Ronda Rousey on Late TUF 18 Switch to Miesha Tate: “I Think This Was Fated to Happen” (video)

May 29, 2013
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Ronda Rousey UFC 157It was a surprising switch, to say the least, when Ronda Rousey found out that her original opposing coach on The Ultimate Fighter 18, Cat Zingano, was out due to an ACL injury and fiery foe Miesha Tate had re-entered the picture, but Rousey believes it was meant to be.

“I think that this was really fated to happen,” said Rousey after having some time for the news to settle.

Ronda Rousey, Dana White, and Miesha Tate react to the last-minute TUF 18 coaching change.

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  • hgirhg

    “Better TV”, who cares! Tate will lose again, pointless fight.

    • barnettoo

      That you never know.

      As much as I like Ronda, she has been nothing but a one-trick pony so far. But a pretty darn good one-trick pony.

      It could be because I am a RR fan.

  • OkaaLV

    I feel bad for Cat, but this sure is interesting for more fans and better for TV.

    Cat! Get well soon!

  • bob

    What makes Miesha Tate worthy to replace Cat on TUF? Everyone on the planet knew Ronda was going for a 1st-round submission by armbar, and Miesha still couldn’t stop it. At least bring in someone that Ronda hasn’t already easily beaten.

    • Miguel Rivera

      think undefeated Olympic gold medalist Sarah McMahon would have been a better choice

    • OkaaLV

      There is no such fighter right now. And what makes you think, that Miesha couldn’t kick Ronda’s ass now? I mean, I’m ultra pumped for this TUF season, for fight that will happen.

  • Jack Burton

    Looked up the injury and she tore her ACL, had to have surgery. We won’t see her until next year.

  • Jack Burton

    Now we get to see Tate scowling for months on TV, great.

  • Darin

    Tate doesn’t deserve this purely for her pissy attitude following the beating Kat gave her.

    • barnettoo

      Tate has this whole victim mentality going on. Whining all the time. You see “holes” in Ronda’s game after you lose to her? Come on, you haven’t been around MMA for such a long time to make a comment like that. It’s understandable that Randy made those comments after his loss to Brock given his 10+ years of experience in MMA and coaching his students and running his own gym. But “holes” in Ronda’s game? And yeah…you were cheated out of your KO loss to Cat? WTH??

      She is so jealous of Ronda. I’ll bet you that she feels insecure everytime she catches her bf looking at Ronda photos online wishing he could tap that instead of Tate.

  • Ryan

    ……..title shot…….coming off a loss……. UFC!!

    • Brent

      Yeah Ryan, lots of quality opponents in the women’s ranks…..smh

  • yannick

    OMG failing to get Cyborg is failing to give what the fans want. Rousey already beat tate that is a joke real joke.

    • bajafox

      Cyborg can’t make the only weight that currently exists in the UFC. Get over it

  • BRAD

    Something just seems a little fishy about this whole situation

  • Ed

    Anything to make sure she keeps the belt!

  • caca

    is fated a word???

  • Sir_Roy

    What’s with all of the “OMG!” coupled with conspiracy theories and drama dripping off this comment page.

    Nothing like talk about WMMA to pump up the estrogen levels in a group of dudes. Lol.

  • eric

    Love it. Tate and Rousey serve as better coaches for TUF, the personalities’ rivalry’ will work out perfect .