Ronda Rousey on HBO: “I Probably Get More Attention Fighting Because of How I Look” (video)

February 18, 2013
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Ronda Rousey HBO Real Sports-478x270Is sex a selling point? Would you ever do a Playboy shoot? Are you a sex symbol?

These are all bases that get covered in the Tuesday night’s HBO Real Sports segment with UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey.

These aren’t the types of questions that most male fighters get asked on a regular basis, but they are par for the course for Rousey, who is constantly asked about such issues since she was the first woman signed to the male-dominated UFC roster.

Rousey freely admits that being attractive helps promote her, but she also knows that if she didn’t have the goods inside the cage, it wouldn’t matter how she looks.

“I probably get more attention fighting because of how I look,” said Rousey during the Real Sports interview, “but if I didn’t know how to fight and I just looked the way I did, no one would know who I am.”

All of that won’t matter when Rousey steps into the Octagon with Liz Carmouche at UFC 157 on Saturday at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif., but until then, you can watch Real Sports with Ronda Rousey on HBO on Tuesday at at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

  • NEED

    Did you figure that one out yourself?

  • lol probably wasnt because of that thinking.

  • Christina

    I like Ronda. She’s no schlub but certainly not the best looking woman fighting MMA. She’s where she is because of the combination of looks, ability and marketing. If she loses a couple of fights in a row she will be on her way to becoming an afterthought. I see someone who has been fighting for a long time, has a good record, has an interesting story and could be legendary for paving the road for other women in the UFC. I also hope the time she’s having to spend handling the marketing doesn’t turn into a distraction that hurts her training. You go girl!

  • Tommy Blingshyne

    on a MMA level shes attractive…most female fighters are real butchy or just flat out horrible but shes def. not some drop dead gorgeous chick…far from it…

  • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

    oh god … If I hang out in my town I can cross the eyes with dozen of girls that are aesthetically far better then Ronda …

    even in WMMA fighters like Waterson and Carano are far more attractive then her … Ronda is notorious for her abilities as a fighter and for her brash personality …

    let’s not compare her to other sport girls like Sharapova, Hantuchova, Carolina Kostner, Pellegrini, etc …

  • She is not sexy,Gina on the…. other hand

  • George Sperry

    “I probably get more attention fighting because of how I look,”

    Ya think?

  • gabe

    Id hit it

  • JimmyPettishardo

    For some reason, I am beginning to find Ronda to be annoying.

    Why is she so opinionated? Reminds me of Frank Mir.

  • Y4J

    Now this is NO WHERE NEAR being someone against gays or bisexuals because i’m not as I have many family and friends as that, but do you think the reason Liz is fighting Ronda because Liz represents a lot of stereotypes women in MMA are? I mean, she’s lesbian, she is a bit manly looking, and she’s tough. This way, if Ronda beats her, it shows the world that pretty girls can beat girls considered “dikes” or “men looking” and can break that whole outlook?