Ronda Rousey Says Cris “Cyborg” Santos is Just Trying to Stay Relevant

February 12, 2013
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Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey

Any time Ronda Rousey speaks with the media, the topic of Cris “Cyborg” Santos is brought up.  Santos has recently requested to be let out of her UFC contract and a press conference is scheduled for Friday with her manager Tito Ortiz to make an announcement about her fighting future.

Rousey feels Santos is simply seeking attention in an attempt to not fade into obscurity.

“I think she’s just kind of making a lot of noise and trying to get attention because she’s kind of fading into being irrelevant,” Rousey said during a UFC 157 media conference call on Tuesday.

“She hasn’t had a recorded win in I think two years or something like that, so she needs people going on TV and making a big fuss so people will even remember her name.”

Santos took women’s MMA by storm with her aggressive style, winning the Strikeforce 145-pound title in August of 2009 by taking out the then-face of women’s MMA, Gina Carano.  Santos defended her title three times before testing positive for the steroid stanozolol following a Dec. 17, 2011, bout with Hiroko Yamanaka.  Santos knocked out Yamanaka is just 16 seconds, but the bout was later ruled a no-contest and Santos was suspended for a year.

While away from the sport, Rousey emerged, and a match between the two has been talked about ever since.  The obstacle standing in the way of the bout coming to fruition is the fact that Santos can’t make the cut to 135 pounds.  While a bout with Santos is alluring, Rousey isn’t waiting around for the former champion.

“I have a lot of options ahead of me.  I have a lot of girls that I could fight, and she doesn’t have any other options besides me, so they can run around and make a bunch of noise and be a big Cryborg as much as she wants, but at some point she’s going to have to come around and take the only fight that’s available for her.  In the meantime, I’m going to take the plenty of options that are available to me,” said Rousey.

Rousey makes history at UFC 157, along with Liz Carmouche. They will enter the history books as the first female fight to be held in the UFC.

So appropriately, Rousey’s focus is on Carmouche.

“I’m not spending any of my time worrying about her because Liz Carmouche is 100-percent of my attention right now.  Cyborg’s not really worth my time at the moment.”

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  • Mark McDowall

    Funny how Roussey starts talking bigger and badder than before after Cyborg has asked for release. I think it would be a great fight but Cyborg would certainly test Rousseys jaw better than anyone before.

    • JimmyPettishardo

      I agree. The only female fighter that could give Ronda a fight is Cyborg (and visa-versa) and Ronda knows that.

      Cyborg hits like a man. I am not so sure Ronda can stand the raw power.

      • Mark McDowall

        Agreed…and I seriously doubt that Roussey could overcome Cyborgs Jui-Jitsu and power to armbar her…

        • Sir_Roy

          Drug induced ‘power’ is indeed hard to overcome. Ask Alistair.

          Oh wait, he got off the drugs, and got his arse whooped by Bigfoot shortly thereafter. Right … almost forgot.

          • bob coy

            Exactly!! For some reason idiots forget cyborg is and had been artificial. She will not be the same “woman” off of the drugs.
            Without drug induced power she has nothing more than any other talented real woman with jiu jitsu. Her drug manipulated bone structure is all she will have left unless ” she ” fights overseas where no one seems to gives damn what their athletes are taking.

      • Sir_Roy

        She hits like a man because she has a higher testosterone level than a man due to steroid abuse. I wouldn’t run into a fight with a known user either.

    • drkdisciple

      Well said!

  • Sir_Roy

    So, Cyborg can’t make weight. Essentially showing she’s a bigger, stronger opponent. And we want to blame Rousey for, basically, stating such? She’s not really running away, she’s fighting at her weight class … which is every fighter’s right.

    Cyborg cries about Rousey essentially handicapping her by forcing her to come down to 135lbs. Well, isn’t Rousey also at a disadvantage, and isn’t Cyborg forcing a handicap unto Rousey, by demanding Rousey meet Cyborg above her own weight class? You’re a bigger woman Cyborg, not Rousey’s fault, nor is it her problem.

    Rousey’s a 135 pounder. Cyborg is not. The end. I tend to never cast blame on a fighter for not wanting to take a fight with a bigger opponent. Why should they have to?

    • chiggz

      Except rousey ISNT a 135, she started an fought most of her Pro an Ammy career at 145..until she was supposed to fight cyborg next in SF..than she dropped down. Also pretty sure at 145 or 135 Marloes would be handing her a loss as well.

      • Maddawgmar

        I beg to differ. Nobody calls Dominick Cruz a 145er because he fought at that weight before getting choked down to 135. Anderson Silva fought at 205, but he isn’t a LHW. Just because Rousey fought at 145, doesn’t make her a 145er. She is a natural 135er as would be cyborg if she didn’t juice. As it stands Cyborg can’t make 135, and that is her own fault. Rousey shouldn’t have to go up in weight just to fight a roided out she-man. If Cyborg lays off the juice for a while and let’s her body come to a natural size then she can make 135 and see how she fares when all is on a level playing field.

      • Gt03champp

        RR is 135 lbs because that’s where she fights. James Irving use to be a HW but then dropped to 170lbs. might be a little unfair if a HW called him out…. how about cyborg lose that bulky muscle. more cardio and lighter weights w/ higher reps.

    • Mark McDowall

      This is a great argument. Weight is very important to these fighters. Especially at the lower weight classes. Saying its only 10lbs is true…it is only 10lbs…but when you only weigh 145 lbs its a higher % than say a LHW dropping 10lbs. It would be the same as saying…Jon Jones could drop to MW if he wants to fight Silva. Its more weight in terms of lbs but as a % of your body mass its about the same.

      As someone who has cut weight for fights/wrestling before its not easy and there is a point where your body just wont give up any more. I walk around at 218-223 and fought at 205 and wrestled at 203. I thought I could gain the advatage and drop to 185.I was on a super strict diet and in the sauna one day my body stopped sweating and no matter what I did I couldn’t get past 194.

      Saying she cant cut the weight IS a legit argumant(if she were to try, if she doesn’t try then the argument doesn’t hold water). Thats why I think the catchweight option will be the best idea for this fight. It has to happen…

  • jeremy

    cyborg can cut 10 pounds… she just doesnt want to fight of the roids. she needs ronda and ronda doesnt need her.. so who cares about this story anymore. cyborg is chicken… if she wasnt she would cut the 10 pounds. I cant wait to see ronda’s title defense

    • andyman07

      you’re right that would explain why there are always articles of santos bashing rousey…o wait it’s the other way around. evryone says santos is scared to fight yet she has issued challenge at a cathweight and rousey wont take it. not to mention that 145 divison is where rousey first started fighting yet santos is the one who is scared. eyah right.

    • Lawdog1521

      Women can’t arbitrarily cut weight like men can. In case you haven’t noticed, they’re bodies are different. It is funny how Ronda suddenly has become a badass now that Cyborg is leaving.

      • MuayThaiFood

        In case you haven’t noticed, Cyborg is more manly than most women.

        • Yev

          if it looks like a man and hits like a man – it’s a man. Or wait.. anyways… Cyborg has more testosterone than her ex-husband. I think Tito needs to get a divorce and get with Cyborg to have a baby which will take MMA by storm, male or female.

    • fan since ufc1

      If Rousey is the baddest woman in MMA as all you Dana and Rousey nut huggers think then why not fight Santos at the catchweight. She won’t be risking her title and she can back up all the $hiiiit talk she is throwing down.Roids or no roids Cyborg will take some of the starch out of Dana’s golden child.

  • I love Ronda but I’m surprised Ronda just didn’t fight her at 145 since they have an issue with each other. The title wouldn’t be on the line, she would make a good pay day and get a chance to shut Cyborg up. Fighters like BJ Penn and the Diaz brothers took fights at higher weight. Still hopes she keeps her title though. War Ronda..

    • Mark McDowall

      There are 2 reasons why she didn’t take this fight. 1. She would loose ALL credibility because there only real contender close to her weight would most likely hand Roussey her butt on a silver platter. 2. Dana White would let his current golden child get tarnished.

      • I can’t imagine an olympic level judoka is afraid of Cybord. I mean yea Cyborg is tough, shes game but Ronda is in this to fight everybody. Just upsets me I guess.

        • Mark McDowall

          I don’t think she is afraid at all. I just think that Cyborg is a better striker and jui-jitsu practitioner than Rousey. And whatever weight the fight took place at, there would be a strength advantage for Cyborg.

          • Sir_Roy

            Right. Once again, steroids tend to grant said advantage. However temporary.

          • We would assume the strength would be for Cyborg. But we’re talking about an olympic judoka. There’s grown men she can throw around like dolls with her strength and technique. This fight could actually even be hyped as a technique vs power style matchup. All steroid jokes aside.

  • bajafox

    The fact is right now there is only one womens weight class in the UFC and that’s 135. Let’s have a few official fights at 135 before we start throwing around this catch weight BS

  • $26909079

    I can´t wait for Cyborg to end Rousey once and for all

  • Mrzero85

    Regardless of whoever is better or wins or loses
    Dana White is a businessman And making the fight at a catchweight is bad business at a 135 Pounds It makes sense And it’s good for business if Rousey Loses At a catchweight Your whole thought of Women’s MMA in the UFC goes down the drain And what do you do with Cyborg Next Does she just fight at 140 Pounds And has no championship That doesn’t seem like it makes much sense If Cyborg makes 135 pounds He has a champion and someone to build around If she wins And keeps the division going And I thought she was working with Mike dolce
    To cut the weight whatever happened to that ????

  • Matt Spano

    Rousey should not and has no reason to fight at a catchweight. She fought at 145 becuase she was new to MMA and hadn’t lost the weight for her judoka days. She is a better more complete fighter at 135. ALSO CYBORG also fought at 135 in her first fight and got schooled then decides to roid up for an advantage over the competition. SHE IS A CHEATER LIKE OVEREEM. NO JUICE = NO WINS. The fight with Carano was always bullshit cause it was plainly obvious CYBORG cheated and is a cheater. Why should Rousey go up to prove anything when she is not the CHEATER WITH SOMETHING TO PROVE. Let Cyborg fight cleanly and win first before we even mention this fight again. Rousey is the 135pd champ and Cyborg is nothing and will never be a champ on US soil again. Explain to me why ROUSEY SHOULD RISK IT ALL AGAIN TO FIGHT A KNOWN CHEATER and LIAR?????

    • Vanda

      I agree with you exactly….. I think Cyborg needs her more than Rhonda does so she should be the one to make the weight that Rhonda is fightint at right now…. That is, if UFC can get past her recent suspension for ANABOLIC STEROID (take note of this Cyborg fanatics….) use. UFC can do without one more substance abuser other than Overeem and company. Rhonda has found her ideal fgighting weight at bantamweight so there really is no need for her to beef up to Cyborg’s weight class just to fight her.

  • J to tha…

    Cyborg would whip Rousey’s ass…badly. This chick here has her head all blown up and will get it popped. She’s full of herself of a few minutes of press. B*tch please…

  • t

    i think ronda rousey would win.
    cyborg should be banned and unable to fight for using steroids anyway’

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  • brad king

    cyborg would slaughter rousey in the first round and they both know it! Dana knows it also so he wont get his glory girl in a match she has no chance of winning.