Ronda Rousey’s Dislike of Miesha Tate Front and Center in TUF 18 Finale Interview (Video)

December 2, 2013
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Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate TUF 18Just in case you thought tensions between the two would ease following the conclusion of The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rousey vs. Team Tate, Ronda Rousey reminded the world of her dislike of Miesha Tate during an awkward interview that UFC broadcaster Jon Anik hosted with the two simultaneously.

Their rivalry stretches back several years to their time under the Strikeforce banner, but only seems to accelerate by the day during their UFC tenure.

Having taken the Strikeforce belt from Tate and currently holding the UFC women’s championship, you’d think Rousey would be mellowing in her attitude toward Tate. But as Rousey has become more dominant, she also seems to have become more bitter towards her rival.

Check out Anik’s awkward on-camera interview with Rousey and Tate.

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  • HooahJuice

    Fake! Go home Ronda, you’re drunk

    • jake snod

      good one

  • Big Tuna

    Rousey brings the scent if garbage to this sport of honor and respect.

    • jake snod

      Rousey=stench of rot

  • jimmy777

    I was a rousey fan until TUF, now I hope she gets her azz kicked, I couldn’t even watch TUF this season because of the way she acted. To bad Gina Carano inst fighting anymore

    • Big Tuna

      Gina is a better women’s MMA figurehead

  • jeff

    I cant believe what a complete douche rousey has become. I never dreamed those words would come from me. She is really making herself look shitty. Just her body language during that interview spoke volumes. Shes takin the whole diaz act way too far. Show some class WOW! I actually wanna see her get her ass kicked now. What an idiot.

    • diazfan209

      “Waaaaaaaa, I don’t like Ronda’s personality, waaaaaaaaa”, cries the hipster.

  • MuayThaiFood

    Nice dress Ronda, get that at the SlutMart clearance rack?

    • jake snod

      Rousey looked like a tramp in that red flag dress.

  • C-Dub

    I have to agree with all the comments about Rhonda… TUF has done nothing for her except show her true childish colours.. Dana must be pissed with her acting like this surely? No sportmanship or respect? Disgusting.

    • jake snod

      Dana is too dumb to realize that TUF this season sucked.

  • jojo

    In one word… “Bitch”
    Shes just a bully, and a fat ass!

    • jake snod

      Rousey=Trailer park

  • Booker T

    What a hog.

    • jake snod

      Rousey is a slob

  • solo

    I feel like all that classless behaviour of Ronda is going to backfire at her at the worst way. I really believe Tate’s gonna beat her this time, and she shoundt even be at this position. That injury of Cat, call me crazy but i feel it happened for a reason. Damn, it would be sooo interesting if Ronda losses.

    • Big Tuna

      I agree Tate is cool as a fan and Rousey is tight it may be the difference at least id like to believe that

  • jc

    Ronda is gonna be hard to beat but she sure is annoying to watch. She is making it hard to like her. Grow up plz. She may be a Judo expert but she is aweful as a person.

  • jake snod

    Rousey is a low class slob whose hate of Big Nose tate has consumed and aged the spiteful vulgar Rhonda.

  • SOUP505

    Rousey is AWESOME I love her and believe she will go undefeated throughout her career

    • candelario

      I like Rousey but go undefeated is a stretch…. what bugs me is her nose, it looks like she has a never ending cold..sniff, sniff, sniff

      • Matte

        What bugs her is you butt ugly face. It really affect your fighting.

  • fightlife22

    Are you people dumb, do you not realize that ronda rousey is who she is because meisha tate is who she is…why would ronda show meisha any type of respect when meisha has been nothing but a fake kiss ass to dana white and for the fans…meisha and tuf editing has clearly brainwashed mma fans because there’s many scenes you haven’t seen, meisha played a role to build her image, ronda is not playing no games, you seem to forget that meisha is the same woman who was kicked out of alphamale for the same play games fake bs! To call a person a bitch or slob thats worked hard throughout their career and has used their popularity to raise over 25, 000 dollars a year to feed starving familys is ridiculous, what you see on tv is not her personality, what you see on tv is a general dislike like and distaste for another person, and people have it comfused with a persons personality!

    • robc

      Ronda acted like that prior to TUF, she acted like that during TUF, and now post TUF she has again been consistent in her immaturity. The face of women’s MMA is acting like a spoiled 12 year old. She is the champ and undefeated, as such why is she the one constantly acting butthurt?

      Also, I hate to break it to you but I am quite certain the UFC wants Ronda portrayed in as best a light as possible. She is their cash cow so to speak. I would venture to say the editing on TUF was aimed at minimizing the damage she does and what we saw was the best of the worst…

      You do realize that the UFC needs Ronda as champ and wants her to be popular right? If she loses, she can play the heel all she wants but the champ has to be held to a higher standard. A standard that Ronda has set at a new low.

    • TNT

      It’s simply called class. They are ladies an Ronda is acting like a white trash bar hussy. Meisha has it Ronda doesn’t. Ronda only has an armbar to build her legacy on cause she proved to be un likeable

    • mmamomma

      Donations and a hefty tax break doesn’t mean anything. Get real. Actions speak louder than words if you can’t shake your opponents hand after a win. And make up bs saying its because she spit on her family. Fk off Rhonda don’t lie its because you are a disrespectful bitch.

  • jake snod

    Rousey acts like she belongs in a womans prison.

  • Dellbert

    I hope Ronda can get over her issues of immaturity to become the pro everyone knows she can be. Acting like a snob to a colleague is unprofessional, immature and downright childish. It doesn’t matter how much you dislike someone, making an attempt to get along and be productive is what marks a good worker and sound person. I’ve hear people say they like her because “she speaks her mind”, that makes no sense. Anyone can be an asshole, it takes a stronger person to put childish emotions behind and act respectful towards those you dislike. It takes much more willpower to shake hands with someone you hate than to flip them off. Her behavior is so ridiculous it has to stem from something no one knows about, she is acting so teenage girl like i am almost convinced Ronda had a big crush on Tate’s BF but Tate got to him first. Grow up and act like a professional.

  • otto

    Ive never wanted to punch a woman in the face before till now……..F’n Douche

    • Matte

      Good luck with that, she’ll rip your arm off. ^^

  • Gonzo

    man if I didn’t know better I would swear rousey was a dude dressed like a lady

  • just a though

    ARM BAR BARBIE can behave like she does as long as she keeps her loses to a minimum. Other champs have acted in similar ways. Most are not greeted well anymore. Rivalries are nothing new. But at least respect the Petestal you are being put on. During after fight she acted like she was the only person on the planet that could comfort the fighters from her team. And had no time for the pesky responsibilities of her position and contract. Let alone being the face of women’s MMA . Which Dana should hammer into her head. Yes she is a real good fighter, but damn could you hold back on the hanging out on the side of the junior high building corner smoking weed and flipping off the other kids thing for a bit and behave like some portion of this sport is professional.

  • __Steve__

    Hanging out with the Diaz clan a bit to much gonna be a great fight though

  • Bro Mark Dextraze

    The two fighters that were on Ronda’s team both lost so this brought her to a new level of sorrow. She let her anger show in this interview. She better get a handle on herself if she wants to remain an ambassador of this sport.

  • dgs

    No matter how immature Rousey is, and no matter how much many of us hate her childish antics, she’s still going to win by arm bar again. Tate knows it’s coming (as do all of Rousey’s opponents) and there is nothing she will be able to do to stop it. I would love for Tate to win, but we all know how the fight is going to end.

  • jake snod

    Champions should have class and honor and be respected in their sport. Rousey is all gutter and no class and not a role model but a blight now on the UFC.

  • jake snod

    Rousey ruined the TUF show and lowered herself into an abyss and lost the UFC fan base. Meisha Big Nose tate won the fans over.

  • Otto

    She is gonna break Tate’s arm on tv for the world to see, can totally see it coming, and. Shell b proud of that too, they cut RP from the UFC for holding on too long of that nasty leg lock, but Dana would never cut her for what she’s about to do to Tate, Dana so wants to bang her it’s ridicules, and constantly is praising her like she’s his daughter, expell the bitch so she can fight Cyborg who will abuse her with her standup

  • jake snod

    So young girls watching the Woman in the UFC see get to see the Champion Rousey cursing fould mouthed uncouth flipping fingers and not shaking hands. How the hell does that define role model and how a champion should act. Rousey is a terrible unfit representative for the UFC. Low class and gutter.

  • Woolander

    Rousey got polluted by the Diaz style of fighting… all anger/hat/rage… should adopt champions mentality (jones/gsp/silva)