Ronda Rousey Sighting: Getting Her Judo On!

April 4, 2017

Ronda RouseyRonda Rousey, much like the lead-up to UFC 207, has made herself sparse of late.

Aside from a guest spot on NBC’s “Blindspot” series, we have seen little of the former UFC champion in the public eye. Though she still hasn’t re-entered the limelight, Rousey recently posted this short video clip of her teaching judo. 

Without any public comment forthcoming, it appears that Rousey is taking some time to find her path forward, regardless of whether that means a return to the UFC or not.

And after several blockbuster years as the champ, carrying much of the UFC’s promotional duties on her shoulders, it’s safe to say, she’s earned the right to take her time and figure out just what her future holds.

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#NextGenJudo teaching @themaxston ashi waza

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  • Farooq Baig

    So Happy to See Ronda Back in action.

  • Shadow


  • Anonymous

    Awesome!!!! Great to see.

    • Jess Fenchley

      really Jamie Eyeles, it is great toes? play fighting with an 11 year old.

      Get a life, you’re a grown man.

      • Anonymous

        What is “great toes?” Yep you still are the BIGGEST idiot I have ever dealt with…….but I have always known that. You truly are an 11year old with an IQ to match hahahaha!!!!
        Get a life
        Get a brain
        Get a clue

        • Jason bourne

          You have been right all along jamie about jess the idiotic mess. Cant even spell words and construct sentences a 10 year old would master lol

          • Anonymous

            Someone should just shoot jess and put it out of its misery. It would be more useful dead than it is currently LMFAO!!!!

      • Jason bourne

        Hahahaha are you for real spastic??? You insult other’s intelligence then you type “it is great toes”……
        Take a look in the mirror dullard before judging others….
        You’re a complete and utter loser with no idea whatsoever…
        Grow up child

        • Anonymous

          Yep this jess idiot cant even type “great to see” and then has the audacity to TRY to demean another when itself is blinded by its own stupidity.
          Jess the imbecilic mess has clearly won the biggest douchebag of 2017 by a LONG way 🙂

  • uncle

    Ronda just need to fight like Maia
    go for takedowns and submit.

  • Anonymous

    Great to see Ronda and Jason and I have left “jess the pitiful mess” a shadow of its former self. Happy days once again!!!!!!!!!!