Ronda Rousey Talks UFC Debut, GSP on Women’s MMA, Sex Before Fighting, and Zombies

November 29, 2012
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Ronda Rousey StrikeforceThe MMA world has been buzzing ever since Ronda Rousey was announced as the first ever woman to sign with the UFC.

Over the last year, Rousey has quickly become one of the sport’s biggest stars and now that she’s in the UFC that star power will only grow. The newest addition to the list of champions in the Octagon hadn’t done any interviews about her new UFC deal until Wednesday night when she appeared on Jim Rome’s new sports program on Showtime.

Of course, the major point of interest for Rousey’s appearance was her new UFC contract, which marks the first time the promotion has ever signed a female fighter, and now the entire bantamweight division will join its champion in the Octagon in 2013.

Ronda Rouse on UFC Signing

Rousey was obviously excited by the opportunity to sign on with the UFC, but inking a contract is only the start for the work she believes is still ahead for her.

“There’s so much more that I want to do, that like once it happened I was like ‘yes this is amazing!’ And then right after I’m like now I have to fight, now I have to do this, so I’m very, very excited, but I really didn’t spend that much time dwelling on it because there’s so many more things that I have to get done now that that’s happened,” Rousey stated.

“I need to prepare for my fight coming up. I can’t just sit around and do a little dance about getting signed, I’ve got to win my fight.”

The fight Rousey is talking about hasn’t been announced yet, but it appears there are initial signs that something could be coming very soon. A few names have been rumored as Rousey’s potential first opponent with fellow Strikeforce transfer Liz Carmouche leading the way as a possible candidate.

No matter who the fighter ends up being, Rousey knows that the initial celebration about signing and being the first woman in the UFC doesn’t really matter much if she doesn’t go out and perform in her bout.

Rousey Addresses Georges St-Pierre’s Recent Comments on Women’s MMA

“It’s good for her,” UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre recently said about Rousey’s arrival in the organization. “I’m happy for the girls that fight, but me personally, I have a hard time watching the girls fight. It’s the way I grew up maybe, the mentality, I’m different, I’m old school, but I have a hard time watching girls fighting. It’s hard for me.”

St-Pierre’s comments were met with some harsh criticism by many of the female fighters who took offense to his statement that he was not a fan of women’s MMA.

Count Rousey among them because she was not a fan of St-Pierre’s remarks and believes they are akin to boxing fans who sometimes discount mixed martial arts without really appreciating what goes into the sport.

“Initially the way that he said it, it reminds me a lot like when you listen to boxing fans that are like ‘oh, the MMA fighters, they’re good athletes, and they’re talented and good for them, but I can’t stand to see guys humping on the ground like that, it’s not a real man’s sport, good for them that they make money’ that kind of prejudice against it,” Rousey stated.

“He seems to have very much that same kind of prejudice towards women in MMA, and he said it as tactfully as possible, that doesn’t make it a tactful thing to say.”

Based on her initial response via Twitter, Rousey says she found herself in the crosshairs of some strong criticism, but she’s not backing down from standing up for women’s MMA, whether it’s Georges St-Pierre or anyone else making the comments.

“People were getting mad at me for being, like, that’s wrong. But if there’s an absence of debate, I think that just pretty much means acceptance of it,” said Rousey. “These girls when they go out to fight, they’re pouring their hearts out, they deserve to be celebrated and not just merely tolerated.”

Rousey Talks About “Abstaining” from Sex Before a Fight

There’s an old ideology in sports that you shouldn’t engage in sex for a certain amount of time leading up to competition.

Some boxers say they abstain from any sex for six weeks leading up to a contest, and the mythology has been studied by different doctors with some supporting the claim and other shooting it down as not backed up by biological fact.

For her part, Rousey goes in the opposite direction because she’s a woman.

“For girls, it raises your testosterone, so I try to have as much sex as possible before I fight, actually. Not with like everybody. I don’t put out like a Craigslist ad or anything, but if I got a steady I’m going to be like ‘yo, fight time’s coming up,'” Rousey said with a laugh.

She went on to point out that there have been studies done that show men who abstain for months leading up to a fight, the practice can actually backfire in their physical readiness for competition.

But there are always drawbacks, as Rousey put it bluntly, “You can’t (expletive) somebody and go fight that day.”

Rousey on Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Rome asked Rousey a varied number of questions during her time on the show, and she addressed them all point blank and with honest, candid responses. Rousey talked about her desire to punch Kim Kardashian in the face, and a few other topics, but none quite as interesting as what she would do in the face of a zombie apocalypse.

“(Expletive) houseboats. Houseboats,” Rousey said when asked where she would go.

“It depends on the kinds of zombies you’re dealing with, if you have slow, all the time slow daytime zombies or you could have sprinting fast nighttime zombies, like in 28 Days Later, so it would kind of really depend. I would lean more towards houseboats if it was sprinting nighttime zombies cause then you could just go out at night and just come back and chill during the daytime, just live on a boat. It would be cool.”

Stay tuned to for all the latest UFC news and updates.

  • JDM

    GSP deserves no lip from Ronda or any other womans mma fan. He has an opinion and that is A ok. My opinion is that womans MMA is boring much like womans basketball or womans hockey. Theres the odd exception tho. Im not trying to be rude or ignorant its just my opinion. Im not saying they shouldnt be able to fight or anything like that. All im saying is that I dont care to watch and wouldnt spend money on it. Nothing wrong with liking what you like. My honest guess that we will see a few one off womans fights and then when its not making money it will get scrapped. You cant get mad at someone for not liking the same things as you. I wonder if pro bowlers or dart players get mad when noone watches?

    • flyingphonebooth

      Yeah, people have opinions. Sometimes they have stupid, tactless opinions. And when they are public figures saying those stupid, tactless opinions on camera they deserved to be called on it. Seriously, the dude is one of the biggest names in the profession and if he can’t overcome his sexist prejudices he can keep them to himself. All he’s done is validate other people’s sexist prejudices.

      • Guest

        It was neither tactless or stupid – You’re reading way too much into it – He didn’t say that female fighters didn’t deserve to be in the octagon or that their fights were boring or unskilled, merely that he personally has an adverse reaction to watching women get beat up – He also went on to say he’s sure it’s just “old school” thinking hardwired into his brain but it’s there and there’s nothing he can do about it. If GSP does not enjoy watching women get beat up than he has a right to say so, and more to the point, there’s nothing wrong or tactless with him saying it. I’m sure you think it’s just horrifically sexist of him to not spend a week locked in a room watching women on women violence to desensitize himself from his innate emotional response but personally, I think it’s just common sense to simply not watch it. My friend’s wife has a very hardwired “yuck” reaction to gory horror films. He didn’t insist she get over it because she’s missing out; he just doesn’t watch them around her.

        It’s a silly world when people get lambasted for giving an honest, harmless opinion.

        • flyingphonebooth

          A brand new division is just starting in the UFC and one of the biggest names in the sport tells UFC fans he’s not going to be watching it? That is pretty much the definition of tactless and stupid. Again, I am not disputing GSP’s right to say stupid things, I am just saying he gets to be held accountable for those things. And there is nothing harmless about a sexist opinion, especially from respected influential public figures. Oh, claiming your sexism is hardwired is absolutely no excuse for it. That’s even worse- it implies you are not willing to even try and change it.

          • kristyahn

            You are such an idiot!!! STFU loser, he says he finds it hard to watch females getting hit/hurt, how’s that a bad thing? He never said they don’t deserve it, he didn’t say they weren’t skilled enough, he didn’t even say he wouldn’t watch or support them, he said he found it hard to watch girls fight, as do I and most men. It’s just the way society is, never said they weren’t good enough or that they don’t deserve to be in the UFC, it’s just hard to watch, bc of the way I was brought up. It’s really that simple. Apparently something so simple, makes you confused and then you continue to make yourself look like a complete f-ING idiot. Maybe it’s all those punches to the head, that’s making you not see the simplicity of GSPs comment. Why make something out of nothing? You like Rousey and Tate and your moronic comments are hurting women MMA, and not GSP who finds it hard to watch bc he doesn’t like watching women punch each other ……. Wow what a jerk, the nerve …. Wink wink. You are an idiot, just stop talking & make me a sandwich.

          • flyingphonebooth

            Ahahaha, god, did you actually consider a word of that before typing it? It’s not sexist because that’s the way society is? My comments are hurting women’s mma!! Blah blah, you’re an idiot, blah blah, make me a sammich- I think it’s just adorable you bothered to spell check that nonsense. Talk to me when you grow up, dude.

        • sen

          Just as GSP has a right to say what he said, and i would fight for him to continue to say things like that, if someone disagrees with him, they has a much of a right to do so publicly. Both sides are necessary for a conversation.

          • flyingphonebooth

            Not every topic is worthy of a conversation. To be clear, GSP isn’t claiming women lack athleticism, he is flat out saying he doesn’t like to see them hit each other because they are women. What if GSP didn’t like to see black people fighting? Should we open that to a conversation? Um, no, because we have come to a point where we can identify racism and know it is unacceptable. It’s not up for debate. The same should be true for sexism.

          • Q

            Sexism is the belief that one sex is in some way inferior to the other. There is nothing that GSP said that qualifies as that, unless you are reading things into it. He simply stated his preference: He doesn’t like seing women being hurt. And the fact is, women ARE in general physically weaker and more fragile than men, and his sentiments come from the old adage “you never hit a girl”. Which, funnily enough, no one argues with, not even feminists.

          • flyingphonebooth

            Sexism is a lot more complicated than that. GSP is guilty of benevolent sexism, which is as detrimental to women fighters as any sexist beliefs. And ‘feminists’ are a large and varied group of people with many different opinions, and I’m sure you’ll find that there are people who might argue with that. I sure do- it’d be hard to spar if none of my sparring partners would hit me.

          • Johnnie M

            you sir are a perfect example of far too many members of society today: Too stupid or too ignorant to interpret and understand a very basic statement and trivial statement. I imagine you are just secretly angry because you want ol’ GSP to give it to you and you can’t have it. It’s ok someone else will come along for you im sure

      • JDM

        Im glad you got 0 likes for your comment. How is what GSP said sexist? He never said they should not be allowed to fight. He more or leas said he doesnt care for it. Do you watch womans bowling? No? Omg your sexist! Do you watch gaelic football? No? Holy **** you hate the Irish too! See where Im going with this? GSP was asked a question and he gave an honest answer. He doesnt wanna watch womans MMA and neither do I.

        • flyingphonebooth

          ****, dude, I explained how his reasons for not wanting to watch women’s mma are different from your average person who just doesn’t find it entertaining a million times already. He doesn’t want to watch them because girls hitting girls clash with his old fashioned principles, not because he finds it boring. If you didn’t want to watch gaelic football because the irish are drunken thieves (or whatever) then it would be racist. If you just don’t like gaelic football, then it’s not racist. Holy ****, do you people need a flow chart or something?

          • Darkhorse1234

            not wanting to see women get hurt is a feeling, not a principle. It is innate, evan in young boys. we would live in a dark world if this was not the case. however, they choos e to do this. So GSP should learn to not like watching because the females will be substandard, as they are taken from a much smaller pool of fighters.

      • Milosc

        He was asked a question, and answered it

        Take the man for who he is (or try and sell him a better argument). You can’t force people what to think

        • flyingphonebooth

          No, you can’t force people not to say ridiculous things. You can call them on it when they do, though.

          • Duxan1

            And what is ridiculous about what he said? I don’t like watching women beat up each other. Is that ridiculous? I am sure there is some sports that you don’t enjoy watching. Does that make your taste ridiculous? Grow up already.

          • flyingphonebooth

            In this day and age, for a person to be so willfully ignorant as to cite ‘old school beliefs’ as his reason for not watching women’s mma, ESPECIALLY as one of the most respected mma fighters in the ufc- that is beyond ridiculous. Seriously. And grow up? Are you just throwing out random bits of condescending advice?

    • Mary

      Dana White told reporters today that this is the most popular fight he has ever held and that he made a LOT of money off of it so far.

  • Timothy Malone

    Her analogy between what GSP said and what boxers say about MMA is nonsensical. How is saying you were raised to not believe women should fight the same as saying MMA fighters just lay on each other? She makes no sense whatsoever with that comparison.

  • Yannick Messaoud

    I did not know that Rousey had a college degree in stupidity

  • ACM

    My interpretation of what GSP said is not that he thinks women’s fighting is boring or not good; just that he personally finds it difficult to watch women “beating each other up”.

    • jiblets

      This is exactly what I thought when I read that too so you are not alone

    • Kristyahn

      My thoughts exactly, how can she and Tate even think he’s talking -ve about them or women fighters?!? Not once did he say anything bad or disrespectful, he’s like most guys, I find it hard to watch sometimes when a beautiful gal gets her face broken & it’s hard to watch them bleeding all over the place. How’s that disrespectful or -ve towards women fighting?!? Maybe Tate and Rousey should learn how to read, bc they’re clearly complaining about NOTHING. Though, Rousey does train with the Diazs, so it’s no surprise to see that Rousey did not understand/comprehend a simple explanation. Hey Rousey, maybe a little less time around the Diazs will bring your common sense backto normal, rather than in make believe land. Dummy!

    • sunshipballoons

      clearly not what he meant. how do you explain the “way I grew up” part of it?

  • Maddawgmar

    Wow she loves being plowed before a fight. Nice I’ll volunteer.

  • Kryton

    Dana talking about Women “headlining” events, and female coaches coaching male fighters (women teaching men how to fight) is absolutely ridiculous. It’s a man’s sport. Women can fight if they want, but having a women’s bout as the main event is too far

    • flyingphonebooth

      Next we’ll be voting and stealing men’s jobs. Seriously, dude, the 50’s miss you- get in your time machine and go home.

  • KT1

    I’m with GSP on this, doesn’t matter how talented they are, there is just something I can’t watch about women fighting.

  • TimS

    Re the GSP comments, I used to feel EXACTLY the same way. Something about violence involving women was just too hard to watch for me. Then I saw some women’s MMA fights and completely changed my viewpoint. They make exciting fights. Gina’s fights were always awesome, and no the same with Ronda. Looking forward to seeing her in the octagon! But I know where Georges is coming from.

    • jill

      Agree with Tim. Most people who have that opinion about women fighting have not watched many good female fights. Women are getting more skilled and have more heart than the guys. When you do watch enough good female fights, you get hooked. Of course everyone is entitled to their opinions, but it’s better to fully explore something to make an opinion than to just make one with little knowledge.

      • Kris tyahn

        Exactly, I’m sure GSP has watched and seen more women MMA fights than you or that moron in the PHONEBOOTH. He watched and finds it hard to watch women punch each other, how’s that a bad thing. The guys is like most guys, I don’t like watching beautiful women get punched or hurt, that has NOTHING to do with their skill or rights to fight. I just if d it hard to watch sometimes, it’s the way I am. It would be completely different if GSP said women weren’t good enough or thy didn’t deserve to be in the UFC, but he didn’t, not even close to that. He’s a gentleman and does not like watching women fight. How’s that a bad thing? I bet if GSP said I love when women beat the **** out of each other and when they are bleeding like a waterfall etc. you d be calling him a pig, a jerk this and that. Haters will hate regardless of what he says.

        • flyingphonebooth

          Oh, did someone say my name? Blah blah, saw more women’s fights than phonebooth (based on the opposite of what gsp said) blah blah, the sun shines out of his ass- look, dude, you are the reason GSP’s comments are harmful- people see someone they admire say something about a subject they have some negative opinions on, they play follow the leader. GSP’s opinion isn’t the problem. It’s his influence and how he has chosen to use it, or ignore it.

  • TimS

    Re the GSP comments, I used to feel EXACTLY the same way. Something about violence involving women was just too hard to watch for me. Then I saw some women’s MMA fights and completely changed my viewpoint. They make exciting fights. Gina’s fights were always awesome, and now the same with Ronda. Looking forward to seeing her in the octagon! But I know where Georges is coming from.

  • disqus_1vlWNfdPOM

    What people seem to have missed is that the Zombie Apocalypse has already happened. Most of society is a bunch of overweight, mindless zombies, watching American Idol and Monday Night Football, repeating what they heard on TV, buying the things that are advertised on TV…

    Physical and mental health of society in general couldn’t get much lower. The zombie apocalypse has already happened, and the zombies won.

    • GoNoles

      yea cuz enjoying a popular sport like football which majority of the country has played is a zombie right? get the hell outta here with that and let me ask you something, you dont have anything you have seen on t.v.? so your telling me you never drank a sprite or pepsi or something? i call bull**** once again

      • sirdan357

        Yeah, they are actually. Idolizing overpaid athletes that don’t give a sh!t about you because they can run and throw a ball around is kind of moronic.

  • MuayThaiFood

    I think Rhonda’s comparison of GSP’s comments on women’s mma to a boxer’s comments on mma is a very bad one. I would say a better comparison would be a person who does not like watching any form of fighting commenting on mma. It wouldn’t matter how educated or how much that person watched it you aren’t going to get them to like it. It’s not like GSP is making his comments out of ignorance. He knows exactly whats up with women’s mma. He can appreciate the skill and individual talent these women fighters have he just doesn’t want to watch it.

    I think what Rhonda and Miesha are doing is reverse sexism. It is their comments that are totally out of line in my opinion. If the women were thrown into the men’s division and GSP said he had no desire to see Jose Aldo break Rhonda’s nose do you think anyone would fault him then?

    Whether it’s a boxer’s view on mma or GSP’s on women’s mma it really shouldn’t matter. Everyone has their own tastes and interests and just because someone else’s don’t mirror your own you should be mature enough and secure enough to be ok with that. Grow up girls or I’m going to start a petition to throw you into the ring with Aldo….and I might even buy that PPV.

    • flyingphonebooth

      No, GSP is ‘doing’ straight sexism. He has openly admitted he doesn’t like seeing women fight because they are women. And he says this comes from an old, outdated mindset. This is the mindset that women, especially women in the fighting world, have been struggling to overcome for years. I don’t need to catalogue all the ways women are deterred from entering MMA, it’s pretty clear. But for one of the biggest names to openly state he is unwilling to overcome his sexist prejudices to support these struggling athletes validates the sexist prejudices of other MMA fans. Way to role model, GSP.

      • kyle

        not at all. especially if you have a daughter, mother, sister, cousin or anyone female family or even friend who has been beaten viciously. Males naturally feel protective of women, it is a genetic thing, and for a lot of men even if it is 2 women beating each other it isn’t fun to see a woman’s face all black and blue. Women are physically weaker and comparing it to watching black people fight is ridiculous as science doesn’t back up a difference between the 2.

        • flyingphonebooth

          I’m not sure what kind of science you are citing there, but unless there is data to support your ‘science’, then I suspect you are just couching your sexist beliefs in pseudo-scientific terms (and not particularly sophisticated terms, either). People have been using pseudo-science to excuse their prejudices for years- you really ought to take a glance at the mountains of ‘scientific’ research done to prove people of colour had naturally lower IQ’s than white people. You may not like seeing women hitting each other, but it’s not because you are genetically predisposed to dislike it, it’s because you’re sexist. You should really try and overcome that.

          • kyle

            You are obviously an idiot. A woman can’t put on as much muscle or be as strongn scientifically because they carry more a higher % of fat. You really obviously know **** abut science if that is arguable to you. This isn’t sexism you idiot, it is the same way women naturally have a nurturing side to them, males have a protective side. I’m a sexist? I watch women fight cuz I enjoy it. But you seem to not be able to understand a different mind state, you are an ignorant tool who only thinks you are right when you aren’t even an intelligent person.

          • flyingphonebooth

            Oh my, are you self destructing? Look, Dr. Science, if you know of real scholarly peer reviewed articles that show actual physical evidence that men are genetically predisposed to protect women, then please, by all means, present some (and explain rape, domestic violence, and murder while you’re at it). But if you are doing what it looks like you are doing- misinterpreting some poorly evidenced evo-psych babble- then maybe you ought to step back a bit, reconsider your opinions, possibly take a break from all this sounding like a moron you’ve been doing. If you’re going to cite Science, then maybe you ought to, you know, actually look at some data. And who was disputing the muscle to body fat ratio difference in men and women? It’s not relevant to what GSP said or this discussion, unless GSP doesn’t like to watch women fight because they’re too buoyant.

          • Kyle

            The same way some women kill babies. Genetic freaks that we are seeing more and more of. Lots of men are in poor stituations that **** them up. Men also can be protective of their female companion and children because their are the dominant warrior species. It isn’t 100%, it has more to do how you were raised now days. but I said woman were weaker and i thought you were debating that as well. This whole using sexism as a crutch when someone disagrees with you is disgusting so I got angry but I did go to far in some of the post. GSP doesn’t like seeing women bruised up. Do I hate animals cuz i Hate dog fighting?

          • flyingphonebooth

            That’s a lot of genetic freaks to account for, and all without any actual evidence of this genetic urge to protect women. If you’re not going to provide any physical evidence to support what you’re saying, then you can pretty much make up what you want, and those things usually confirm your own prejudices. People get angry, and I’m being blunt so it’s not pleasant to read, but let me be clear here- I don’t think GSP hates women, and I suspect he thinks his distaste for watching them fight comes from a good place. I get that, but it’s frustrating because that’s a form of sexism as well- these women have been working so very hard to get to the point they are at and have made the decision to accept the dangers in the ring. But, because of some old fashioned ideas, GSP has openly said he isn’t going to be watching them do what they love to do. GSP, class act, one of the biggest names in their sport- he pretty much said he’s not tuning in. That is a kick in the crotch for women’s mma, and a really frustrating one at that- these people are fighters, their gender doesn’t define them.

          • Brent

            I respect where you are coming from as you are clearly a woman. However, they asked GSP’s opinion and he gave his honest opinion. It turned out to be controversial and he could have answered it more PC, but at least he was honest. There’s something to be said for that as GSP is a class act. I happen to love watching the women fight and love Rousey in particular. He would be sexist if he said women don’t belong in the ring. He didn’t say that. He said he didn’t like to watch.

          • flyingphonebooth

            There is something in that, and he tried to couch it in the most diplomatic way possible, but at the end of the day one of the most respected fighters in the UFC said he would not be watching women’s fights because he just feels bad when women hit each other. Meanwhile, these women have been training and trying and bleeding for this chance. His honest opinion is patronizing. That has an effect on women fighters, especially since their jobs are in constant jeopardy. I’m sure he is a good person who means very well, but that doesn’t mean he is beyond criticism. If one of the most popular people in your sport is essentially boycotting your division just as it’s first made, you have a responsibility to speak up. You know what- maybe he ought to speak up and say he’s giving it a shot.

          • really?

            how the **** is that anything like “boycotting”

          • flyingphonebooth

            You know how when you disagree with something you refuse to use your purchasing power to support it? In that way it is like boycotting.

      • MuayThaiFood

        You can’t just disagree, you have to have everyone else agree with you. You voted down my comment and I didn’t respond in kind. No need for further comment.

        • flyingphonebooth

          Tell you what- you decide when you comment and I decide when I comment. And while I highly doubt anyone’s dearly held prejudices are going to be changed here, I feel pretty strongly about this subject and I am prepared to say exactly why certain posters are wrong. At length.

          • jimbobbilly

            but you haven’t. All you do is cry sexism and hide behind that weakly made argument. He doesn’t enjoy seeing women get beat up. When Bryan Caraway said he would beat knock Ronda’s teeth out if she wanted to act like a man. All her fans cried sexism and what a douche he was. So which is it? treat them as equals like Caraway or treat them like flowers like GSP. Can’t have both.

          • flyingphonebooth

            If the argument is weak feel free to refute it. Further, the sexist thing Caraway said wasn’t he’d bash Ronda’s teeth in- it makes sense for one fighter to say that to another. The sexist bit was where he said no woman could beat a man ever. And then Tate backed him up. Then I bought a Ronda hat.

          • billyboy

            I’m fairly sure he meant a a pro UFC fighter. Not a guy off the street. I agree Rousey couldn’t beat any male in the UFC.

          • flyingphonebooth

            Eh, debatable- she certainly can’t beat the top level guys, and she doesn’t have the experience you get from having high level competition. If he were saying ‘I can beat Ronda’, then fantastic. But what he said was she needed to know her place. And then Tate backed him up with no man can beat a woman. Yup, that’s sexist. Take it up with Cyborg.

          • bitchbobsillypants

            Cyborg injects testosterone to make her into a man. Really bad example of someone to represent women. Obviously Tate doesn’t believe that she couldn’t beat up an untrained male, you are taking his words to litteral although he said a women can’t “compete” with a man so usually a competition is MMA. He trains with Tate so I’m sure he has seen her beat men.

          • flyingphonebooth

            Ah yeah, because no man has ever taken steroids? Are they manlier for taking them? How many men have taken steroids in the history of the UFC and what kind of flak did they get compared to Cyborg. I genuinely don’t know what you’re trying to say with the second part of your statement- you think Tate could make it in the men’s division? I don’t. She’s not powerful enough. If she were cutting weight like Rousey, she’d be a weight class below her.

          • noshitsherlock

            No she couldn’t. But low level men she trains with sure. Testostorone makes is a male thing, her clit grows into something that looks like a penis from it. TRT just reverts male to a more youthful state when older fighters take it, women should never be anything like cyborg. She isn’t a female anymore.

          • flyingphonebooth

            Wow, please never practice medicine. Or try to form opinions on biological sex.

          • billyboy

            Unless you believe women & men should compete, if you think Rousey should be in the Banatamweight division with Caraway, Faber, Barao & Cruz then I don’t know what you disagree with what he said. Competing with men, not defending from a mugger.

      • Tyme_5

        So you would prefer that GSP be a better role model and lie his ass off so that he can be politically correct like you want him to be instead of being honest and just telling it like he saw it? Damn dude….He doesn’t like Women’s MMA and he doesn’t have to. He isn’t a sexist, or an oppressor, or any other type of label you want to put on him.

        • flyingphonebooth

          Dude, he is clearly sexist by his own admission- it’s not their athleticism he takes issue with, it’s their gender and the fact they’re hitting each other. And, yeah, if you absolutely cannot bring yourself to re-examine your sexist beliefs and you have a fan base that looks up to you, go ahead and lie. Or just, you know, shut up about it. I’m not sure when trying not to be racist or sexist or homophobic or, as you put it ‘politically correct’ started to be treated with disdain- it should be common sense, really. Either don’t be a bigot or keep your bigotry to yourself.

          • Tyme_5

            In other words, if someone doesn’t agree with you, they should just shut up. Gotcha.

          • flyingphonebooth

            No, dude, if you have something bigoted to say you should shut up. Obviously.

          • Tyme_5

            And let me guess, you are the judge of what is considered bigotry or sexism, right?

          • flyingphonebooth

            Um, no. If I’m not around to read gsp’s sexist comments, they continue to be sexist without me. This is true of all sexist and bigoted things.

          • Tyme_5

            That’s just the thing though isn’t it? We don’t agree about what those words mean. Your attempt “educate” everyone on this forum about what you think they mean is nothing but arrogance.

          • flyingphonebooth

            Oh I am not interested in educating you- you’re responsible for your own education. But as far as what sexism is, in its most basic form it’s not really debatable. Is GSP discriminating against a group of people on the basis of their gender? Yes! Textbook sexism. I could further point out that he has no argument with the athletic ability of these women-he has said as much- but I don’t really need to. Basically if you don’t see this as sexism you probably have problems with the meanings of words in general.

          • Tyme_5

            Obviously you are interested in it or you would shut up about it. So **** you, you arrogant troll. I don’t have any trouble with the meaning of those words.

          • flyingphonebooth

            Really? What’s benevolent sexism, then?

          • Tyme_5

            Geezes, you really are a conceited POS, aren’t you? I’m not going to start defining words for you just so you can disagree with what I say regardless of whether I am right or wrong. Now **** off and go annoy someone else, troll. Shouldn’t be hard for someone of your trolling ability. I’m not playing this game with you anymore.

          • flyingphonebooth

            Yeah, that’s what I thought. You know, if you’re so convinced I am a
            troll, maybe you ought to stop replying? But, well, since I am also
            right I guess that makes it a bit tough for you to let it go. Kay,
            toddle off and sulk now!

          • Tyme_5

            Keep insulting me. I’m not the one it makes look bad.

          • flyingphonebooth

            Ugh, way to lose track of the subject at hand- why not let me worry about how badly I look and possibly stick to talking about gsp’s ridiculous comments. Or, you know, stop talking.

          • Tyme_5

            Lol……I guess insulting me had something to do with GSP…..

          • flyingphonebooth

            Were you talking about GSP when you felt I insulted you? About sexism in general?

          • Tyme_5

            I was talking about it until your arrogance and conceit became to much not to say something about. You act like you can say any condescending thing you want to someone and then bitch about someone changing the subject when they say something back. All you are doing is trying to piss people off.

          • flyingphonebooth

            Ah yes, I distracted you with my blinding arrogance. Hey, if you hold that GSP can say something genuinely damaging on camera because it’s his opinion, it’s pretty hypocritical of you to condemn one lone internet commentator who no one knows for voicing her opinion. All that is beside the fact- dude, hate me or not, that doesn’t make me any less correct. GsP was being sexist and it sucks for women mma fighters. Now go cry about it or something, you’re getting boring.

          • Tyme_5

            So you are allowed to be an arrogant bitch to everyone as long as you THINK you are correct? And I’m not condemning you for having an opinion. There are a handful of people on here that disagree with GSP as well, but I haven’t said a word to them because they know how to voice their opinion without being an ass while saying it. Its possible to argue without being a jerk. You obviously have never learned how to do that.

          • flyingphonebooth

            Everyone’s allowed to be an arrogant bitch, just like people are allowed to be butthurt whiners- like yourself! I identify more strongly with being correct. I give as good as I get with the being an ass thing- I said what I thought about gsp, people got insulting, I got fighty. It happens. Anyway, all of these responses are because I hurt your feelings or something? You truly don’t care whether gsp was sexist or not? Seriously, dude, go troll Jezebel or something.

          • Tyme_5

            I’m allowed to respond as many times as you are. Don’t be a hypocrite. And as far as giving as good as you got, you have been far more of an ass than anyone else, and you were doing it before anyone else, so don’t act like you were just defending yourself when you started it to begin with. You didn’t get fighty. You started off condescending and bitchy, and I’m guessing from your last response, that was completely on purpose. Call me a whiner if you want. That’s probably what you call everyone who doesn’t agree with you, so it doesn’t really matter. And if GSP was being sexist, I would care. He wasn’t, so there is nothing to care about here.

          • flyingphonebooth

            Oh I was just giving some friendly advice- you really don’t appear to be having fun at all. And you never really bothered to explain your special definition of the word ‘sexism’ that somehow excludes GSP’s behavior. I don’t want to tell you your business, but simply saying you don’t believe the understood meaning of a particular word really isn’t a persuasive counter-argument. Neither is calling someone a meanie and having a big pout about it, for that matter. Are you just going to whine about what a terrible person I have been to you and everyone else (who rightly don’t care)? Because that’s kind of boring.

          • Tyme_5

            I’m pretty sure giving friendly advice requires you to actually be friendly…..I find it odd that you think I am the one who has a problem just because I don’t tolerate someone speaking down to me like I’m an idiot. There would be no problem if you hadn’t decided to be rude. And I don’t care if other people care to call you out on it or not. If they don’t want to stand up for themselves, that’s their business. If you find that boring, then feel free to not speak to me anymore. No one is forcing you to now. Keeping you entertained isn’t something that worries me. As for the original argument, GSP wasn’t being sexist, so that’s why I’m not using the word sexism to describe it. No need to define a word I’m not using. If GSP had said they shouldn’t be fighting because they are women or that they shouldn’t be fighting because he doesn’t like watching it, that would certainly be sexist, and I would call him out on that. But he isn’t. He’s just saying he doesn’t enjoy it, and that’s it. Not that they shouldn’t be there. Big difference. But, I’m sure you will disagree so why don’t we agree to disagree and leave it at that?

          • flyingphonebooth

            Yes dear, you are one brave little soldier. Anyway, that’s an interesting misunderstanding there, dude. If GSP were watching the same fights, only men were fighting, he’d be willing to attempt to enjoy it. It’s not the athleticism of these people he has issue with. It is his old school principles that keep him from watching, as in ‘does not like watching girls hitting each other’ principles. That is sexist.

          • Tyme_5

            “Yes dear, you are one brave little soldier”

            Wow, just can’t help yourself, can you? Just had to get that last little condescending remark in, huh? For someone who hates what they perceive as sexism so much, which I’m assuming you look at as disrespectful, you sure have a hard time actually showing people respect, don’t you? There is a word for that as well. It’s called hypocrisy, and you, lil miss, are one massive hypocrite. I’m sure you will have some sort of smart ass, bitchy response, but it won’t be read or replied to at this point. Simply deleted from the inbox.

          • flyingphonebooth

            Oh. Well that’s kind of sad. I thought we were kind of starting to hit it off. Kay, luv you, bye!

          • Sir_Roy

            Based on your stance and comments herein, your treatment of men in general I suspect.

          • flyingphonebooth

            Um, what was that, Yoda? How do you suspect I treat men? I am just curious what real life demoness persona you’ve created for me based on one heated internet discussion. Do I eat babies?

          • Sir_Roy

            I don’t know … do you?

            My view of your ‘real life’ persona is, quite simply, based on your handling of the subject matter herein of course.

            As such, I suspect that you, being so thin skinned with regards purported ‘sexist’ remarks, live in a land of hopeless, and very subjective, ideology. A land where preference and attraction do not color ones point of view because they are not permitted to, above all that, they don’t fit into your personal agenda. And so you discard them and tout ‘discrimination’ in their stead twisting notions like ‘benevolent sexism’ to fit the need – all in the name your very skewed and personal sense of entitlement and brand of ‘equality’. A small minded brand to be sure. One that would see men neutered, rendered ‘sexless’, forced to dawn pink skirts no doubt to reinforce your acute insecurity – as you do appear terrified of any biped with a penis.

            I suspect you’re lost in a silly little land where sexuality has or worse, should have, little import (whereas in reality, it has THE greatest impact on humanity bar none), where men are effeminate, submissive, broken creatures and women are in all respects the superior species laying down “the law” – all in the name of ‘equality’ of course. Shame on a man for being affected by the affectations of their sex. And not only that, being courageous and audacious enough to be honest about it! Shame! Yeah … right.

            I suspect you have a very hard time maintaining relationships due to your very linear, crystallized and idealistic view of men and women and their place in the world; that you’re an emotional tyrant (though eating babies is, admittedly, probably too extreme) who uses terms like ‘sexist’ and ‘discrimination’ to get your way and have your way in the world. Heck, if you’re any other race save Caucasian, I’d put good money on you playing the race card every chance you get as well.

            Honestly, you come off as the type of feminist who has completely lost touch with what makes a woman powerful … who has forgotten the power and beauty implicit in the female ethos and the wonderful, and valued, differences between men and women that should be celebrated and not completely eradicated in the name of bastardized ‘equality’.

            If you’re even remotely honest with yourself, you’ll find a healthy dose of truth in what’s said here … but you’re too lost in ‘la la’ land, too saturated with your ’cause’ to see much of anything at all I reckon. So yeah, good luck with that.

          • flyingphonebooth

            Woooow. You really do think of me as a baby eating demoness. I was just kind of kidding, you know, but you really did make up a whole involved personality for me. That is, um, impressive(ly strange). So, in your world, objecting to sexist comments, when you don’t see them as sexist, makes you a castrating, frigid, colored woman who has forgotten true feminine power lies in our desire to wear pretty dresses. And if I don’t believe you, it’s because I’m too busy believing in things to just lie back, relax, and let the truth do all the work? Wow, I thought you were just kind of old fashioned, but is this what you think of every feminist on the net? I didn’t really think people believed in that stuff, I thought it was just harsh rhetoric from the fifties that we were well over by now. Yikes.

          • Sir_Roy

            Nah … just feminists who go out of their way to cry ‘sexism’ at nonsense. Pandering as dramatic the innocuous, crying wolf and jumping at shadows. It gets seriously tiresome and is more damaging to those with real cause to talk out than anything else.

            Folks like you threaten to detract from real problems within and of the world, taking onus away from real issues in need of being addressed via misplaced aggression due to self-righteous bullsh!t. It’s getting to the point that repression will be the only acceptable mode of honest communication with people like you – playing thread Nazi and attempting to use serious issues like ‘sexism’ to denounce matter of opinion and ones honest recounting of completely harmless, personal preference.

            Folks like you border on the absurd, and are dangerous in that you’re articulate and therefore convincing. Many dictators and tyrants were likewise.

            Sorry, but your cumulative comments warrant the treatment I’m afraid.

            And don’t act the victim (though it seems a natural disposition of yours). You sit there calling those who do not take exception to what GSP said, “small minded bastards” and “retards” (which, ironically, is a term used to discriminate against a minority, but I guess employing it derogatorily here is OK, and yet GSP is the ignorant one? Right.) so I think it’s a little late to try and take the moral highroad. You come off every bit as off putting as delineated. You lack maturity and perspective to see let alone acknowledge.

          • flyingphonebooth

            Wow, a remarkable amount of ‘waaah, the feminists make my life sooo hard I have to argue with them on the internet because they all think they’re the victims’ and very little actual discussion of what is actually at issue- GSP cringing at the delicate flowers I mean Professional Athletes performing their sport of choice. And the cute bit is you imagine it’s me that has the victim complex!! But you, brave little soldier, you march on against all those who dare to call the disparate treatment of men and women sexism. So how often in the run of a day do you use the phrase ‘playing the race card’?

          • flyingphonebooth

            Bahahaha, you’re a ‘women have forgotten how to be real women’ sexist!! I can’t think of anyone more qualified to mansplain why what GSP said wasn’t actually sexism, just good ol’fashioned common sense. Boys will be boys after all. And you are having such a love affair with the straw feminist you’ve created for me- jesus, get a room you two!!

          • Sir_Roy

            You confuse definitions. You confuse ‘preference’ with ‘discrimination’ for one. Am I discriminating against action movies if I prefer a good comedy? GSP does not like watching girls fight. It’s a preference. He is not discriminating, saying men can but women cannot, he is stating preference. You do not understand that because you do not want to. How an obviously articulate individual like yourself can overlook what is plain to see is actually quite simple to understand – you feel threatened.

            I get how this threatens you insofar as having the king of PPV and arguably top pound per pound fighter, show disinterest in a new up and coming promotion in the UFC struggling to take its first few steps. I get that. But you touting sexism is a huge stretch and a definite distortion.

            It’s perfectly natural for men not to enjoy watching two women punch each other in the face given our attraction for the finer sex. Get over it.

            Women and men are, at their core, two different sexes. These differences are what make us so appealing to the other – when some of the fundamental differences are blurred, it can be unappealing, and even confusing, to some. Full contact, combat sports is one line that blurs the feminine with what has been, for most of our recorded history, categorically a male, and distinctly testosterone, dominated venue.

            I think women have every right to compete, and every right to success in the sport, just as men and women have every right to find themselves distinctly disinterested in watching them compete.

          • flyingphonebooth

            I suspect you are confusing preference and discrimination, because GSP is clearly guilty of the latter- he has as much said it has nothing to do with the work, athleticism, or talent these women posess- it is because they are women and he has old fashioned ideals he won’t watch them. So he might enjoy the same fights if they were performed by men. Now that is discrimination rather than preference.
            Clearly you don’t get how this ‘threatens’ me (it would be more accurate to say ‘pisses me off’, and I am comfortable with that, but I get that you are trying to be diplomatic). Clearly we are both willing to concede GSP is a big influence in the UFC. But when he is being sexist, and then you are citing ‘nature’ as a defense to his sexism and demanding I ‘get over it’, doesn’t my frustration become all the clearer? No, you lazy thinkers out there, there is nothing natural in your transparent sexism. There is no biological imperative that says you are any more repulsed by two women punching each other as two men. It is all you. Now that GSP, guy whose eyes stare down at me whe I go to the mall to buy a rashguard, has decided it’s alright to admit he won’t be watching/paying for the fights women in his sport have been training and bleeding for, he just justifies every small minded bastard who wasn’t willing to give a new thing a go.
            And then you said some dumb thing or other about the core of men and women when you have never experienced being a woman fighter. Your words, the effort you took to type them and immortalize them on the Internet- they are just bloody insulting. So I feel completely justified in saying- you are a silly retarded man with silly retarded principles and you should probably keep them to your silly retarded self. Pardon my french, but as you can see I have been on this subject a while and my patience has worn thin some time ago.

          • Sir_Roy

            No. He said he doesn’t like watching women get hurt or punch each other in the face, because of his very natural, male affinity to the female form. (Male attraction to the female form is not sexist I’m afraid. And yes, this is what you are inferring whether you realize it or not. You’re being silly). That is clearly what he was inferring – not that women, because they are women and he is just old fashioned that way, should not be competing in MMA. To be ultra clear, let me repeat, him stating maybe it’s because he’s “old fashion” has no bearing whatsoever in defining his intent as sexist, given his intent was clearly stated as an aversion to seeing women get punched in the face, and not to their right to compete equally as men do. Again, you are distorting by a large margin.

            Difference is clear as day to most save yourself. You’re going on a tangent and that is all you’re doing really.

            And many herein seeing this distortion is not ‘all us’. There most certainly exists definite differences in physiological, psychological and chemical dispositions defining laws of attraction between men and women. This is physiological, and psychological fact I’m afraid. I don’t have to treat you, or react to you, exactly as I’d treat a man in each and every domain because, and here’s the kicker, you’re not a man and, well, I have a penis. Women have every right to every opportunity presented men “if they are just as qualified, or more so” and vice versa (which, FYI, is quickly becoming less and less the case in the name of a faux ‘political correctness’).

            In violent, contact sports, there exists a contradiction in a man between attraction (whether it be purely aesthetic, sexual or relational) and the chemicals released in the adrenal glands when watching full contact combat sports. A contradiction not easily resolved. This is very tangible, very real, and very sociologically concrete fact. GSP susceptible to said contradiction is just fine, is perfectly normal and natural. As is him expressing such. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. And that, I’m afraid, is not sexist at all. It’s preference.

          • flyingphonebooth

            “He said he doesn’t like watching women get hurt or punch each other in
            the face, because of his very natural, male affinity to the female form….And that, I’m afraid, is not sexist at all. It’s preference.”

            Alright, I’m not sure why these aren’t clearly contradictory to you. Viewing a person as a sexual object first, a human being second? There are literal laws against that sort of discrimination. You don’t have to deny attraction exists to expect people not treat an entire gender differently based on the fact they may or may not be attracted to individuals of that gender. Yikes.

            Do you imagine every sexist person declares their intent before saying or doing something sexist? I’m afraid it’s rather the opposite- most people aren’t even aware they are being sexist. I suspect GSP didn’t, though I hope he’s coming to terms with it now. I know you don’t. But there is a simple standard you can apply to find out- are you treating people as individuals, or are you making up special rules for them based on their gender? If you answer the latter, keep asking- are these special rules based on some biological reality (women have the uterus ergo they decide whether the baby stays in there or not) or some made up convenience that supports your preference (it’s a fact- men secrete unhappy chemicals while watching women fight. Those other dudes who support and enjoy women’s MMA are some sort of biological freaks. I am an authority on this subject because Penis). If it is the latter, or if there is no biological reality to support your prejudice, you are being sexist. you may feel like ‘hey, I like women, I want them to have the vote, I support them in all their adorable ‘equality endeavors when it’s reasonable, but….’- stop yourself after the but. I am sure you are just as basically good as GSP, but that doesn’t mean you are immune to sexism either. And making roundabout excuses (It’s not sexism if he actually prefers to operate based on his sexist ideals!) is a great exercise in illustrating how hidden sexism works.

          • flyingphonebooth

            Oh, declaring something a ‘sociologically concrete fact’ is usually a good indicator you aren’t entirely sure what those words mean. Just because something exists in a society isn’t justification for its existence. Hell, half of sociology is geared towards fixing ‘sociologically concrete facts’.

  • Tyme_5

    Honestly, I really can’t make myself like this woman. She comes off as a total bitch to me. I mean come on, hounding GSP for voicing his opinion in a polite, honest manner? Sorry honey, but no one is obligated to enjoy Women’s MMA. It isn’t sexist to not care about it.

    • flyingphonebooth

      Hounding? She was asked, dude. And she tweeted she agreed with Tate. Once. Lucky GSP- he has all these white knights rallying to his defense if ever anyone calls him out on the stupid things he says. Oh, and it’s not inherently sexist not to care about women’s mma, but you can not care about it or actively dislike it because you are sexist. Which is what GSP is doing.

      • Tyme_5

        What part about what GSP said was sexist? He didn’t say they shouldn’t be fighting or shouldn’t be in the UFC. He just said he doesn’t enjoy Women’s MMA, which is true for a lot of MMA fans. Rousey just doesn’t like the fact that not everyone in the UFC is jumping onto her bandwagon.

        • flyingphonebooth

          Actually he said he doesn’t watch women’s mma because of his old school beliefs. Otherwise known as sexist beliefs. If you don’t find women’s mma entertaining because women’s athleticism isn’t your bag, I get that- some people don’t like to watch lightweights or super-heavyweights or other divisions. But if you don’t like to watch women’s mma because of your old fashioned sexism, that is a different story all together. And I’d be pissed if a well respected fighter in my sport said something patronizing about my division, too. Women’s mma just got into the UFC, and one of the most well known fighters in the UFC pretty much said he won’t be watching? Thanks, GSP, you’re a peach.

          • MuayThaiFood

            I guess my girlfriend is going to have to get used to opening the door herself if I’m going to shed my old school sexist beliefs. She didn’t see anything wrong or sexist with what GSP said either. Damn, I guess she’s sexist too.

          • flyingphonebooth

            You know women can be sexist too, right?

  • Ashley Hope F

    Take it down a notch Ronda, Gsp doesnt want to see a woman take a hit… He knows what women put into their training and wasn’t knocking women’s mma

    • Fakta Gender

      yeaaaa, agree!!!

  • Ronda is such a character and high level athlete. I think she is really good for the sport in general and especially as a rep for the womens division.

  • She only knows to do the armbar

  • Aaron Matteson


  • GoNoles

    seems you cant have an opinion in this world anymore without being labeled sexist or a bigot. he doesnt like watching wmma, and who cares im not even a gsp fan but this is a bit ridiculous.i know atleast a few of you screaming sexist watch the nba now let me ask yall something, do yall enjoy watching wnba? i know i sure as hell dont but does that make me sexist? but ill watch a wmma fight, now than what exactly does that make me? cmon now let the man have his opinion, i think he has earned the right to let his opinion be known on a sport he competes in and it wasnt like he just went out and said it he was asked.

    • ihatewomen

      there is only 1 person in this entire comment section saying it is sexist. She is just 50% of the comments

    • flyingphonebooth

      Dude, if you don’t like watching wnba because it’s boring, then that’s not sexist. If you don’t like watching wnba because it’s painful for you to watch women, specifically women, running around dribbling basketballs, then that’s sexist.

      • MuayThaiFood

        If GSP said he didn’t like women’s mma because it was boring that wouldn’t be sexist and you would be screaming even louder. Guy can’t win unless he thinks the same way as you.

        • flyingphonebooth

          No, I sincerely understand finding a particular division boring because the fights are boring. And you make it seem like me and GSP have to agree on every aspect of the world and life in general. I absolutely do not. On the subject of women’s mma, however, he ought to either stop getting his ideals from the Victorian era or just never talk about women’s mma.

          • Kris tyahn

            No seriously you do NOT understand, everyone here is telling you, you are wrong, you are an idiot etc. GSP said he did t like watching women get punched, that’s called respect and concerned. You even proved our point, you said it’s okay to not watch WNBA if its boring, but not if its bc women dribble the ball. Well did GSP say that women weren’t skilled or that it was boring?!? NOOOOO, he said it was hard for him to watch bc of the way he was raised. Thanks for proving our argument for us, now where’s my sandwich?!?

          • flyingphonebooth

            Yes, dear, I read the comments- it is amazing that despite years of effort and studies and literature written on the subject, people still don’t understand that benevolent sexism can be just as harmful as regular sexism. Oh, and then I finished reading your comment and discovered you’re an irredeemable douchnozzle. So, um, yeah, good luck sucking at being a decent human being.

        • Fakta Gender

          agree! women sport always boring!!!!

  • Re the over-zealous feminist here – You are assuming a whole lot in your argument. I, as a man, would never strike a woman. Not because I’m sexist, but because I respect women. In turn, watching women fight strikes a chord with me. It’s not because I’m sexist, it’s because psychologically I cannot enjoy violence displayed between two entities I would not wish harm on. You call it benevolent sexism when in reality it’s just called being respectful and courteous. There’s a reason why men and women are created different.
    I don’t see women as weaker human beings, but it is a genetic fact that men are built to be more hunter/gatherer than females. That’s just nature. It’s why testosterone is more prevalant in males. It’s why amino acid levels are higher in males.
    It is funny that a man who tries to be chivalrous and respectful gets labeled a sexist and a bigot. Would you slap his hand if he tried to open a door for you? Would you scold him for protecting you in an alley when a mugger attacks? It’s easy to say Oh he’s doing that because he thinks I’m weak and I can’t take care of myself…the reality is not sexism, it’s admiration, love and respect. That’s why he’s not saying women shouldn’t compete. He just simply said he can’t watch it. If you loved kittens, could you stand to watch kittens claw and maim each other? Does that make you anti-kitten?

    • flyingphonebooth

      Re the reactionary anti-feminist, you are all over the board with your arguments here. You’ve got primate behavior and chivalry and assertions about our anthropological pre-history all wrapped up into one big I dunno what? Fallacy stew? I say GSP is sexist and you think I’d slap a dude’s hand for opening a door for me? Yikes, I feel like I’m taking the place of all your past straw-feminist demons. But topic at hand- GSP- Yeah, dude, I’m sorry to say what you think is respect is actually just infantalizing and ultimately harmful to women fighters. This is their career, their passion and what they have trained all their lives to do. I’m sorry, but if you choose to view them as a gender first and a person second, then you are being sexist, no matter how good your intentions. And kittens? Really? Yup, dude, it’s introspection time on your part.

      • I am sorry you refuse to see the lines I drew and instead defame me. I seemed all over the board to you because I was showing how on many levels sexism is often confused with decency. I support a women in anything she wishes to do, that is not the same of asking me towatch as two females claw and maim each other (kitten reference)

        • flyingphonebooth

          Ugh, you see, this is what happens when you present a muddled argument- the only, um, line you’ve drawn that bears any resemblance to the discussion at hand is your absurd kitten analogy. And, hell, if I had to persuade anyone that you were sexist all I’d have to do is point out that time you compared elite professional female fighters to kittens. It’s like you’re your own rebuttal.

          • You are doing nothing but proving my point. So what if I used a kitten analogy? I love kittens. You twist words and facts to suit your own argument. I didn’t present a muddled argument at all. I’ll refrain from further comment since it is apparent that you are a troll.

          • saywhat

            notice how not one person has co singed you. Yet you are calling everyone else an idiot? How did your ego get that big?

          • flyingphonebooth

            Being right isn’t a democracy, dude. Especially when you’re talking about unpopular ideas.

          • Duxan1

            No, being an idiot is a democracy. Everyone has a right to be one, obviously. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

          • flyingphonebooth

            Did that make sense in your head before you wrote it? Say, since you’re here, was there something about the article you wanted to discuss? Or are you just going to stick with nonsensical insults?

  • Kev_Stinx

    Am not the only one who does not want to watch women being violent towards each other. Women getting hit/beating by any other man or woman does not interest me, I also find it hard to watch and would not watch women mma fights.

    I do not like to see women get hit, by anyone!
    Am probably old fashioned too.

    Although I would like to fight Rhonda and be put in a triangle for a hour 🙂

    I think women’s mma is met with a lot of controversy and having a top fighter/GSP say they are not for women MMA, that already shows a lack of support, but I would rather GSP tell the truth as an individual instead being a puppet of Zuffa.

    This women’s mma has it’s own small niche market.
    Put Rhonda in the main event and see how the ratings do.

    Kinda like Rhonda vs the world, really going to show case Rhonda kicking the shit out of other girls.

    • Pete Destry

      Dude, this is a perfect sexist comment. You say you don’t enjoy women hitting each other, but you wouldn’t mind having Ronda’s legs wrapped you? It’s a disgusting opinion to hold when you find difficulty in watching women try to prove who is the better athlete, and instead would prefer those women to please your sexual desires.

  • Mike mckinney

    I’m a guy. I am aware what GSP said is sexist. The reason why so many guys have a problem with calling his comments sexist is the fact that they agree with him, and don’t view their own beliefs as a negative thing. The vast majority of people are prejudice in just about every way. It’s the phycology of humans, not the genetics. A lot of us would like to be better than we are. The rest just dont realize what they are.
    You don’t have to hate, or even dislike a group of people to be prejudice against them. In fact you can have a million black friends as a white man, and still be racist towards blacks.
    The majority of you are argueing with phone booth but your having a different debate. Your ignorant to her arguement, and she’s too ignorant to explain it. Or too lazy.

    • flyingphonebooth


      • Tyme_5

        Naw, not lazy. Otherwise you wouldn’t have 100 comments on here trying to explain yourself…..

        • flyingphonebooth

          Absolutely, Tyme, I had no idea you could be sexist even if your intentions were good. If only I mentioned it earlier, we could have avoided the pleasant chat we’re having downstairs. Speaking of which, why not let this be the ‘GSP is sexist and phonebooth is an asshat’ section and keep our slapfight in the basement?

  • tvo

    Rhonda, call me come fight time. I’ll be your, err, eh training partner

  • Masochist

    Who gives a s***? Womens fighting is a f****** joke. No one wants to watch that s***. Its slow, its not nearly as dangerous, and finally, its contradictive. No one wants to watch something inherently feminite doing something masculine. Its weird. NBA = A revered sport. Worldwide audiences. WMBA = A gigantic joke. Small audiences. OH and rousey shut the f*** up about your olympic womens judo gold. how many women in the world even exist in that curcuit? Oh really? Now how many exist in the male judo circuit? You were a big fish in a small pond. No one wants to watch women fighting, dont f*** up the sport. Start like a Female UFC, that way your stupid fights dont f*** up the rest of the fight card.

  • wejay

    The old Tarzan proudly wrestled and tapped out huge gorillas, rhinos, lions, crocodiles, snakes , tigers, a shark and a man-eating seahorse..
    Jane cooked and contrary to feminist belief was actually happy!
    But yes Tarzan according to the (new age) deep down was a sexist after all he risked his life for Jane??
    So the old fashioned Tarzan had to step down and make way for the new aged Tarzan who was armed with only a handbag, equality and a politically correct feminist handbook.
    Consequently the New age Jane now tried to be the king of the beasts but the gorilla and the other beasts were having none of it.
    Moral of the tale.
    Tarzan and Jane were 100 time happier than todays new age Jane and tarzan.
    I want the old Tarzan back he is not dysfunctional.