Ronda Rousey Suffered a Broken Hand in UFC 175 Title Defense

July 9, 2014
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Ronda Rousey US Flag UFC BeltFor a moment, Ronda Rousey was a consideration to try and save the now-cancelled UFC 176 fight card on Aug. 2, but that idea was quickly put to rest and then completely buried when it was revealed that the champ has a broken hand.

UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta told content partner Yahoo! Sports that company officials had briefly discussed asking Rousey to step in and save the event after featherweight champion Jose Aldo had to withdraw due to injury, but added that the idea was scrapped before they even discussed it with Rousey or her camp.

He then added that it would be a moot point now anyway, as Fertitta revealed Rousey broke her right hand in a successful title defense against Alexis Davis at UFC 175 on Saturday night.

We already knew that Rousey had a cyst in her right hand that burst during the 16-second fight. Although that injury should heal quickly, the broken hand will keep her sidelined for quite a bit longer. Rousey is also expected to have some minor knee surgery during her down time as well.

With no other title fights possible for Aug. 2, Fertitta said it was only logical for the promotion to move the undercard bouts to other upcoming cards and put Aldo vs. Mendes II on a later card this fall, currently targeting a possible October date.

“I think [Aldo-Mendes] will be in October, but we’re not going to know probably for about two weeks what the status of Jose is,” Fertitta said. “Basically, doctors told him no contact and no training for three weeks, and we’re one week into that. We’ll regroup in a couple of weeks and we’ll have some news at that point.”

Stay tuned to, as we’ll provide an update on Rousey’s expected return as well, as soon as we have word.

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  • Barb Tremblay

    last I heard it was a cut to the back of the and…Dana just doesn’t want her to look bad…Dana I protecting her…just giving her hand picked easy wins for her…

    • Maddawgmar

      You Trolls are so predictable. You say the same damn thing. “Dana’s protecting her.” “She’s afraid of Cyborg.” Blah blah blah. When there is a legit contender Rousey will smash them too.

    • Joe

      Yeah because you want her to fight cyborg. Cyborg fights at a different weight class, and on top of that she asked to be released from the UFC. Who else is there for her to fight at 135? Cat, Holmes? One is coming off an injury, the other hasn’t signed a contract yet.

      The funny thing is no one bitches because Jon Jones doesn’t move up in weight th fight Cain.

      • TomMMA

        Ronda has to cut horribly to make 135, she should be fighting at 145 anyway, no doubt she wouldn’t have the same success though as it’s much harder to fight somebody your own size haha

        • macarrech

          Is there woman’s 145 in the ufc?

          • TomMMA

            Obviously not, soon though hopefully so we can actually give Ronda proper competition and see how she fairs trying to judo throw somebody who’s stronger than her.
            She’s the best the UFC has currently and there’s no denying that but I refuse to get on the PR hype train until I see her dominate her true weight class.

  • #1mmafan.

    It’s an awesome world we live in when men find a hero for themselves in a woman. Maybe they can make a golden statue of Ronda Rousey so all you guys can kneel before your new god. What a joke!

  • dandogood

    Rousey a year ago couldn’t box or throw a real punch at all. looked terrible on standup with zero there. Who ever is teaching Rhonda how to throw power punches with effect is doing a great jop. Rousey throws well now a 1000% improvement. would KO Cyborg.

  • dandogood

    Rousey with this punching power now KO’s Cyborg and doesn’t need an arm bar. Cyborg off the steroids and drugs is just another tranny.