Ronda Rousey to Coach TUF 18 Opposite Tate/Zingano Winner… But That’s Not All

March 17, 2013
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Ronda Rousey UFC 157 Pre 5-478x270There has been talk over and over again about UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey being a coach on The Ultimate Fighter ever since she arrived in the UFC.

It is no longer a hypothetical as UFC president Dana White on Saturday night’s UFC 158 Prelims on FX broadcast announced that she will indeed coach on TUF 18. He also revealed her opposing coach… well, he narrowed it down to two people anyway.

“I’m gonna announce tonight the coaches for The Ultimate Fighter for the next season,” said White. “It will be Ronda Rousey versus the winner of (Miesha) Tate and (Cat) Zingano, who are fighting at the TUF 17 Finale on April 13.

“So for the first time ever, two women coaches.”

White, however, wasn’t done there. Not only will TUF 18 mark the first time that women have coached on the show, but perhaps more surprisingly, there will also be women in fighter house, as well as men.

“We will have 135-pound men and 135-pound women living and training in the house together,” White declared.

That obviously opens everything up for all kinds of new twists and turns to liven up the reality series.

Open tryouts will be on April 15 in Las Vegas. Tryout details will be released on Monday, March 18. TUF 18 is expected to debut in the fall of 2013.

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  • adam

    money, thats all this is about, white has no idea what he is doing

    • roflmao

      Unlike Adam from the internet that probably runs his friend multi million dollar fight promotion company lol. …..
      move around

    • rapidfire

      say what??

      dana white knows exactly what he is doing with this.

      say what you say about dana white,there’s nobody in the business better than dana white.

      he’s the main reason why MMA even exist today in the U.S. after turmoil in 90s.

    • Right. This is all about money, the guy has no idea what he’s doing. All he cares about is putting money into a business and making more money.

  • fury

    This is ridiculous. Rhonda may have a great armbar but for her to be coaching fighters with the level of MMA she’s displayed is a joke. She has 6 pro fights, she should be one of the fighters in the house being coached.

    • so you are saying with her level in judo that she wouldnt be able to pass that onto other fighters. What about roy nelson and rampage they both have alot of experience but they sucked as coaches.

    • Uh, the head coaches are more like managers. They pick their coaching staff to teach their fighters. It’s not like Rousey is going to teach everyone how to box, she’ll get a coach for that. But expect her to be extremely hands on in the grappling department, you know, since she’s an olympic medalist and all.

      • i hope she usesJudo Gene as one of her coaches. He’s the coolest old guy in Martial Arts and funny. He’d be an awesome coach

        • Humguy

          we’d all love that but he’s pretty f****** old. I think he comes into gokar once in awhile and chokes a few people but I dont know if hes up to or has ever been a full on coach.

    • Somebody got tossed around by Rhonda like a rag doll.

    • Lawdog1521

      Yeah, there’s nothing I could learn from an olympian.

  • Mr. Pink

    if brock lesnar can be a coach than anybody can be a coach. Looks to be the most soap opera version of ultimate fighter yet. lol

    • Humguy

      maybe but this current season is the least soap opera ever and its not due to the coaches,

  • uncle

    Rhonda is sexy

  • mcoope3

    Usually fighters compete at a lower weight class in the UFC than on TUF because its hard to cut weight for a bunch of back-to-back fights in a row with no training camps inbetween. So, what is the UFC going to do with all these future 125lb women after the show?

    • Lawdog1521

      For right now they’re going to learn to fight at 135 or not fight at all. The UFC only has one women’s weight class.

      • mcoope3

        Which will be like Florian at Middleweight, Bisping at LHW, Rashad Evans at Heavyweight, etc. I know what the UFC only has, but if it expects to get more credible challengers at 135 by having a womens 135 TUF, its not, its going to get women who would be best at 125 or 115 if they had time to have proper camps and cut weight.

        • Humguy

          weigh ins on fight night are the obvious solution. If fighters come to fight suffering from cutting then their in the wrong weight class and/or have poor coaching.

          • mcoope3

            The UFC will not endorse weigh-ins on fight night because it will increase the chance of life-threatening injury in the cage from fighters who are still not recovered from the weight cut. Your moral notion that the dead fighter or his coaches would be ‘in the wrong’ will not make a convincing press release for damage control, the UFC wants to avoid a high profile health issue at all costs. I think that on TUF the fighters should only have to make weight for their first fight and for the finale and should get a 10lb cushion on all other fights due to the close timing, and the UFC should get TUF fighters who will really fight in that weight class if they join the UFC.

          • Humguy

            which injuries? googles not helping me.

    • BobLemons

      I’m pretty sure women don’t cut nearly as much weight as men, that s*** can f*** up their lady parts…

  • Mark

    Men and women in the same house? I smell some sexual tensions brewing.

    • Maddawgmar

      Unless the women are manlier than the men.

  • Cereal Killer

    I’m so sick and tired of Ronda Rousey! Look at the right side of your screen right now. It’s all Ronda Rousey! This will be the first TUF that I will not watch.

    • Humguy

      not if you have adblock. How can you get sick of amazing skill and hotness are you a homosexual non-fight fan?

      • Cereal Killer

        F uck you douche bag.

  • diazfan209

    i’ll watch this TUF, for sure!!! Jersey Shore much?

  • Mark McDowall

    Hasn’t Rousey been forced upon us enough? How much more media attention did Rousey vs Carmouche get as opposed to GSP/Diaz? Now she’s coaching TUF…where they are going to have men and women in the same house? Thats not a recipe for disaster now is it…

    • Maddawgmar

      GSP/Diaz sells their own tickets. Not much promotion was needed. Rousey being new needed more promotion. When she grows into the kind of star as a GSP or A. Silva, you’ll see less promotion.

  • Jason Decipher

    Another moment in history will be made as it will also feature the first child or even children conceived on the TUF


    Funny how Rousey fought at 145lbs till Cyborg destroyed Carano in one round and Rhoda lost some quick 10 pounds to avoid Cyborg.

    • TSE2007

      Carano vs Cyborg happened before Ronda even started mma dumbass

      • huntingmark

        lol at Joe Shine.

        Carano vs Cyborg was before Ronda..

  • RonnieV

    So does the UFC just hand him a tax free check? I doubt it? He owns a house, who knows, he may get money back.

  • Kate

    I honestly hope to see Michelle Waterson in the house. That would be awesome

  • huntingmark

    Ronda was such a cool girl before. What is up with that arrogant grin?

    I am not sure what she wants to accomplish (maybe fame and money) but as of late she is coming off as a douche.

    Seriously, telling people that it is “because of how [she] looks” that she is getting the media coverage, and calling out Cyborg in the way she did…I mean….you gotta stop.

    Carry yourself like a champion. I am starting to group her with Brock Lesnar.

    Of the former UFC champs, I would rate the arrogance/douchenss as follows:

    1. Tito Ortiz. In his own class of garbage
    2. Frank Mir / Tim Sylvia. One is arrogant in a sly way and the other is just nonstop talk.
    3. Brock Lesnar / Ronda Rousey. Enough with the antics. Stop trying to turn MMA into WWE!!

    When Tito, Mir, Sylvia, and Lesnar got the beating they asked for, fans put them down so much. Ronda is begging for the same thing by the way she is acting.


    Not going to watch. This is a mockery to the sport


    i would let her sit on my face

  • big fan

    Ronda Rousey is one of the best martial artist that I have seen in the U.F.C. and I consider to be a judo master watch your limbs laidies