Ronda Rousey Quiets Speculation: “Lot of Rumors Going Round, but I Haven’t Signed Anything Yet”

March 18, 2014
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(Courtesy of video partner MMA Heat)

There has been a tremendous amount of speculation, as there always seems to be, surrounding UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey.

Lately, the focus has been on her next opponent. Cat Zingano is currently her No. 1 contender, but talk of Invicta featherweight champion Cris Cyborg dropping to bantamweight in order to fight Rousey has entered the fray. So has wild speculation that former Strikeforce champion Gina Carano may be contemplating a comeback if a fight with Rousey were on the table.

Rousey met with a group of media at this past weekend’s UFC 171 event in Dallas, and she weighed in on all the speculation of who she might fight next, as well as talk about plans for her career, the movies she has on tap, and much more.

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  • TheCerealKiller

    She would need to make 135lbs. I don’t think she could do it, but crazier things have happened for the right amount of money.

    • Ol’ Rooter

      Rousey trolled the ‘roidborg nut-snugglers by saying that she’d fight Carano at a catch weight.

      • MPA2000

        Don’t understand your terminology, but the only thing she did was create a bunch of bashers who think she is a coward.

  • Meatfist

    Cyborg took steroids. She’s been caught. She didn’t expose anything other than she is a cheater who looks like a man.

    • Lawdog1521

      Yet if she was any of the hundreds of dudes who’ve done the same thing, you wouldn’t be saying ****.

      • Meatfist

        So many guys on here have huge man crushes on cyborg

    • MPA2000

      Ya so? Sonnen was busted with illegal TRT levels and you guys forgave him. Why the double standard? Borg is a nice person.

  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    Whoever it is I hope beats Ronda and makes her cry on tv. Shes been fighting all these cupcake easy fights, give her a tough fighter

    • Ol’ Rooter

      She’s fought every tough fighter they’ve thrown at her. The girls are tough, not cupcakes…well, Miesha’s a cupake…Ronda just makes them all look foolish, and there’s no reason to think should wouldn’t do the same to ‘roidborg.

    • John Floyd

      Rousey just makes them look easy; they are all top level fighters in their respective divisions. Since Carano over 4 years ago, who has Cyborg fought that’s anywhere close to Rousey’s level? Coenen? Coenen lost to Tate, was losing to Carmouche until she pulled off a submission late into the fight and lost to Roxanne Modafferi who has lost her last 6 fights. To be fair to Coenen, though, she has also beat Roxanne.

      Rousey has beat most of the top contenders at 135 and the top 3 contenders at 145 except for Coenen (which could be an interesting fight). There really is no fighter on their level for either Cyborg or Rousey except each other. Let’s hope that Dana can make it happen.

  • Fat Bloke

    I’m pretty sure the people who constantly defend Cyborg are the ones who would take PEDs themselves. Anyone who thinks it is ok to take PEDs is an idiot. Once you have been busted for PEDs everything you have done or will do in the future is tainted because you’ve lost the trust of fans. PEDs are readily being used in MMA and always stay ahead of the testers, so how are we supposed to believe that someone who has been busted before is now genuinely clean?

  • Get2DaChoppa

    I could care less who Rousey fights. I will never buy a PPV with her as the main event, the fights just aren’t entertaining IMO. For those that are bashing Gina about her weight. Give me a break! That chick is smoking hot!

    • Mihael Hajdin

      I just wanna se honda get her ass handed, dont care really who will it be but hope its cyborg, and i agree Gina is a bomb!!

      • MPA2000

        A bomb or The bomb? I am trying to figure out if you dissing her or complimenting her.

  • Ol’ Rooter

    Watch that fight again. You’ll see ‘roidborg having a rough time dealing with Carano. Carano was intelligently defending herself when the fight was stopped at the end of the 1st round. Carano’s no Rousey.

    • MPA2000

      You must have been watching an entirely different fight. Carano started her career as a Muay Thai boxer, so her hand skills exceeded Cyborg. She was overwhelmed by Borg’s strength and folded.
      It would have been over sooner, but like I said Carano’s striking was the only thing keeping the fight from ending sooner.

  • elvibaby

    yea i saw a glimpse of the flick ur talking about and the pic of here being heavy on the beach with biceps bigger then mines…. and he last fight where she was cornered by captain overrated couture, gassing out in the first round

  • earlsimmons

    dont matter. she is better than anything youll ever get in your life.

    • MPA2000

      Wow. Insult much?

  • earlsimmons

    ehhhh after reading a bunch of your posts its ez to tell your trolling mang. your amatuer troll at best.

  • John

    Lets see Gina put women’s MMA on the map first. She got beat by a man and decided to try acting. Now she has been in 3 or so movies and still going. I have to ask the idiots insulting her what have you accomplished in your life? Does anybody know your name? Hell does your last girlfriend even remember your name. Rhonda, Tate and Gina are all successful fighters that have not roided up to compete in MMA. Cyborg did, which in my opinion means she doesn’t have the raw talent that all of these other woman do. If she did she would not have had to turn to the roids to win. Gina could have won the fight with Cyborg. She had the tools, what she didn’t have was the confidence. Watch her walk out, listen to her pre-fight interviews. Gina lost to herself, not roidborg.

  • The guest of guests

    All details aside, I believe Cyborg would beat Rousey. There is a possibility of Rousey somehow managing to get her to the ground and pull off an armbar, but should that happen, she will be KO’d in the rematch.