Rory MacDonald Will Not Get into Jones vs. Evans Situation; Will Not Fight GSP

April 19, 2012
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Rory MacDonald at UFC 129
Rory MacDonald appears to be on the fast track in the UFC welterweight division, but he also has the current champion as a training partner and friend in his training camp.

Seeing what’s happened between Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans, MacDonald puts any questions to rest with a very clear statement – he will not fight GSP.

Check out what else MacDonald had to say about that subject as well as his opponent Che Mills and more..

  • adam1848

    I think this match up is super lame. No disrespect to Che because he seems like a good kid, but he isn’t in the same league as MacDonald and is going to get absolutely destroyed. Rory is one of the best young fighters in the game and could easily be a champ some day.

    I’ll admit, I don’t fight, I’m just a fan, so I don’t really know what I’m talking about…but all this “I’ll never fight this guy, he’s my brother” stuff is getting old, for me. You can play on the same team as someone for a decade, but the day you get traded you go out there and bust your ass to sack or strike out or whatever, your former friends. Thats called professional sports. Now I know fighting is different because of the nature of the game, but some days you might have to crush your boy’s dreams. Thats part of a days work for a professional athlete. Roger Huerta and Leonard Garcia beat the piss out of each other for 15 minutes, then hugged and prayed together, and it was one of my favorite moments in MMA. It doesn’t need to be so personal, in my (admittedly naive) opinion.

    • Anthony

      Agree with ya Adam–Theres two fighters I remember watching early in their careers and I remember saying to myself these guys are at another level as far as potential for greatness–Rory was one when I saw him repeatedly throw Nate Diaz over the Canadian border and the second was Johnny Bones at UFC 100 destroying Bonner. Ill never forget that spinning back elbow–that was the first time I saw something like that–spinning back fist yes, but never the elbow. I think Rory has the potential to be a welter wt John Jones down the road–really tuff kid.

  • lycan

    Look out for this kid , he’s got a future in front of him , wanna see him fight sanchez , kampmann or fitch maybe even thiago alves one of the four and after/if he goes through 2/4 give him ellenberger

  • bdono554

    Adam you nailed it! Wont fight teammates!? He’s like my brother!? That’s bull shit!!! I fought my brother all the time!!! And a lot of these guys come from Wrestling backgrounds which makes that attitude a bigger pile of bull shit!!! In wrestling at any level above middle school in order to be varsity/starter/first team “whatever you want to call it” what do you have to do!?!?!? Beat your teammate!!! In high school I wrestled one of my best friends for a varsity spot we left that match bruised battered and I was bleeding cuz he stuck his elbow in my face when I got him in a pinning combination! I walked away the winner and after it was over we went to a party got drunk and laughed about it. where still friends to this day! Shut up and fight!

    • obuchons

      AGREED! Unless your signing your own paycheck you will fight who I ask you to fight! And when you refuse you get cut! Then you will not have too worry about fighting the top tier guys!

  • obuchons

    Breaking News! Dana White releases a statement to his fighters. You will fight who I PAY you to fight! Or you can fight for another organization! Press conference over!

  • mmachoman

    Dana can tell people who to fight, but he can’t stop a fighter from taking a dive.
    I.e. If forced, a fighter can take a dive against his friend, miss weight, pretend to be injured, or take steroids on purpose, and still destroy every other opponent in order to not get fired.
    It’s possible to play the system.

    That being said, teammate vs teammate doesn’t have to be personal. You’re a professional. It’s a competition, not a war.
    You go in and compete and may the best man win. No hard feelings.

  • GSP doesnt have to worry about fighting MacDonald because he should be worrying about fighting Anderson Silva. He has nothing left to prove at welterweight. No one is even on his level right now in that division. There is only one fight that will cement his legacy and GSP knows that. So he should return and destroy Condit as a warm up for Silva.

    Check out this article about GSP

    • Anthony

      ya know, I think id rather see Bones fight Silva then GSP-but to be honest, I pay to see either fight in a heart beat

  • D-rail

    You sound like one of GSP’s girlfriends.

    • Anthony

      Why you gotta level insults in your replys?–Theres a few know it all idiots on this site that feel the need to be rude when they comment on anothers opinions–why be a d#ck? Does it make you feel better about your low self esteem ? Why not try being respectfull. We all love this sport, and many who comment are very knowledgable and have some really insightfull ideas–why not be respectfull like the majority of athletes who fight in the sport we follow–it was built on honor and respect afterall–please clean it up . Theres no need for the disrespect.

  • GSP has a small frame compared to Silva. GSP walks around at 190 or so and Silva at 220. It’s not a fair math-up. That’s why there are weight divisions.

  • D-rail

    It’s a dumb idea to even bring up despite what people think. Dana only sees MONEY$$ with Silva vs St Pierre. I’ve met them both & Silva is a way much bigger dude than St Pierre in every way. Actually, it would seem extremely unfair to let St Pierre fight Silva all things considered, but people that don’t seem to know this or care.

    • Lesnardo

      I don’t know if GSP could be top 5 at MW, albeit I think he could be top 10.

      Anderson is definitely top 5 at LHW.

  • idk why everyone is so hung up on not fighting someone who they respect and look up to/admire and besides if you look at some of the best fights in MMA history i.e Griffen/Bonner TWICE Huerta/Garcia Sell/Smith Liddel/Wandy all of them are fights in which are fights in which both sides have had N-O-T-H-I-N-G but the HIGHEST respect for each other. And as far as team mates go, how is it ANY different then anyother day in training? I don’t fight MMA I am a martial Artist and have competed in a ton of tournaments and whenever i’m matched up with one of my teammates i actually fight harder because it’s just that much MORE fun and rewarding if/when i win lol