Rory MacDonald Asks to Face BJ Penn in November, Penn Wants UFC 153 in Rio

August 5, 2012
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Rory MacDonald and B.J. Penn still want to fight one another despite their bout being canceled for the upcoming UFC 152 fight card in Toronto.

On Saturday night, it was revealed that MacDonald had suffered a serious cut in training.

“Today I was cut at sparring. I needed three layers of stitching in total, I needed 38 stitches,” MacDonald explained on Twitter. “I’m very sad right now that I will not be healed in time to fight Sept. 22. I am hoping that BJ Penn will agree to have the fight on a later date in November.”

MacDonald also released a picture of the cut via his Instagram account that shows the graphic nature of the grisly wound that forced the cancellation of his fight at UFC 152.

Unfortunately for Penn, he found out about the news via Twitter on Saturday night, and went to his own website to release his thoughts about MacDonald dropping out of the fight.

“I am sorry to hear about the injury to Rory, this is a fight that got me out of retirement and one that I was looking forward to,” Penn wrote.

As far as scheduling a new date, Penn targeted UFC 153 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil instead, but it’s unknown if MacDonald would accept that timeline instead of fighting in his home country of Canada as part of UFC 154 in Montreal.

“I would like to wish Rory a speedy and healthy recovery and request a postponement of our fight to the Rio card,” said Penn.

The UFC has yet to release any further information about Penn vs. MacDonald being moved to a later date, but all signs are pointing towards at least the fact that Penn will not remain on the UFC 152 against a different opponent. will have more information on this situation as it becomes available.

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  • smill0313

    Rory wants to wait and fight in canada because he isint allowed to remove his hand from gsp’s belt loop. Rory is the one who backed out of the contracted fight (whatever the reason) so it should be up to Penn when/where the fight takes place now.

    • DrkDisciple

      what? I like how you make up rules…penn gets to pick the place? whatttttttttttttttt? perhaps he can also decide that is will be a lumberjack match or a tables, ladder and chairs match.

    • I totally get your commen man, heelarious.

  • “Rory wants to wait and fight in canada because he isint allowed to remove his hand from gsp’s belt loop.”

    • I think the end result will be Penn saying we can move to your home Province if we keep the VADA testing from this point on. There will be no let up.

      As long as Rory is ok with that I am sure it will take place in Montreal so he can be near his b/f GSP.

  • WarriorScholar

    That’s one ugly hairline

  • shakejunt

    bj vs siyar at 153, book it!

  • macgrubber

    Sorry guys that would be my fault. I have just been tearing people up in the gym lately and rory was just another victim. Ill try to back off a little.

  • jonasjunior

    I think Rory is gonna win, but I would be sooo happy if BJ wins this fight in a awesome fashion. He just needs some motivation, he’s one of the bests of all time.