Ronda Rousey Officially Moving to the UFC; Strikeforce Will Fold After January Event

November 9, 2012
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Ronda Rousey - StrikeforceJust a few years ago, UFC president Dana White said he never envisioned women’s fighting ever happening in the Octagon, but now everything has officially changed forever.

Strikeforce women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has signed with the UFC effective immediately and will begin competing for the promotion in 2013.

In addition to Rousey and the women’s division moving to the UFC, the entire promotion of Strikeforce will wrap up production and fold following its show in January.

The original report about both Rousey and Strikeforce came via, but additional sources have confirmed Rousey’s signing with the UFC to In addition, has also confirmed that Strikeforce will indeed close its doors after January, with many fighters then transferring over to the UFC.

Neither Showtime or Zuffa officials have commented on the deals, but the targeted Jan. 12 show for Strikeforce in Oklahoma City is expected to be the promotion’s swan song. Strikeforce has been teetering on the brink of extinction for months ever since two separate shows were cancelled for the promotion between September and November. Now it appears that they will put on one final “mega show” in January before calling it a day.

As far as Rousey’s UFC deal, sources indicated to as far back as mid-October that the Strikeforce bantamweight champion was likely headed to the Octagon, but it was just a matter of time before the deal got announced.

Negotiations obviously concluded and now Rousey will become the first woman ever to compete in the UFC.

No date has been determined for Rousey’s first fight in the Octagon, but it will likely be in early 2013. The name that has been floated most recently for her first opponent is fellow Strikeforce competitor Liz Carmouche, but nothing has been offered or signed at this point. will continue to update this story as information becomes available.

  • awesome. It’s about time lol

  • Mark McDowall

    I thought StrikeForce was under contract with Showtime for a while longer?

  • disqus_1vlWNfdPOM

    So… She’s afraid to fight Cyborg still?

    • xxDoc_Holidayxx

      Try not to be too ignorant. Ronda would absolutely DESTROY ANY weight! Cris is intense, but very wild, and how many times has she landed on her back when attempting a takedown herself? She’s no daisy!

      • Darin

        She may be no daisy, but how does she rate as a huckleberry, Doc?

        • Richurd Cheese


  • Jason Decipher

    This means women can now make a great living as well fighting. I hopevthe UFC aggressively finds more talent. This can only better the sport right?

  • Corey

    Wow, the one trick pony made it to the big show. Now let’s see if Dana takes it seriously or if he’ll feed her cans she can armbar easily, not like he’ll let Cyborg destroy her.

    • Yannick Messaoud

      Cyborg is going to be under serious watch like overeem since she been cough using winstrol V, she should use slower acting esther not to get cough. Has for Rousay we will see she fough some good competiton and beat them she might not be a one trick pony. Its normal she takes them down like GSP she uses her strenght on the ground

    • John Weatherly

      Clearly you nothing about Ronda’s skills.

    • That one trick pony does that trick better than anyone in the entire world whos a trained professional martial arts competitor. Big deal if she is a “one trick” pony; she’s working on the other aspects of the game just like every other fighter does so your comment makes no sense. I don’t get you fans who talk trash about high level fighters who actually achieved something. Yea she doesn’t have many mma fights yet but she had to start somewhere. And not to mention being a decorated judoka.

  • gnodeb

    Ronda vs Sonnen… because “fans” ask for it…

  • Triggerman99

    “Negotiations obviously concluded and now Rousey will become the first woman ever to compete in the UFC”
    Uhhhh….how can you soley be the “first”? Wouldn’t she and her opponent both be the “first” to ever compete in the UFC?

    • John Weatherly

      Not if she fights that little bitch Bryan Caraway.

    • Well if Ronda fights Cyborg, then Ronda would be the first woman since Cyborg has enough testosterone to be considered a man.

  • Mario

    I see Rousey vs. “Cyborg” Santos as the first fight they have for her in the UFC. It would make perfect sense as far as big money is concerned. If there’s going to be women fighting in the UFC, realize that now there’s the possibility of an all-female ultimate fighter in the future. Which I wouldn’t mind watching.

    I look forward to seeing all the other fighters that they absorb as a result. Will Nate Marquardt get another chance within’ UFC ground? Gilbert Melendez, if he beats Pat Healy in January? So many positive up sides to this announcement.

    • Mark McDowall

      I think Melendez will be another Hector Lombard…come in with lots of hype around him and then fail miserably. He can’t keep fighting Josh Thompson!! ANY of the top 5 UFC 155er’s will take Melendez IMO

  • Timothy Malone

    This is the worst and best news I’ve ever heard. So we get another completely underdeveloped division in the UFC to water down cards with, but we do get some new talent in the other divisions with the folding of Strikeforce. Its about time. The best fighters in the world are slowly coming together.

    • Logic

      100% agree, if the PPV cards get anymore watered down it could spell trouble.

    • shakejunt

      i’m thinkin since dana is friendly with shannon knapp that they can work with and/or buyout invicta

  • Guest

    Now they need a womens Ultimate Fighter! Put it on HBO or Showtime, haha

  • stevemcz11

    A women ultimate fighter will fill the ranks quickly. Ronda and Cyborg would be good coaches

    • shakejunt


      i think the ratings would be great

    • Mark McDowall

      But could you imagine 16 girls locked in a house for a couple months…there would be fatalities lol!!

      A womens TUF would be awesome I think…there are alot of good WMMA fights that go on…done right this could open a whole new demographic for the UFC…done wrong and it will be a carnival attraction. You can’t build an entire “womens division” on a single women…that will only last for so long.

  • Yannick Messaoud

    Strikeforce will fold what a suprise

  • shakejunt

    finally dr. kevorkian saves the day