Rory MacDonald Injured, Carlos Condit Now Squares Off with Johny Hendricks at UFC 158

February 18, 2013
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Carlos Condit at UFC 154 Weigh InsThe Ultimate Fighting Championship’s plan to stock up UFC 158 with a plethora of welterweights is already looking like a good idea, as one 170-pounder has already been forced off the card.

Rory MacDonald was slated to square off with Carlos Condit in the UFC 158 co-main event on March 16 in Montreal, but he has been forced off of the card due to injury. sources confirmed MacDonald’s removal, which was first reported by

Wanting to keep Condit in a co-main event caliber fight, the UFC quickly shuffled the deck and pulled Johny Hendricks out of his scheduled fight with Jake Ellenberger and slotted him in opposite Condit, according to a report by official content partner Bleacher Report and later confirmed by UFC officials.

Condit is coming off of a loss to UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre in his last trip to the Octagon. He held the interim champion designation going into that fight and took GSP the distance in a bout that was awarded Fight of the Night honors, but couldn’t capture St-Pierre’s belt.

The fight with Hendricks, who is the No. 1 contender to winner of UFC 158’s headlining bout between St-Pierre and Nick Diaz, would be a critical victory for Condit and keep his name right at the top of the list for another shot at GSP.

Condit in return would be a huge addition to Hendricks’ hit list. A victory over him would further cement Hendricks as the top UFC welterweight contender, and make it very difficult for the UFC to match St-Pierre or Diaz against anyone else outside of an immediate rematch or, if he wins, St-Pierre stepping into a superfight with the likes of UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

MacDonald’s only loss in the UFC has been to Condit via TKO stoppage at UFC 115 nearly three years ago. He has since been rocketing up the welterweight ranks on a run of four consecutive victories, including Nate Diaz and, most recently, BJ Penn.

A victory in a rematch with Condit would have sent MacDonald’s stock through the roof, possibly setting up a very difficult decision for the youngster, who is edging ever closer to a title shot with the belt wrapped firmly around teammate Georges St-Pierre’s waist.

Jake Ellenberger is now left to wait and see whom the UFC can line-up as a possible replacement.

Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz headlines UFC 158 on March 16 at the Bell Centre in Montreal.

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  • Randy

    could be another episode of the running man!

    • Oswald Cobblepott

      Could be another combo kick to the face a la nick diaz

      • Randy

        the kick to the face that floored gsp?, the same kick that diaz laughed at! Oh ya, that kick!Ilol

        • Peter S

          Let me guess…. You’ll be one of the people crying foul after Diaz get’s schooled by GSP?

          • Anthony7727

            Really dude! You jump from facts to ” you people crying foul” bulls***! Stop hating and give both these two great fighters their due!!

      • Randy

        the kick to the face that floored gsp? the same kick that Diaz laughed at! Oh ya, that kick!lol

  • Maddawgmar

    Damn I was hoping I got to see Rory get finished again. Oh well, I like this fight better. I have grown to dislike MacDonald. Who does that guy think he is calling someone out and say come to me. He isn’t the champ only the champ can do that.

    I like Condit in this. But it should be a war can’t wait.

    • russy004

      The Champ is the only fighter who SHOULDN’T be calling people out, he should have to face whoever is the #1 contender, people climbing up the top 10 ARE the ones who should be calling people out to get to the #1 contender spot

      • Maddawgmar

        Sorry, miscommunication. I meant only the Champ can say come to me. If a fighter calls someone out, they should go to them or fight on a neutral turf. Not say I want you but you have to come to me.

    • sadfan

      or maybe you just like whomever the ufc wants you to like.. or you just follow the mma media and the general opinion.. Whenever a guy refuses to fit the mold he always gets trashed, I kinda like for doing his thing not suckin up to the fans.

      Too bad the bout is off, it was really looking forward to it but at least now Condit can end the Hendricks hype in good fashion and everyone can see Gsp/Diaz for what it is: the champion vs the best guy he hasn’t fought yet

      • MuayThaiFood

        Can’t someone just have an opinion different than yours? I was neutral until the BJ Penn fight. I don’t care for him much now and it has nothing to do with media or the UFC swaying my opinion. What kind of guy calls out a retired legend as a heavy favorite, who is naturally a weight class below him, beats him down while copycatting Ali? The answer I came up with was….a huge douche bag. He wasn’t hyping a fight, he was humiliating a legend he had already beaten down….no respect. If you like that, good for you, but a lot of people don’t so maybe there still is hope for humanity.

        • sadsadfan

          lol for so many reasons.. first of all if you want to see people get respected and have faith in humanity don’t watch guys beatin each other up in a cage…

          Next its Bj who asked to be called out by Rory, he wanted him to get back at Gsp and tristar and start a grudge in a desperate attempt to get a title shot. the disrespectful rory call out is just marketing.

          Last I don’t really see how he copycatted Ali but if he outclassed Bj that much, good for him, its his job to perform a 100%.
          And if you think rory is mean for beatin up poor Bj than you must be a 3y old,

          • MuayThaiFood

            Well, now your previous comment makes sense. You’re an immature, not so bright little fella. You run your mouth without knowing what you’re talking about. Look up “Ali shuffle” on youtube and you’ll see how Rory copycatted him (poorly, I might add). That stuff about BJ asking to be called out by Rory….nonsense.

            You can’t make a proper sentence, nor can you understand what you read. I never said anything about Rory being mean for beating up BJ. You missed the whole point and I’m going to stop short right here because I’m wasting my time. You won’t get it even if I make an effort to clarify and ask you to sound out the words.Your obviously proud of your ignorance and that’s great. Now go finish your Cheerios, take your Ritalin and run along to school.
            You’ve just been outclassed and humiliated publicly so now you know how BJ felt ,douche nozzle. The difference is you deserved it.

          • BJ did ask Dana to fight Rory. Rory made it public. Rory even mentions it in his pre fight clip “I’m sorry, you picked the wrong guy.” Hate Rory all you want, but get your facts straight.

      • Maddawgmar

        If I liked whoever the UFC wanted me to like, I’d be a GSP fan or a Jon Jones fan. I like people personalities and how they fight. I respect Rory’s fighting ability, I don’t like his “I’m entitled” attitude.

        • lol

          not really, sayin gsp fights not lose, jones is an arrogant p**** and macdonald is as crazy as bateman is the dominant opinion amongst mma know it alls… I love how you guys think you re original

          • Maddawgmar

            I like how you think you know why I don’t like ppl. I never said why I don’t like any of them except for Rory. I don’t like GSP because he always makes excuses. Example, I was nervous that’s why I lost to Hughes. I wasn’t focused that’s why Serra beat me. Or after the Shields fight, he won the last two rounds because something happened to my eye. Jones I dislike because he’s a hypocrite. Wants to be a role model Christian, yet he gets obliterated smashed and drives drunk putting innocent people’s lives at risk.

  • ellenberger vs woodley

    • orville

      Ya, and woodley did say he’d like to step in if anybody were to get injured, and he does have a recent win over saffiedine. I think this would be a great match up!

      • Scotty_O

        He just fought last weekend didn’t he?

        • kennybro

          he fought 2 weeks ago and the fight’s not for another month. demian maia fought on that card too and i’d really like to see him fighting another top 10 guy like jake.

          • maia vs ellenberger would be good but maia went 3 full rounds he would need more time to heal up. as for woodley his fight didnt last but a minute and he didnt take any damage

    • shakejunt

      precisely. woodley figured something like this could happen and i really hope he gets the call.

  • Scotty_O

    Brutal news!! He was a major reason why I bought floor seats for this event. I suppose Ill still get just as wrecked and enjoy the atmosphere, but I was really looking forward to seeing him fight up close and live.

    Maybe this could be Tarec Saffiedine welcome fight in the Ufc, or I wouldn’t mind seeing Dan Hardy come in and fight Ellenberger. Are either of those two lined up for a fight any time soon?

    • Dan Hardy? yeah right. He won’t even beat Mike Brown, his next opponent

  • Randy

    the kick to the face that floored gsp? the same kick that diaz laughed at! Oh ya, that kick!lol

  • DamianCross

    Rory probably twisted his ankle when he tripped over some debris trying to chase down a prostitute with an axe. I’m not kidding that guy is freaky.

    • John Bunch


  • sub

    Kos vs jake

    • Henry

      I believe koscheck is fighting lawler this wkend

  • rapidfire

    I’m not a fan of Rory Mcdonald by any means.
    However that young kid is a scary dude.When he fought BJ, I saw nothing in his eyes.No emotion.He’s got that killer/hitman mentality.You could see that BJ feared him who rarely gets scared. Mcdonald is a new breed of young fighter who is desensitized to ultra violence in my opinion.

  • steve

    cant believe Hendricks is ducking Jake Ellenberger

  • Tough break for Hendricks, I don’t see him landing that big punch on Condit. I do however, see him getting frustrated trying to run Carlos down and getting picked apart.

  • mmaseek

    would love to see rory vs maia next

  • Mike

    I hope Hendricks knocks his a$$ out cold.

  • this is what the 5th fight Rory has pulled out of?