Ronda Rousey Taps Out Miesha Tate (Fight Video)

March 4, 2012
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If you missed the showdown between Strikeforce bantamweight champion Miesha Tate and challenger Ronda Rousey at Strikeforce: Tate vs. Rousey on Saturday night, you owe it to yourself to watch the following highlight reel from Showtime. It shows the majority of their fight, including the bone breaking finish.

  • alhmiel

    Rousey good for the sport. Tate got a goose honker nose and is average looking. Sara Kaufman is plain ugly and boring. Rousey is the real deal and appealing.

    • kjs84

      Rousy is disrespectfull and arrogant… And has man shoulders… Idk I was pulling for Tate…

    • smill0313

      So are male fighters only good for the sport if you find them attractive? Less fans like you would be good for the sport.

  • alhmiel

    if woman are fighting and want an audience they have to be appealing-Carano-Tate-Rousey-Davis. Sara kaufman is hard to look at and would destroy womans MMA if champ. as would the man cyborg.

    • lowlb

      Are you middle eastern, painfully stupid or both? This is a sport idiot, not a beauty contest. I blame your mother and father for your incredible stupidity.

      • Dont take it personally. I think people who are playing up the looks thing is really just talking about helping grow the sport. Just like attractive male basketball and foot ball players typically become the mouthpiece of their sport. (i.e. tom brady, jordan, kobe, etc). It only works when combined with the skills to back it up. But lets face the truth womens mma isnt as popular as mens mma yet, and the talent pool is smaller, but growing. An attractive star WILL garner more interest in the sport from new fans or casual fans. Heck, think about Oscar De La Hoya, great boxer, but not the best. He commanded higher purses than even the champions who beat him. Why? Because he brought a lot more fans to the table for every ppv fight card. Used his pretty boy image to his advantage.

      • alhmiel

        if I wanted your opinion I would beat out of you personally. sap wimp.

  • alhmiel

    Looks and talent will carry woman’s MMA. Rousey has both as does T ate. Sara kaufman as champ will destroy the woman. no looks dull and plain boring kaufman is terrible. Rousey is the future. Kaufman destroys the sport.

  • Anthony

    I remember the same conversation regarding womens bodybuilding–its not fair to athletic women, but seems like sex appeal predicts sucess better than talent –I get that–I wont say I agree with it, but it is what it is–that said ,Rousey has it all. Id kill to see her fight Cyborg(I dont care about the juice–I wanna see that fight)

  • The fact that most comments in these threads are about their looks shows that women’s MMA is a joke.

    Do you guys also love to watch women’s tennis and volleyball and softball? Those sports are really blowing up right now because of the hot chicks…

  • alhmiel

    Ronda Rousey: $32,000 (includes $17,000 win bonus)
    def. Miesha Tate: $19,000 cannot stop laughing

  • alhmiel

    Sara Kaufman was suspended for being too plain dull and milky and boring. Strikeforce is sending Sara out for a complete makeover which would take years. don’t they have dentists in Canada? braces? Tanning booths?

  • KBEsq

    I think I’m going to use Tax Slayer to do my taxes this year.