Ronda Rousey Takes Active Role in Standing Rock, Dakota Pipeline Protest

January 25, 2017
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It came to light on Tuesday that former UFC champion Ronda Rousey was against the completion of the Dakota Access and Keystone XL Pipelines, for which U.S. President Donald Trump signed executive orders to clear the way. Continued reports detail that she is doing more than posting about the protests on her social media accounts. Rousey traveled to Standing Rock Indian Reservation to lend her personal support to protesters.

According to a report by TMZ Sports, Rousey and fellow Olympic judo athlete Pauline Macias traveled to North Dakota to deliver supplies. They reportedly brought fresh fruit, vegetables, bread, tents, and wood-burning stoves for the protesters, who are contending with the elements of a cold North Dakota winter.

“I had one of the best road trips of my life with Ronda Rousey to deliver supplies to the protesters at Standing Rock!” Macias posted to her Instagram account. “This was such an incredible experience, and I can’t thank my friend enough for allowing me to be a part of it!”

The protest at Standing Rock primarily focuses on the potential for issues with the pipeline to contaminate drinking water and destroy sacred tribal sites.

Rousey reportedly tried to keep the trip somewhat under the radar, as she is still taking time out of the spotlight to recover from her second consecutive loss in the Octagon and consider her next career move.

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  • Benoit de Dam

    It seems that she doesn’t want America to be great again. She must be communist. F— nature :-/

    • aFriendlyAgenda

      Nothing is more charming then frogs with an opinion about what americans are doing

      • Benoit de Dam

        proud to be a frog, buddy ! I couldn’t care less about what you are doing to yourselves, but unfortunately, this kind of pollution has no borders !!!! I guess you are going to build a wall to stop it, smart boy…

  • himmler adams

    now Rousey is playing Pocahontas the indian friend? The pipeline KO;;s Rousey again. Lousy Rousey’s star appeal is below zero now.

  • dgs

    If you can’t win fights I guess you do the next best thing, become a clueless millennial SJW!

    You go Rousey, maybe you can get the cop/s who will pepper spray your dumb a$$ in an armbar.

    • Shadow

      if she can’t win fight, dude are you dumb are something.

  • himmler adams

    Squaw mole face Rousey is now more of a joke in the UFC after the humiliations. and KO’s. Rousey needs to smoke em peace pipeline to stop white man from ruining tepee grounds.

  • himmler adams

    Lousy Rousey might as well take up teepee living with that wooden totem pole Travis dimwit Browne.

  • Broken_bad

    I can see her walking down the Senate floor with her “mad face”

  • Benoit de Dam

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    • Bertram Fegg

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