Rory MacDonald and Jake Ellenberger Face the Heat at UFC on Fox 8 Press Conference (Video)

July 28, 2013
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Rory MacDonald UFC on Fox 8 Post_9262UFC on Fox 8 co-main eventers Rory MacDonald and Jake Ellenberger are two of the top fighters in the UFC welterweight division. They stole the lion’s share of the spotlight leading up to the event.

But when push came to shove on Saturday night, neither was pushing or shoving much. They drew heavy criticism, including from their boss, UFC president Dana White, for a lackluster performance that left nearly everyone disappointed.

Each fighter had his own take on the fight, and their outlooks were vastly different.

Rory MacDonald and Jake Ellenberger both faced the music at the UFC on Fox 8 post-fight press conference, giving their respective takes on the fight and how the night played out.

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  • lowlb

    The line between sport and entertainment. DW wants entertainment.
    Rory was smart. Maybe it’s better to not lose, than it is to win.
    Rory will get no respect and no title shot.
    Rory Condit II would be cool.

    • Manuel Lopez

      By default a fight is entertaining. Key word is ‘fight’. That was not a fight, not really.

      • lowlb

        Totally dude, I was kinda surprised by how boring this fight was too.
        I thought the jab was entertaining…
        I think prefight, Ellenberger was trying to get Rory angry with the trash talk. Rory seems a bit unstable. If Rory were to lose his composure, we would have had a fight and Rory would have lost. Instead he kept his composure and Rory won but it doesn’t count. EBerger has one punch knock out power, it’s just smart to avoid that.
        It seems that it should be almost expected for two top ten guys to at least not get knocked out or to not take too much damage. People love damage.
        It was a good match-up.
        When people go out and get knocked out in the first round it’s a bad match-up but people love that stuff.. Correct me if I’m wrong but GSP hasn’t finished anyone in years.

    • Maddawgmar

      I kinda disagree. I think it is better to lose a war than it is to win a boring fight. When you have fights like Griffin/Bonnar the stock of both fighters rise win or lose. This fight IMO neither stock rose at all, in fact they might have lost steam.

      Also Sports are entertainment. Would you pay to see a football game of two hand touch rather than tackle? Would you pay to see a basketball game without dunks and threes? Would you pay to see a fight that wasn’t entertaining? I think you wouldn’t.

  • Ray Lane

    A somewhat agree with Dana. Jake did almost nothing. And perhaps Rory didn’t go in for the kill, but he threw, he moved forward the entire fight and he threw.

  • Truth

    wtf, do i really have to watch this advertisement & vid? can’t I get a written summary…

  • julian moran

    I think Rory did good.

    • lowlb

      Me too and then he handled himself very well in this interview. Maybe he isn’t a freaky zombie.

  • The Best Eva

    You shouldn’t be given title shots if you are boring, nobody wants to tune in to see some full grown men dicking around on live tv.

    • Hugh Shakeshaft

      I agree, it’s apparent and rightfully so that Rory won’t be getting a title shot. I’m for giving Condit another crack at GSP, especially since Hendricks pretty much laid on top of him half the fight and barely eked out a decision.

      • Maddawgmar

        Agree. If Condit gets passed Kampmann he should get the shot. There is no one else. I felt Condit won the fight but lost the match against Hendricks. Based on damage done Condit dominated, but Hendricks controlled the fight.

    • bajafox

      Completely agree with your post. I was hoping one of these fighters would be lying out flat by the time it was over, preferably Rory but either one would have been better than the garbage they displayed

  • ronbo

    For Jake to talk that much s*** and then just wait for countershots was pathetic. Ithought it would be a brawl. Very disappointed it wasnt a bigger fight and im damn glad i DIDNT SPEND MONEY ON IT!!

  • kbroesq

    Bottom line: if you want to succeed in MMA, you cannot put on fights like this. Someone made a comment about sport and entertainment. You cannot make comparisons between MMA and the other ‘big four’ sports, and I think people are impliedly doing that when they make that distinction and come down on the side of sport, like they are somehow more hard core MMA fans.

    MMA is not like any other sport. You cannot win in other sports and be boring. If you’re winning in other sports, it’s because you’re either being aggressive offensively, playing good defensively, or a combination of both. Each of those options IS entertaining in other sports.

    In MMA, it’s not fun or entertaining to watch two guys do nothing, then watch the guy who did slightly more come away with the win. Furthermore, whether the self-proclaimined hard core MMA fans (who claim either they don’t need to be entertained by MMA, or ARE entertained by boring fights) want to believe this or not, MMA depends upon people being entertained. Entertainment only comes when people take chances and risk getting KO’d.

    • Hugh Shakeshaft

      Think about how much money Fox ate on this one!

  • Mike

    I agree the fight wasn’t entertaining, but Rory used his head, kept Jake at range and won. Kudos to him on using his skill and for not getting drawn into a brawl.

    Sadly, when he faces GSP, it will be the most boring fight on record.

  • Giovanni

    Unfortunately Ellenberguer was right when he said someone was going to be doing some “horizontal television time” but it was not Rory it was me falling asleep on my bed during that fight. I’m sure glad I had a pillow right next to me…LOL…man it was hard to stay awake. ZERO action whatsoever! Sorry Jake but keep your mouth shut for next time. And Rory quit being so cocky moron, you did nothing either to spice up the fight!