Rory MacDonald Insists GSP Fight Won’t Happen But Gunning for Carlos Condit Rematch

November 16, 2012
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Rory MacDonald UFC 145Rory MacDonald is a young star on the rise in the UFC welterweight division, but he has a very clear vision of what the future holds for him.

His next fight will be his biggest yet when MacDonald faces UFC legend B.J. Penn at UFC on Fox 5 in December, but it’s hard not to start looking ahead to what 2013 will bring to the young Canadian.

MacDonald will be paying particularly close attention to the UFC 154 main event because his good friend Georges St-Pierre is fighting the only man to hand him a defeat in his pro career, Carlos Condit.

As training partners, MacDonald and St-Pierre work together daily to help each other get better, but unlike past situations where a title can get in the way of the partnership, both have emphatically stated it won’t happen to them. MacDonald has stated on numerous occasions that he won’t face St-Pierre no matter what, and he reiterated that fact on Friday as well.

“Me and Georges are not going to fight. I mean we are friends and we’re very close training partners, it’s just not going to happen.”

“I don’t want to sacrifice a friendship and my spot training at Tri-Star, I really feel like being there is making me develop leaps and bounds as a fighter. I wouldn’t disrespect Georges or the gym in that way. I know he has seniority as the title holder, so I just really feel like I’m going to see what happens one step at a time.”

But the other side of the UFC 154 definitely interests MacDonald because he is on a mission to avenge the only loss of his career, and he hopes to do that in the next 12-months.

“I’m fighting B.J. (Penn), I plan on beating him, and we’ll see how the fight with Georges and Carlos goes, either way I plan on getting my rematch with Carlos in 2013, win or lose tomorrow night,” said MacDonald.

In his first fight with Condit in 2010 after controlling the biggest part of the first two rounds, MacDonald found out exactly what his opponent was made of that night. Condit came out firing in the third and final round, absolutely blasting MacDonald with shots until he finished the fight with only 7 seconds remaining in the round.

“He beat the (expletive) out of me. That was hard,” MacDonald said about the bout against Condit.

Now MacDonald wants nothing more than to get back to a rematch with Condit after he finishes up his business with B.J. Penn in December.

  • I’d like to see Rory fight Thiago Alves, not BJ Penn. But best of luck to them both in their upcoming fight.

  • I’d like to see Rory fight more top 10 guys. Although I want to see him get revenge on Condit – I think he is too humble, he would have definitely won the decision on the very questionable stoppage – it would put him number 2 to St Pierre and he would have to face him eventually if he cleared out a couple of the other top 10

    • George Sperry

      Nothing questionable about Condits stoppage of Rory. Rory said immediately after the fight that he didn’t know why the (Canadian) audience was booing because Condit was kicking my ass..
      If you know more than he does then I guess you’re right, otherwise…

      • Kris-tyahn

        It’s called being humble, even Rigan said the stoppage was premature, the guy fought and lasted 14:52 secs, and the referee fully knowing that there were only secs left, stopped the fight with Condit laying on top of his chest, not even throwing a punch?!? Okay, that’s makes no sense, considering I’ve seen guys who were KTFO and got more chances than Rory. There’s no doubt Condit kicked his ass in the 3rd, but with 7 secs left and Condit lying on top of Rorys chest when the fight was stopped, it was a bad call. Rory is humble, he told the crowd not to boo Condit bc he’s a class act and fought hard, not bc he thought Condit won. Again, Rory very humble and accepted the decision, the way I see it if Rogan who is ALL about fighter safety, thought the fight was stopped prematurely, then I will believe what he says over a humble, young 20 yr old fighter, fighting in his 2nd UFC fight.