Ronda Rousey Not Making Another Olympic Run: ‘She’s Not That Dumb’

March 16, 2015
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These days, everyone looks at Ronda Rousey as the groundbreaking female fighter that rules the roost in the UFC women’s bantamweight division… and deservedly so.

Rousey and the UFC were criticized when the belt was handed to her after the promotion gobbled up Strikeforce. It didn’t take long for her to shut up most of the critics, however, as she took the belt and ran with it.

She made the first defense of the belt by submitting Liz Carmouche with the patented Rousey armbar at UFC 157 and has defended it four more times since. Only one of those five defenses has gone beyond the first round. Rousey’s two most recent defenses haven’t gone beyond 16 seconds.

But there was once a time when Rousey was one of the top women in the world in the sport her mother spearheaded for American women: Judo.

Ronda RouseyHer mom, AnnMaria De Mars, trained Rousey from her childhood to be a Judoka, and became really good. So good, in fact, that she won a Bronze medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

There has been some speculation recently that the 28-year-old Rousey might be considering another Olympic run, but that apparently isn’t so, according to De Mars.

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When asked by Submission Radio if there was any chance Rousey was considering another Olympic attempt, De Mars responded, “None.

“She’s not going to fight for free. She makes a ton of money doing what she’s doing and Ronda’s very smart,” she continued. “One of the things people don’t know about her is how smart she really is. She went to a special school here for kids who were excellent at math and science, and we always thought when she was younger that she would always get her PHD in Oceanography or something like that.

“So she realizes that she has a very short window remaining as an athlete and her opportunity is to make a few million dollars in those remaining years, rather than go to the Olympics and fight for free. She’s not that dumb.”

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  • Lisa

    I thought Ronda struggled in school, was home schooled and only got her GED?? Now her mother says she went to a special
    Math and Science school?

    • asdasdasd

      Well, homeschool can be just from 1-3 grade. or even 1-9. but that is just speculations, she might’ve gotten into a really high gymnasium or so or w/e.

      We can only speculate til her mother tell her which grades she was homeschooled in

    • Ron Wheeler

      As I understand it she had speech difficulties when she was young but that wouldn’t preclude her from also being good at math/science.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Even if she wanted to go to the Olympics Dana wouldn’t allow it.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Another fake me, really?

  • Brewblaz

    Ronda could do much better modeling in vogue or doing a spread in Style magazine, and she’d make more money too,she doesn’t need UFC anymore.

    • Roganism

      LMAO. This.

    • earlsimmonz

      Yes because RR is sooooo beautiful that once that mug gets put into some magazine everyone will just flock and buy them all up. You live on earth bro?

      • Brewblaz

        That’s exactly the point, she has established herself on all fronts (sports illustrated) literally, I could actually see her promoting Olympic Judo, being a commentator, an actress. Her future is her oyster to choose from.

  • CowardRousey

    And that’s the reason she won’t fight cyborg, because she wants to make more money beating nobodies at bantamweight. The day she fights cyborg that’s the day when she’s going to stop making money from fighting and she’s going to have to resort to do porn to try to even make a buck!

  • GoalieSwagger

    “the patented Rousey armbar” ??? I get what the writer was trying to say here, but thats just crappy journalism. How about using “her signature move” instead.

  • jrcr_15

    De Mars is the MMA equivalent to the mother-pig Kardashian. Why are her opinions considered to be news worthy?

  • Jeff

    Its funny because people come on here and just start slamming her. Theres not a single one of you morons that have come close to achieving what she has.

    • PClife

      Shes a can-crushing paper champ lol She hasn’t fought any quality opponents and is hoping to god Cyborg cant make 135. She is being pushed down everyone throat and people are getting tired of it, is she was a man, shed be a mid-low ranked fighter, at best.