Ronda Rousey Would Fight Gina Carano or Cris Cyborg, but Only Wants to Beat Up One

August 16, 2012
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Gina Carano vs Cris Cyborg - StrikeforceStrikeforce bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey hasn’t even set foot in the cage yet with No. 1 challenger Sarah Kaufman and she’s already being questioned about other fights to be made down the road.

Specifically, people want to know whom Rousey would rather fight: Gina Carano or Cris “Cyborg” Santos.

Rousey got to the position she has, however, not by choosing easy opponents, but by beating them, all of them. She knows that defeating either fighter would be good for her resume, so she has no preference in that regard. Rousey does, however, have a personal preference, depending on the intent of the fight.

“I would equally like to fight both of them, but I strongly dislike Cris Cyborg, whereas I really like Gina Carano,” Rousey chimed in on the topic in a recent video chat leading up to Saturday’s showdown with Kaufman.

“If I was to pick which one I would actually want to beat up, I would want to beat up Cris Cyborg the most, whereas I would want just want a win over Gina. She’s a cool chick. I have so much respect for her.”

Currently, a fight with either is a moot point, living in hypothetical land.

Carano has been busy over the past few years chasing her dreams outside of the cage in Hollywood, making feature films. The last time she set foot in the fight arena was a loss to Cyborg three years ago. She hasn’t expressed much interest in making a return any time soon.

Cyborg, on the other hand, is currently riding out a 12-month suspension for testing positive for steroids after her fight with Hiroko Yamanaka last December. She also has been fighting at 145 pounds, barely making the cutoff for that division.

A fight with Cyborg is the more likely of the two to actually take place anytime in the near future, but even that would be difficult to pull off as long as Rousey holds that bantamweight belt and Cyborg is unwilling to cut off an arm to make 135 pounds.

For now, Rousey will remain focused on the task before her, Sarah Kaufmann, at Saturday’s Strikeforce: Rousey vs. Kaufman in San Diego.

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  • WarriorScholar

    Cyborg needs to be banned from women’s mma and go fight Aldo

  • maddawgmar

    Cyborg should have a gender test first. But Rousey has the ability to beat both, but will she? Carano won’t come back, and Cyborg is like fighting a horse.

  • Iamrozylo

    Cyborg could make 135 easily if she quit cranking roids.

  • Mike_Oxafloppin

    Jesus Christ, Cyborg was not, I repeat not, busted for steriods, TRT, or anything along those lines. She tested positive for a diuretic and that’s it. I agree a positive test is a positive test and may have somewhat blemished her legacy but for Ronda to even think she’s in Cyborg’s league is crazy. Rousey couldn’t even hold Cyborg’s sports bra let alone last a single round.

    • Ketsugo_John

      Cyborg tested positive for stanozolol, which is an anabolic steroid. Look it up! And you know not of what you speak again when you say Rousey couldn’t last a round with Cyborg.

      • maddawgmar

        Wow great minds think alike, and at the same time.

    • maddawgmar

      You sir are one hundred percent wrong, Cyborg tested positive for Stanozolol, and that is an anabolic steroid. Plus Rousey is a world class fighter. To say she is not in the same class as Cyborg is ignorant. Not saying she’ll beat Santos, but she is in her league. So how does it taste talking out of your ass.

      • slimjim

        shucks, I actually went through the process to create an account just to post that. but was beaten to it twice. goodjob

  • Iamrozylo

    Jesus Christ!! I repeat!! You can’t get a figure and a voice like that when you’re a female without some sort of steroid or hormone. For you to think otherwise is crazy!!

    • RubeKegal

      agreed, she did get busted though recently.

  • RubeKegal

    Not a Carano fan…I offered to tickle her belly from the inside for free and she declined.

    • macgrubber

      i dont get it

      • smill0313

        Thats because you are a pole smoker, grub.

  • julianmoran

    What an interesting article!
    I really thought R.R. wanted to fight Gina Carano. The idea that she would rather fight Chris Cyborg, never occured to me.

    Who ever writes these articles?

    • Lesnardo

      RR wants none of Cyborg. Cyborg is the only threat to RR and Cyborg has a good chance of giving Ronda a whooping of her life.

      As for Gina, RR can’t stop wanting to be like Gina. She is a cool chick? Ronda, you don’t know either of them. How can you “hate” someone you don’t know and think that someone you equally don’t know is cool?

      • maddawgmar

        With all of the Roids she has been poppin, nobody wants any of her. The stuff she takes makes the stuff Overeem like a protein shake.

      • smill0313

        When did you become such a troll, retardno?

        How the eff would you know who she has met or not. Being a female MMA fighter means she has a great chance of meeting Carrano at any number of events.

  • horaceharter

    Face it. Rousey got a big mouth. And Cyborg got balls. And kaufman is dull. and Meisha Tate got one hell of a honker in the middle of her face.

    • maddawgmar

      What I wouldn’t do with Rouseys mouth.

  • horaceharter

    Kaufman winning this fight destroys woman’s MMA. Destroys it. Rousey is woman’s MMA period.

  • Booker T

    Carano would kick Rousey’s butt.

  • horaceharter

    I think Cyborg is part man and there are some balls stuffed somewhere I think he beats the hell out of Rousey. I mean the dude Cyborg destroys Rousey on her feet and crushes her face in. This fight will never happen.

  • scarface

    rousey is it, thats that and its not gonna change, shes hot, and she kicks ass…..

  • birdable

    rousey lacks everything but submissions entill she gets kos she aint all that and anyways womens mma will always be a question mark