Ronda Rousey vs. Bethe Correia Reportedly Headlines UFC 190

March 19, 2015
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Bethe Correia has been hounding the UFC for a shot at women’s bantamweight chamion Ronda Rousey. Rousey has said that she wants to fight Correia and beat her on the Brazilian’s home turf.

It looks like both women are going to get what they’re asking for.

Brazilian outlet Globo reported on Thursday that the UFC is set to announce Rousey vs. Correia as the headliner for UFC 190, the promotion’s next pay-per-view offering in Brazil, during a press conference on Friday. UFC 190 is slated for Aug. 1 at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro.

Ronda Rousey v Cat Zingano UFC 184 weigh-750Rousey (11-0) is fresh off of her 14-second victory over Cat Zingano at UFC 184 in February, but is taking a break from fighting for the near term. She has a lead role in the upcoming film Mile 22. Setting the fight for Aug. 1, however, would seem to be perfect timing for her schedule.

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Also undefeated, Correia (9-0) has been calling for a shot at Rousey for quite some time. She is on a three-fight winning streak in the UFC, including her two most recent victories being over Rousey teammates Shayna Baszler and Jessamyn Duke.

Another Brazilian news site,, is reporting that the UFC also has plans to put a light heavyweight rematch between Mauricio “Shogun” Rua and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira together on the UFC 190 fight card. The two last fought under the Pride Fighting Championships banner in 2005, when Shogun won a unanimous decision.

Shogun (22-10) is currently in the midst of a coaching role on The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 4 opposite Rogerio’s brother Rodrigo. He would enter the fight on the heels of a two-fight skid, losing back-to-back bouts to Dan Henderson and Ovince St. Preux.

Nogueira (21-6) is coming off of a knockout loss to No. 1 UFC light heavyweight contender Anthony Johnson.

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  • Greg

    Ronda will snap that Brazilians arm clean off

    • Julio

      And that would make me so, SO happy.

  • Shojojack

    Retarded….that chick isn’t in any way, shape, or form on Rousey’s level. But they’ll never give us the only fight worth seeing (Cyborg), so might as well let the UFC do their “hype machine” and convince the casual fan that Beth has a chance, and then we can all just pretend we believed it and act oh so shocked when Rousey kills her in under a minute.

    • Seth

      Worth seeing? I don’t recall Cryborg earning a title shot…or even being UFC fighter to begin with…how do you expect that fight to happen?

      • deepgrim

        joe soto got his title shot from earning it from outside the ufc. rousey has beat all creditable challengers at this stage, cyborg is the fight most fans want to see- most believe she is the one that could beat rousey, if she can prove that she can make 135 for a title shot im sure they will make this fight. im sure it will be in the offing by the end of this year.

        • Seth

          Well…Joe Soto got lucky, because proper challenger was unable to fight a few hours prior to the fight. See the diference here? No one said Soto earned his title shot either. Neither did Chael to fight JBJ.

          Biggest problem with Cryborg is that she only wants one fight in UFC. That’s it. She doesn’t plan to stay at 135 and defend that belt if some unexplainable miracle happens and she somehow wins it. And why UFC would give a title shot to someone who wants to do only one fight in the UFC? If she wants to face Ronda, she has to drop to 135 clean, win a fight or two, depends on timetables, injuries etc and then she can do that, but then she would have to agree to stay in the UFC at 135lbs.

          • earlsimmons

            She doesnt plan to stay in the ufc…. can you please cite where she said this? First it isnt for her to decide if she signs a contract for X fights then she has to. And second even if she only wants one fight who cares? They brought James tony in for one fight. The fans want to see RR vs cyborg. They made other fights happen in the past for some reason not this one. Hmmmmm i wonder why….

          • Seth

            Go to every interview when she says how dangerous it would be for her to make 135 and other excuses on why she won’t fight Rousey.

            You compare apples and oranges here. Let’s say the miracle happens and she somehow wins and leaves after one fight. UFC losses one of their champions and other promotion gains pretty big buzz in media. UFC can’t afford it. They won’t her on long term deal and she doesn’t want to stick around at 135 for longer, because she can’t fight without help of Mr. T in her body and with that in her body, she won’t be able to make 135lbs. And it’s not like Cryborg cares about fans. If she were, she would drop her ass to 135 long time ago to do this, instead she decided to crush some cans in B-League. That shows you all about her and her views on her career. Which…is pretty smart though. She picked less money, but for easier job she can handle. Can’t blame her for that.

          • arnie palmer

            believe it or not there is a limit to how light someone can be and not hurt themselves. if cyborg is 175 in shape before her cut then i would tend to think dropping 40lbs might be just a bit difficult and likely dangerous. Lets not forget rousey fought at 145 in strikeforce and the olympics i believe. that pic of her up top proves she cuts hard to make 135.

          • Seth

            You realize that she is juiced up to the limits, right? All she has to do is drop the help she gets from Mr. T and she would be fine. But I guess she needs it, because without it she can’t win a fight against tomato soup can…

          • deepgrim

            yes that is true, i hear she says she would only ever do 3 fights at 135 max, she said 1 to win invicta title, beat rousey and defend against rousey. the only reason the ufc would be willing is because it will be a massive ppv fight, so many fans want to see it, also the more rousey develops it looks like she will beat cyborg anway so everyone would win. It would definately be the super fight of the women division and there is alot of interest in the fight peiod

          • Seth

            Yeah, but like I said – UFC can’t afford to lose their champion and main female draw, to someone who wouldn’t even stick around in the UFC afterwards. And on top of that – go to other promotion. Buisness-wise its a bad idea, so unless Cryborg realizes it, this fight will never happen.

      • earlsimmons

        LOL new UFC fanboy? Since when does the UFC care about earning a title shot? mat hughes got a title shot after losing to GSP then beat chris lytle and got a rematch with gsp when lytle wasnt even in top 10. AS got back to back fights with weidman. There are a bunch others that make no sense but its all about making money. If RR fights cyborg she will lose and there goes the cash cow for the womens mma. It isnt hard to understand.

        • Don Lee

          She doesn’t have much to worry about with overrated one trick pony Cyborg who has built an inflated record on inferior fighters.

          • lance

            sounds like Rousey if you use your train of thought.

        • Seth

          If you won’t to argument how you don’t have to earn title shots in the UFC use the examples I used here 🙂 Like Chael Sonnen for example. Anderson kinda deserved a rematch for being the best ever and breaking ever UFC record there was, which was related to title runs. So that was silly.

          And as you can see above, I did say you not always earn a shot but Cryborg is in the division that doesn’t even exist in the UFC and she doesn’t want to drop to 135 to challenge for the title. How is that RR or UFCs fault?

          And you are absolutly right about possibility (very, very slim though) that Cryborg somehow wins and UFC losing their big draw. And UFC could live with that, if Cryborg could stay in the UFC and fight at 135 – which Cryborg doesn’t want. She want to go to 135 to fight her and go back to crushing cans at 145 in B-Leagues. And that’s what UFC can’t afford.

  • backkick

    I really think we need to stop watching Ronda “compete”. At this point it’s becoming insulting to fans who own a brain. On another note, I will be fighting Robbie Lawler on this card, should be a very competitive fight!!!! Spend your money!!!!!

    • DamianCross

      Tell us where you hid the bodies, Rory.

  • cheflacsto

    This one is a joke, if Ronda is serious I give it 45 seconds.

  • The Prognosticator

    Ugh…another card I will not be purchasing.

  • TrentSki

    The only fight I watched of her was verse Julie Kedzie and she got a gift decision, the only reason she won because she was moving forward and blocking punches with her face
    She doesn’t stand a chance

  • Who cares

    boring who cares what happen to real fights not this crap

  • Julio

    Seems a little unfair for Beth to have all that free time to train while Ronda will be busy making movies. Oh well, hope Ronda kicks major aaarrzz again.

  • Bob Sacamanto

    The picture of Rhonda above looks like what I would imagine the “bath salt zombie” would look like lol