Rose Namajunas: ‘I Kind of Felt Like a Kid in There’ (TUF 20 Finale Video)

December 15, 2014
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Rose Namajunas was most people’s pick to win the TUF 20 final with Carla Esparza. Things didn’t go her way on Saturday night, but Namajunas is determined to learn from the loss and come back stronger than ever.

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  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    No wrestling will do that to yo

  • dandogood

    Rose fought like that defenseless moron Pat barry fought. No plan go all out and slug away. Rose needs to dump that clueless short fat moron barry and get a better trainer who can give good advice.

    • jay

      she definitely should not be dating her trainer. Should he help her kick box, hold pads, technique, spar very lightly, sure …. he should not be creating her game plans or working on anything new, or unapproved by her coach. Not saying he is a bad coach, but I am throwing in the towel too soon if my girls is up 4 rounds and with 3 seconds to go in the fifth, and she takes a headkick and falls hard on her stomach. A coach would look at the clock, see 2 seconds and realize that one or 2 more punches wont do much damage and she still has 90% chance of not gettting the fight stopped in 2 seconds if she can move at all even if the punches land flush on her face. A good boyfriend sees that kicks and throws the towel in.

  • dandogood

    Pat barry was cut for a reason from the UFC. Barry got Ko’d every fight and fought dumb. Now Barry taking advantage of a girl 15 years his junior is stupid. Rose deserves better than that nimwit Pat barry.