Ronda Rousey Talks Next Opponent, Down to Fight Cyborg at Any Moment (Video)

August 15, 2014
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(Courtesy of UFC on Fox)

UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey discusses who she’d like to face next and the growing stable of talent in the women’s division.  Rousey said she’s be willing to fight Cris “Cyborg” Justino at any moment.

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  • Mark McDowall

    Talk is cheap…if she’s down to fight her “whenever” then come back from your injury and fight her at 145. Doesn’t have to be for the belt…just fight her.

    • uncle

      I wish she would of called her out a long time
      ago, because talk is cheap a change of heart
      for Cyborg seems for attention and no real
      intent to really fight … if it goes down I would
      respect Ronda for stepping up.

    • deepgrim

      i dont think she should have to go up to fight cyborg. i want to see the fight but there is no 145 division in the ufc at the mo so it really makes more sense at 135. If cyborg wants the fight i think she will come down.

      • Mark McDowall

        But Rousey said she will fight Cyborg anywhere…I agree there is no 145….but dont say you’ll fight her anywhere and then start throwing stipulations…

        • deepgrim

          but it will be about where the ufc book the fight at and i think they would only choose 135, plus they will want rousey to win so it will likely be at that weight. cyborg says she is willing to make the weight- think she has a 135 title fight with invicta ahead? so that will test whether she can cope with the cut

  • Juan Nito

    lmao Cat Zingano will smash her face and after that CC will make her retire

    • drkdisciple

      I’m not a big fan of RR but I seriously doubt Zingano has a prayer of a chance to beat her. Remember how Cat had her hands full with Meisha? Remember how RR dominated Meisha twice? On the other hand I do agree that Cyborg would hurt her.

      • deepgrim

        i agree i dont think zingano has anything for rousey, rousey is a bit psycho and she is training harder than the rest of the females, her stand up has improved alot and it seems to me that now she feels she has the alround game for cyborg, she didnt seem so keen on the fight over a year ago. wouldnt mind seeing holm fight her either

    • Wardsize

      You are delusional. Cat would get arm barred 1st round, dude borg would face the same. She looked horrible in the MT matches. Without drugs she’s a bum.

  • Ravener

    She’s done everything possible to not fight Cyborg, plus uncle Dana protecting his cash cow, so this anytime anywhere stuff sure sounds hollow.

    • Joe

      What exactly has she done to dodge Cyborg. The only thing I’ve hearts is that she will not move up in weight to fight her. If that is your issue the you need to call out mighty mouse for not fighting Dillishaw, Dillishaw for not fighting Aldo, Aldo for not fighting Pettis, Pettis for not fighting Hendricks, Hendricks for not fighting Weidman, Weidman for not fighting Jones, and Jones for not fighting Cain.

      All reports that I’ve read has stated that Rhonda accepts every fight offered no questions.

      Personally I believe a roided up Cyborg at 145 knocks her out. But a clean Cyborg @ 135 will be in trouble if she doesn’t get the ko in the first 3 minutes.

      • TheCerealKiller

        MMA and the word “clean”, you’re funny.

        • uncle

          I know it’s there before you get a grammar boner to correct me
          CooOKIE Crisp

          • TheCerealKiller

            I respect you, I wouldn’t do that to you.

      • uncle

        Their is a huge difference none of those
        fighters talked trash like Ronda did. And if
        you don’t plan on fighting why open
        your mouth about another fighter. it looks
        cowardly and unprofessional.

      • julian moran

        Ronda did not have to move up in weight. She walks around 180 pounds.

  • Yannick Messaoud

    Love her or hate her she is on top and she dominated all her opponents, i love Gina Carano she is the hottest right now but she been out for a very long time so not sure this would make such a great fight. Holms sick and Kat Zino even more. The women 135 pounds is stack, has for Cyborg everyone thinks that she gonna have a cakewalk with Rousey well on the ground she is not that impressive. I remember the fight against Carano wen she had her down on her back Cyborg did nothing then Caranos stood up and let Cyborg back to her feet she wanted a stand up fight and that was her mistake losing the fight. I don’t think Cyborg got what it takes to put away Ronda, and like White said she has to have a few fights at 135 to adjust to that weight, Jake Shield is the perfect example of a bad weight cut going to 170 and that was sure awful. Rousey might not the fighting for long since she is getting some movie deals here and there so might as well enjoy her while she is still fighting

    • drkdisciple

      women’s 135 division is stacked? with what? lolll

  • brensa

    Ronda ducked Cyborg for mad long. Now that Cyborg is all washed up and Ronda’s mma game has matured she’s on this “anywhere, anytime” ship all of a sudden.

  • Tacos for everyone

    She looks like she’s gained a little weight with off time and surgery rehab.