Ronda Rousey Would Make Exceptions for Gina Carano That She Wouldn’t Anyone Else

March 15, 2014
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GinaCaranoSF0409_7478-460x270Rumors have been swirling for the past two weeks about an announcement that would impact women’s mixed martial arts fueled by UFC broadcaster Joe Rogan’s comments on KROQ’s Kevin and Bean Show earlier this month.

“I wish I could tell you what I know. I wish I could tell you. I know some secret stuff. I know some secret stuff, but I can’t tell you. You might actually know, but I can’t tell you. I can say no more than I’ve already said. I will tell you this, within the next probably week or so a huge announcement will come about women’s fighting. It’s going to be crazy. Madness,” said Rogan.

Speculation has run rampant. Theories arose centering around former EliteXC champion Gina Carano returning to fighting to take on bantamweight titleholder Ronda Rousey.

“I know people are speculating and there’s a lot of rumors going around, but I don’t believe anything until it’s signed, and I haven’t signed anything yet,” said Rousey about the rumors prior to the UFC 171 weigh-ins in Dallas on Friday.

UFC president Dana White revealed on Thursday that he’ll be meeting with former boxing standout and undefeated mixed martial artist Holly Holm this weekend. Holm has publicly stated that she’d like a fight with Rousey. Former Strikeforce women’s featherweight champion Cris Cyborg announced that she plans to drop to the 135-pound weight class in hopes of securing a bout with Rousey.

None of the three women are currently competing in the UFC and Rousey emphasized that there’s already a top contender.

“I still feel that Cat Zingano is next. I feel like she is the number one contender,” said Rousey. “I saw a statement from her management saying she’ll be ready in June, so I don’t see why you didn’t add Cat to that list.”

Zingano earned a title shot by defeating Miesha Tate in April of last year. She was originally supposed to coach The Ultimate Fighter opposite Rousey, but was forced off the show and out of the title fight due to a knee injury.

While Rousey made it clear that Zingano is the top contender, she was enthusiastic about the possibility of facing Carano.

“I would love that. I’ve always said that,” said the bantamweight champion. “I never would have thought women’s MMA existed if I hadn’t seen her fight. I never knew there was such a thing until her. And to fight her would be a real honor, and I think it would be a milestone for the sport.”

Through all the speculation, Carano has remained silent. She hasn’t fought since August 2009 and hasn’t competed in the bantamweight division since her MMA debut in 2006.

“You can’t fight for anyone but yourself. I wouldn’t want her to fight for any other reason than she wants to fight, and it’s a personal decision for every athlete,” said Rousey.

If Carano wanted to come back to fighting, Rousey would be willing to give her an immediate title shot despite having not fought in five years.

“I think given everything that she’s done for the sport and the pioneer that she is, I think she deserves a title shot any time,” she said.

To fight Carano, Rousey said she’d be willing to make an exception and possibly do a catchweight fight. Although, White on Thursday said he wouldn’t do a catchweight fight.

“That would be more up to Dana and Lorenzo (Fertitta), all the big-name decision makers,” said Rousey. “There are exceptions that I would make for Gina that I wouldn’t for anyone else.

“I’m excited and hopeful for something like that (a fight with Carano). It would be huge for women’s MMA. But like I said earlier, I don’t believe it until I sign it,” added Rousey. “Gina was going to come back before and it didn’t work out. My hopes are up, but they are also not. We’ll see. Any decision she makes I will respect.”

Asked if she had to choose between fighting Zingano or Carano, Rousey said, “That would be a hard one.  I think I’d have to take the wuss answer and leave it up to Dana.  Either or, I would be ecstatic to fight either one of them.”

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  • Piotr

    She’s not afraid of Gina.

    • vulcanman64 .

      But she’s most definitely afraid of Cyborg. And she has a right to be. The toughest woman on the planet can’t get into the UFC because the ass Dana White doesn’t want to see his girlfriend get murdered.

  • Guest

    I’d love to see that beautiful face of Gina be destroyed

    • Piotr


    • Stephen Quadros

      You are stupid

  • Denny Swain

    Why wouldn’t she just say she will fight gina at 145? She says she will fight gina at 145 and only her for some lame reason. Just the fact that she gives excuse as to why only gina proves that shes ducking cyborg. She felt compelled to give explanation as to why she will fight gina at 145 but no one else.also gina is wwwaaaayyyyyy prettier than rousey

    • vulcanman64 .

      Personally, I have always thought Rousey was FUGLY. Never saw the beauty some say she is. Ever see her judo days? Echhhhhh.

  • js

    she’s scared of cyborg, always has been. what a joke

    • Maddawgmar

      Is that you Cyborg?

      • Piotr

        Cyborg says the same thing to Rousey. Rousey runs. If you don;t see the hypocrisy of Rousey wanting to fight Gina at a catch weight, but flat out refusing Cyborg, you’re blind.

        • Maddawgmar

          I would agree with you, except for one reason. Cyborg having used steroids in the past would not be able to make 135 while on the juice. A fight at a catch weight gives her an out to cheat. Not saying she will, but that is why Rousey won’t make the exception. Say what you will, but Rousey doesn’t need Cyborg, Cyborg needs Rousey like she needed Carano.

          • vulcanman64 .

            you are aware that 90 percent of the UFC fighters cheat don’t you? Many have been caught and hasn’t stopped them from fighting. What makes them special compared to Cyborg? She hasn’t cheated for years and stated she will get tested non stop by the UFC even willing to beat up Rousey for free. We all want to see that. Cant stand Rousey.

    • uncle

      Ronda scared why? last time I checked Cyborg
      fights for Invicta not the UFC, so Ronda doesn’t
      have to really worry about crossing that bridge
      yet ,and it’s not up to her who she fights if the
      UFC wants her to fight Cyborg it will happen

  • dgs

    “There are exceptions that I would make for Gina that I wouldn’t for anyone else.”

    Translation (my second reading between the lines translation today): I’m pretty sure Cyborg would wreck me if we fought at her fighting weight of 145, which is why I will never be flexible on a catch weight fight with her. I have no problem making a weight exception for a fighter who hasn’t fought in five years however, and was easily beaten by Cyborg in her last fight. Oh yeah, and I’ll also throw in the whole, “she’s a legend” crap to make my weight exception seem more legit.

    Hey Rousey, fight Cyborg at 145 lbs and beat her, and then you can run your mouth all the time. Until that time, shut the f&ck up!

  • bajafox

    Lol! She can beat Cain and Mayweather but she won’t fight Cyborg at 145. Dana has to see the hypocrisy

    • MPA2000

      Are you kidding? Dana IS part of the hypocrisy!

  • Squinty

    I dont get this whole “gina is a legend” crap. She has a handful of fihhts, gets into title fight, gets thrashed and then runs and hides for the next 5 years. Thats what makes a “legend”? Gina was nothing more than the face of a hype train. Thats all.

    • deepgrim

      ah i think and dont quote me on this but ronda got into mma after the judo when she saw carano fight, and saw her as the first person to really open up the door to wmma. not 100 percent sure on this i think i remember reading it a while back

  • Dan DeRizzo

    CYBORG will DESTROY her.I Smell A CHICKEN…..

  • drkdisciple

    She is so full of cr*p! OF course she would fight Carano because its a fight she can win and of course she wont fight Cyborg because she would get destroyed! Since when is Gina a legend? For her straight to video movies?

  • Dan

    What if Rousey would come out and say “I’d go up out of my weight class to make a huge fight with Gina Carano, but not so much to make a fight with a woman who was stripped of her title a few years ago for steroid use”? I don’t think I would have a problem with that…but the posturing that has already occurred isn’t consistent with it, which is a problem.

    • MPA2000

      Even then that would not hold water because the UFC routinely lets guys fight after they have been busted for PEDs or TRT failures: Sonnen and Reem are examples.

  • whitebelt

    Who is Gina Carano again?

    • snapdad

      who cares, ill be watching this fight with a boner

      • GeorgeBlackmore

        you have a rather low-threshold, maybe you need to be in porn??

  • MPA2000

    This makes Cyborg come out looking the victor. Rousey and Dana made plenty of excuses to not face Cyborg at catchweight, specifically because it was a non-title fight.

    But then the exception is made for Gina, (who by the way never said anything about fighting) who hasn’t fought since 2009, when she was destroyed by…wait for it…Cyborg!

    So either Dana and Ronda are liars or cowards for not fighting Cyborg.

  • MPA2000

    When is the MMA media going to confront Rousey about this hypocrisy to fight Gina and not Cyborg.


    Rhonda shouldn’t fight Cyborg. She’s a man you idiots!

  • paul cuzz

    It wouldn’t be a title fight if its not at 135.

  • George Sperry

    Sure she’d go up in weight to fight someone that hasn’t fought fopr 5 years but not Cyborg. That says it all.

    • GeorgeBlackmore

      Rousey needs to be careful gaining weight to fight ANYONE, one need only look at her mother to see that Rousey too, has a cow awaiting her once she drops guard.

    • Tay

      I’m with Ronda on this one. She doesn’t owe Cyborg anything! Cyborg is just recently able to fight again since she was suspended for a year for being on the juice. There’s no reason for Ronda to go out of her way to go up in weight when she’s used to fighting lighter. Especially for someone who doesn’t even have the discipline/integrity to fight drug free!!

  • shakejunt

    translation: “i like getting attention and getting paid.”

  • GeorgeBlackmore

    That will NEVER happen in a hundred years, Carano is much to big a FAT-Å$$ to ever make weight again, quite simply put, Carano is a cow.