Rory MacDonald Zeroed in on BJ Penn, Would “Love to Fight” Nick Diaz Next

December 2, 2012
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Rory MacDonald at UFC 129There seems to a be a line forming of fighters that want to welcome Nick Diaz back to the Octagon when he’s eligible to return in 2013.

Former Ultimate Fighter competitor Josh Koscheck has called for a fight with Diaz as soon as he can get licensed again, and now you can add Rory MacDonald to that list as well.

Now, MacDonald isn’t calling out Diaz, especially considering the fact that he still has to face B.J. Penn on Dec. 8 at UFC on Fox 5, but when asked about facing the Stockton, Calif., bad boy, the young Canadian isn’t backing down from the challenge.

“I would fight him,” MacDonald said about facing Diaz. “(He comes back ) in February, and I might be ready to fight in like March or something like that. He might be my next fight after B.J., you never know how it works.”

Diaz has never been a quiet one when speaking his mind about potential opponents, and that includes UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, who is one of MacDonald’s teammates.

The talk doesn’t motivate MacDonald to face Diaz, however, it’s more about the challenge of the fight. As a matter of fact, MacDonald gets why Diaz says what he says.

“I don’t think there’s a target on people who talk. That’s the fight game, you’ve got to pump up the fights,” MacDonald stated.

If there is any additional momentum behind a possible MacDonald/Diaz pairing at some point down the road it could be a past fight that would put family pride on the line.

MacDonald soundly thumped Nate Diaz a couple of fights ago, and it’s an easy sell to put him in the cage with the elder Diaz brother looking for a little bit of revenge. Whatever the idea behind the fight would be, MacDonald is all for it.

“We’ll see, I’d love to fight him,” MacDonald said.

First things first, however, MacDonald will face B.J. Penn at UFC on Fox 5, and Diaz will wait until after Feb. 2 to re-apply for a fight license after his one-year suspension is lifted for testing positive for marijuana.

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  • stevemcz11

    I am now routing for Rory just to see him fight Diaz. Nothing against BJ but Macdonald vs Diaz is a very interesting fight

    • bajafox

      I was for BJ Penn all the way myself but this really did mix things up and now all I hope for is a great fight, the real winners of this fight are gonna be the fans

  • datdudechris…AGAIN!!!!!!

    i hope this guy isnt overlooking bj penn because if he is hes crazy!!!!!!!!

    • Kristyahn

      I doubt he is, he just stated that he’d love to fight Nick Diaz, I’m sure he’d like to be 2-0 vs the Diazs. But, in all fairness, BJ @ WW is not nearly as “scary” as BJ at LW. BJ at WW in his last 5 fights is …… 1-3-1 and that only win was vs. Hughes, while the draw was a gift by the judges vs. Fitch. BJ can be in GSP like shape, still won’t change the fact he’s going to be so much smaller than Rory come fight night, and we’ll see how great his cardio is while on his back eating Rorys lethal GnP. Go back to LW BJ, where you are at your best and a possible Contender. At WW BJ is out of his league vs. the top 5. He could beat Rory, anything is possible, but he’d have no chance vs GSP, Condit, Diaz, ellenberger, Hendricks or the new Fitch or Erick Silva.

    • Dave Stiles

      yup penn is gonna come in super ripped and in shape..

  • uncle

    I hate every thing linked to GSP I want BJ to destroy this
    hype train because BJ is a legend and we seen what
    Mills did he hit him a couple times Rory got scared and
    dry humped him like his daddy GSP

    • PhranktheTank

      Correct me if I’m wrong… Didn’t rory finish mills?

      • Scotty_O

        And in dominate fashion too.

      • uncle

        Mills hits him Rory looked rocked now the fight is permanently on the ground I was not
        impressed with that like i said before he
        played it safe like his daddy GSP

        • PhranktheTank

          Mills got his a$$ whooped that fight. Also, rory finished him. Just like he’s finished everyone he’s beaten except for Nate (who he suplexed all over the cage). even if rory was rocked, (which I doubt) what should he have done? Stand there and get punched again? Or take the guy down and recover…. Hmm.. Tough decision.

          • uncle

            Rory was suppose to finish a amateur
            he has good wrestling but Mills was
            connecting and made Rory looked unskilled on the feet

          • wow you must not follow mma outside the ufc che mills is a beast

    • Kristyahn

      Way to go GSP hater, you again proved that morons like yourself don’t know what you’re talking about, “Rory dry humped Mills” …. If you consider getting owned and then finished, then yes he absolutely dry humped Mills to a finish, not bad. You are so stupid that even with the facts at your disposal, you still can’t siht talk properly. How stupid are you, no seriously?!? So GSP dry humps …… Lets recap how much time did he spend on the ground vs. Koscheck and Shields? Oh that’s right about 1 min out of 50, talk about a lay n pray, to stand for 49 mins out of 50, proves your uneducated comment is dead on, I guess GSP vs. Condit was a boring fight to right? I suppose that was a dry hump fight as well, just like his last 2 fights?!? Does it hurt to be that idiotic or do you just feel embaressed for being that clueless, especially when the facts prove you absolutely wrong? It hurts me just thinking about how stupid you really are, I can only imagine how your parents feel.

      • hibb66

        Take’er easy Bud

      • GSP cheats

      • uncle

        It really shows who is really stupid when you write a whole article about somebodys opinion
        lol you know all about fighting like your Jose
        Aldo more like Jose Baldo a old man sitting
        on his couch watching UFC that never goes
        to the gym

      • Madmmax


    • This hype is annoying. I hope bj shuts this kid up.

      • Scotty_O


  • TJN

    I’d like to see MacDonald against someone like Fitch, Story, Pierce, Ellenberger, that grinding wrestling style. Make it a 5 rounder too so his will is tested. I’d pick Nick against him if it were 5 rounds. I’m sure Rory could win a 3 round takedown type of decision against Nick.

    • Kristyahn

      Wait-WHAT?!? Rory trains with GSP, I’m pretty sure rorys cardio is top notch. You should check out Rory vs Condit, which was almost 3 years ago, before Rory trained with GSP and not to mention Rory was only 19 or 20, and only his 2nd UFC fight. Rory could finish Diaz in a 5 round fight, the same could probably be said for Diaz.

  • MaritalArtist

    He better not accept a fight with nick. Nick doesn’t take kindly to someone who bullies his little brother. Is take the Koscheck fight or Condit rematch.

  • Rory would kill Diaz he’s not much better then his brother and he got rag doll’d by rory

  • Stephan

    History has shown young, talented, cocky, fighters like Rory, who are not focused on current opponents can get caught by suprise. If I were you Rory, I’d be souly focused on BJ. It looks like he means buisness. When BJ is actually focused he is not an easy opponent for any man. With the way Rory has been talking so much shite lately, he just might be heading for a buttwhuppin.

    • I agree 100% BJ is no joke. Rory is in for a tough fight. BJ wins this.

      • drkdisciple

        Doubt that BJ could beat any top contender at 170. Fact is he has no business at 170 and should drop to 155 if he wants to be a factor!

  • julian moran

    If Rory wins against Bj, Rory vs Nick Diaz is a great fight

  • Drock420

    All I can say is be careful what you ask for…

  • Dave Stiles

    I dont see how ppl see that stupid logic that he can roll Nick Diaz I’m pretty sure the people saying it are GSP nut huggers and Canadian plus Ex Fedor nut sackers .. LOL WAR DIAZ BROS.. WAR CONDIT WAR CAIN WAR GSP

    • TW

      Dave, let me wish you, in advance, a happy 18th birthday.

      • Dave Stiles

        15th bday ….No you can’t play with my peepee

  • I do respect Rory as a fighter but I don’t like this talk from him. Calling out BJ when he’s retired and taking well deserved time away from the sport and now talking Diaz. I can understand wanting big fights and such but go call out Kampmann, Koscheck, and Thaigo Alves. IMO.

    • well all 3 of those fighters have lost their last ufc fight so how would beating them help rory he needs to beat someone that is on a winning streak

  • dick

    a couple of fights ago? He fought Nate 3 fights ago. do your research before trying to be a reporter.

  • doesnt matter the out come of rory vs bj this fight is going to be sick. as for diaz its too early to be calling him out wait til his suspension is over