Ronda Rousey Reveals Why She Thought She Was Being Replaced on TUF

September 8, 2013
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Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate TUF 18When UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey walked onto The Ultimate Fighter set for the first time to begin filming she was expecting to see opposing coach Cat Zigano in the room, but instead there stood arch rival Miesha Tate.

Rousey asked Tate what she was doing there and when she said she was coaching, the UFC champion stormed out of the room in search of UFC president Dana White thinking she had been replaced as a coach on the show.

Little did she know that Cat Zigano had actually blown out her knee and Tate was her replacement on the series.

“It was from a series of rushed decisions and miscommunication between me, my manager, my lawyer and the UFC,” Rousey said at a TUF Q&A media event. “I totally own all the fault. They were upset and they threatened to throw me off the show. I thought everything was cleared up.

“The last thing I heard was I don’t know what we’re going to do and I got there and Miesha walked in the door. My first assumption was that was the most clever way to replace me and defame me.”

Dana White, who was present at the media event, added his take on the story.

“Her lawyer, her Hollywood lawyer, was being a typical Hollywood… scumbag, and he called my office at like five or six o’clock on a Friday night when the girls were arriving on Sunday to start shooting and I flipped out,” White said.

“By the time her and I finally talked I was mad, I was yelling and I was screaming… typical me. We had resolved the issue, me and her did. Then when she turned up on the show, we didn’t tell her that Cat Zingano blew her knee out.

“Once she bumped into (Tate), she flipped out and thought I brought her out to kick her off the show, which I would never do in a million years. I thought she was just upset because she saw Miesha.”

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  • BobGyro

    truuuue colloooorrrs coming thruuuuuuuu

    • Mark McDowall

      Exactly…I think this season is going to be hugely edited to try and preserve her image but they can only hide so much.

  • Dragon Kid


  • Intelligent Hoodlum

    Ronda’s story doesn’t make sense. Why would Dana kick off a current UFC champion from The Ultimate Fighter show? To even think that is absurd.

    It looked like Ronda threw a temper-tantrum over seeing Meisha Tate on the show…and this is an attempt at repairing her public image. No one wants to look like a short-tempered idiot on TV.

    Ronda could have simply asked if she had been replaced if she thought this was the case. Meisha was standing right in front of her…Ronda could have asked her.

    If she had problems getting a straight answer from anyone, she should have held her s*** together until she absolutely knew she was replaced.

    The bottom line…it was said to see a grown behave like an immature child like that.

    • Mark McDowall

      100% Exactly right. Besides when your boss has been giving you EVERY oppurtunity to get in front of a camera why would you think your taken off??

      • BobGyro

        shes a spoiled little brat with a big flapper, so she is insecure all ronda’s are MADWHACK!

      • Cowsill

        he says he’s everyone’s boss… well, if they are actually treated like employees, and not as independent contractors, who are their own bosses, then the ufc has to pay them unemployment insurance.

    • Alex Anderson

      Actually she was totally polite and pleasant with Meisha until Meisha said she was coaching. Don’t act like you’ve never accidentally jumped to a conclusion and gotten upset about something. To expect people to “hold their s*** together” at all times is absurd, sooner or later you have to make a conclusion, and it is seldom that we really can be absolutely certain that we’re correct about that conclusion.

      It’s hard to know how good her reasons were, but if you’re so big on “making sure” before you freak out, then why are you calling her names and judging her given that you clearly can’t have known exactly what she knew at the time? You might be right about her to some extent, but your argument is fallacious and apparently fueled by a will to belittle others (though I realize it is relatively mild as far as the internet goes).

      A lot of counter-arguments like mine are also used in a bullying kind of way, but the key is to realize that arguing is (usually) not about trying to make someone else feel bad, or look like an idiot, and if that’s what you get off on, there’s something wrong with you. I’m upset because I really want people to stop doing this to each other, and I’m saying something because hopefully someone will realize the importance of what I’m saying here.

      • Intelligent Hoodlum

        1. Everyone has jumped to the wrong conclusion(s) at some point in their life…however I have NEVER jumped to the conclusion that I was fired from a job. In serious cases like this, any reasonable person would inquire.

        2. Your statement “…it is seldom that we really can be absolutely certain we’re correct about a conclusion…” is false. Doctors, scientists, teachers, businessmen, etc…all operate in a world filled with certainties and/or the search for it. Though there are a lot of uncertainty, society doesn’t operate in at a high level of uncertainty as you suggest. Just as you and I are conversing via this message board to explore an issue, Rhonda should have done the same.

        In Rhonda’s case, she could have asked if she was fired…she would have received a “yes” or “no” answer. That sounds pretty certain to me.

        3. I know I described Rhonda’s behavior. What name(s) did I call her?

        4. Lastly, I agree that I didn’t know what Rhonda knew at the time of the incident…but we all know that she had no reason to jump to the conclusion that she was fired, because she wasn’t; even Dana White found her perspective surprising.

        Rhonda has world-class Judo skills…her hard work over the years has paid off. However, the world is two episodes into T.U.F. and her behavior does not appear to be that of a professional. I am sure that there are many people like myself that viewed Rhonda Rousey with admiration and respect, but now see her as a Hot Mess.

        I am confident that Rhonda will continue to shock T.U.F. viewers and disappoint her fans with her temper-tantrums and immature behavior.

  • MMA_Ninja

    You hit the nail on the head Kenny. It’s because Rousey is a spoiled brat who feel entitled with everything she does. We are going to see more of Rousey’s true self and attitude this season. She’s a temper tantrum throwing “B” and basically like I said, just a spoiled brat. And Dana still crushes on her hard…he isn’t going to replace her! Hopefully more people see the real Rousey and she loses most of the bandwagon fans. I hope so, cuz I’m a hater through and through of her.

  • abe lincoln

    zomg u guys, who cares if shes ******. She medaled in the olympics and she has beat everybody so far not named cyborg, in the first round at that. Would any of you not get a big head with this lvl of success? I am not watching for the personalities, i watch fights. Anybody here whining about any fighter’s attitude needs to tivo their favorite soaps, fighting isnt for you.

  • Sensei_jr

    I have no doubt your imaginary girlfriend is much hotter then big nose Tate.

  • james j

    Ronda is the show and the only reason why we are watching it. The competition is average

  • TellinIt

    Haha! Wtf, BobGyro? While I agree about RR being obnoxious, you are way off base about Tate.

    Miesha Tate is f****** hot as hell.

    • Giovanni

      Both chicks are average and obnoxious but I’d still do them both just for the sake of not using my hand…LOL

      I think Miesha has a hotter ass and over all better body than Ronda. But still both are annoying!

      • Cowsill

        ronda rousey is hot only if you think that her square shaped body (with no hips, waist or bust), her pig face and warts and her thin scraggly hair are hot, as well as her trailer trash personality.

    • vinnyjr

      You need to get out more often. Hot as hell, hardly. Field and Stream is putting it right on the button.

  • Jim

    I agree about the true colors coming out. Shes got some demons that need to be dealt with…

  • Cameron Merryman

    We all see she is horribly insecure and catty as hell. Shes such an obnoxious b**** and its gonna show regardless what they edit out, just look at Rouseys face on the previews. Ive seen the same kind of dynamic between 16 year olds, its pathetic. Rouseys just mad because shes the ugly kid and shes bitter

  • vinnyjr

    Ronda Rousey might be allot of things but spoiled isn’t one of them. She is women’s MMA like it or not. These women are in the UFC because of Ronda. That says it all. She is a bad ass who enjoys fighting, she is the most exciting woman fighter in MMA. IMO she would take Cyborg out of her game and finish her like all her other fights. Any woman in the UFC can say what they want but they all know who and what got them there,Ronda. Tate can spin this pre fight any way she wants but she is in for the beating of her life. Facing Ronda Rousey in the cage is bad enough but facing a mad as hell Ronda Rousey is just very foolish and very dangerous. Ronda is going to f*** her up, end of story.

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    Cyborg would have fit in with the guys a lot better. No chance of them becoming attracted to her.

  • BobGyro

    This is what MMA needs, more mellow dramatic vaginal fortitude. i used to watch mma because it was something my wife would leave the room for when i turned on… now when i watch TUF i have to see someone else’s hen clucking all phucking night. Phuck you Dana wrong turn pal

  • knockout67

    I cant wait until Rousey gets exposed..enjoy your 15 minutes.

  • knockout67

    She carries herself without class,also get rid of the ugly pout face look..she also sounds uneducated when she speaks..

  • Dude

    Wait what? How the hell did she fake her injury when she has scars from her operation on her f****** knee? Just curiou

  • james j

    Dana owns the UFC checkbook.

  • Cowsill

    oh, you wanna see scars? check out halloween makup if you want scars.

  • Alex Anderson

    Yeah okay, she seemed a bit immature. I saw the show… But a lot of people hide behind the idea of “wanting to make sure first” before they stand up for themselves. Standing up for yourself means sometimes you’re going to make a mistake, and over-react. If you realize that you were mistaken, then it shouldn’t be difficult for people to explain to each other why they were upset, and to quickly let go, apologize if necessary, and move on… no big deal.

    It’s totally different than unfairly targeting someone that hasn’t disrespecting someone in any way, and taking out our anger on them (like a lot of people are doing on this message board).

    I’m not a huge fan of her, but I respect her passion, and her willingness to express what she thinks and feels. She’s really young, dealing with unusual situations, and she doesn’t have a lot of life experience. Cut her some slack people.