends on how you look at it I suppose, but Bisping’s medical suspension was two months and Pierce’s will be for six.

      • El Gvapo

        So Bisping was lucky to escape serious injury? The length of suspension doesn’t determine the potential danger of the act.

    • Guest

      hes done this more than once…

  • Kbroesq

    Can’t stand this guy. Other than Vitor Belfort, I think I hate this guy more than anyone in the UFC (or who USED to be in the UFC)

    Not only does this guy pull this kind of crap (and people who say that he’s never ended anyone’s career need to shut it; why should we wait until he breaks someone’s leg, which is an injury you never fully come back from?), but he’s also a very dirty fighter.

    Also, when he loses, he’s a bad sport. He accuses other people of cheating and fighting dirty. I hope White is serious when he says Pallhares is out for good.