Rory MacDonald and Jake Ellenberger Set for Welterweight Showdown at UFC on Fox 8

April 10, 2013
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Rory MacDonaldA welterweight fight between top contenders Rory MacDonald and Jake Ellenberger has been added to the UFC on Fox 8 fight card. first reported the bout that was later confirmed by UFC officials.

MacDonald (14-1), who is riding a four-fight winning streak, had been looking forward to avenging a loss to Carlos Condit when the two were slated to meet at UFC 158 in Montreal. An injury forced MacDonald off the card, leaving Johny Hendricks to take his place. Hendricks won the bout and a shot at MacDonald’s teammate, UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre.

Ellenberger (29-6) had also been rocketing towards a title shot before he ran into a stopper named Martin Kampmann last June. He has since bounced back with consecutive victories over Jay Hieron and Nate Marquardt.

MacDonald and Ellenberger will now square off at UFC on Fox 8 on July 27 in Seattle, while Hendricks waits for St-Pierre to finish up his movie commitments so that they can fight.

A headlining bout has yet to be named for UFC on Fox 8.

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  • bajafox

    Great fight! Not a fan of Rory one bit but this should be a good match up to see where both of these guys stand

    • therealbajafox

      And no one is a fan of you Bajafox!

  • battle ready

    A lot of people don’t like Rory, for what ever reason, but he really is fun to watch. I like him in this fight over Ellenberger, but wouldn’t be surprised if Ellenberger gives him a run for his money. Can’t wait!

    • MMA

      Yea I don’t know why there is all this hate for Rory, I think he’s awesome. But anyways, this should be a great fight and test for Rory!

      • Anthony Lopez

        People dislike him because he’s a douche, which is a pretty valid reason to dislike someone. But I agree… awesome fighter who’s a blast to watch

        • George Sperry

          Same people that dislike Rory worship Sonnen.

          • MuayThaiFood

            Not true

        • Scotty_O

          What makes him a douche? He seems pretty laid back and chill to me. Is it because of the way he was building up the fight with BJ (a guy who’s known for talking trash himself)? And if so, didn’t he go in and do exactly what he said he was going to do?

          He’s a crazy beast this one, future champ! He’ll be talking over right where GSP left off, and wouldn’t it be nice to have a change from GSP’s politeness and generic answers all the time?

          • Maddawgmar

            Here is my issue with Rory. He is smug and cocky. He thinks everything revolves around him. Listen to his interviews. My biggest complaint is when he called Carlos Condit out and said give me a rematch at my hometown. Condit faced him in Canada and knocked him the f*** out, yet he thinks Condit owes him something. His “holier than thou” attitude is something I don’t respect. However I think he is an awesome fighter and has extraordinary skills. If he changes his attitude I might root for the guy.

      • Wolf Ticket

        Yeah, how can you hate someone who calls himself “God of war”. Such a nice and humble guy he is.

    • Served

      it’s b/c Rory has become a douche. He was far too disrespectful to BJ in his comments before and after the fight.

      Rory has become a GSP wannabe (the way he acts / dresses / carries himself).

      It’s similar to Jon Jones. At first, everyone loved him, when he acted all humble and was very exciting. But then he got real cocky and his personality comes out fake as hell. If he just always acted natural and didn’t pretend to be someone he’s not then he wouldn’t have gotten such a backlash.

      • shakejunt

        people love to hate winners, it’s that simple

      • yell0wm0nkey

        “Rory has become a GSP wannabe (the way he acts / dresses / carries himself).”

        So imagining I don’t know who GSP is I’m going to guess…

        …GSP slicks his hair back, while wearing glasses, retro-ish formal clothes, and comes off as kind of psycho?

  • Crashman

    I think Rory is going to tune Ellen up big time, he’ll put on a boxing clinic first and get Ellen all confused and then get choked out like Sanchez almost did, my money is on aries.

  • adice89

    Im going with ellenberger by knockout in the 2nd round. I think rory cant beat him in speed or power. He has nothing for jake.

    • Supaman

      i hope you’re right, but you’re wrong in saying that Ellenberger is faster than Rory, b/c he definitely is not. Ellenberger is stronger, but Rory has edge in speed, agility.

      Jake has edge in power & wrestling but Rory has more technical and versatile striking, more speed. If Jake can get the takedown, he could be in business but if he can’t, then Rory may pick him apart.

      I do hope Ellenberger beats him though, Rory has been getting too cocky and annoying.

  • Good title contender fight. I would have rather see Rory Mc Donald vs Nick Diaz.

    • Sir_Roy

      I’ve had enough Diaz for a while. But that would be an interesting match-up.

    • shakejunt

      if/when diaz comes back, he needs a fan friendly matchup against someone coming off a loss

  • solo

    Yes! I was hoping they are gonna put those two together.

  • Rory better fight GSP. He’s going to wreck the whole division if he beats Ellenberger and refuses to fight GSP. Although Nate Marquardt recently lost I wouldn’t mind him and Rory fighting.

  • nok

    amazing match up …. very hard to predict ! i think rory is better mixed martial artist but jake throw some bomb’s

  • Informed One

    @served, I think you ARE seeing the real rory. He is young, he is still growing mentally just as much as he is skill wise. I think he is just more confident now than he was in the past, nothing wrong with that. He thought he could beat BJ, well guess what, he was right. I think comparing him to JJ in the attitude realm is wrong. Rory is similar to GSP in that he is consumed with MMA and getting better. JJ likes to drive his bently after chugging gin n juice.