Ronda Rousey Needs a Fight? Alexis Davis Happy to Give Her One

November 29, 2011
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Alexis Davis

The world of women’s MMA has been heating up lately, and the Strikeforce women’s 135lb champion hasn’t even officially been scheduled for her next bout.

Miesha Tate has been on the sidelines alongside current No. 1 contender Sarah Kaufman, waiting on the word from Strikeforce on when their title fight will take place in 2012.

Meanwhile, former Olympic medalist Ronda Rousey has quickly jumped to 4-0 and after her win a couple of weeks ago over Julia Budd, she immediately started calling for a fight with Tate, sooner rather than later.

Rousey has continued to call for the fight and it’s obviously ruffled the feathers of not only the champion, but also the challenger and former title holder Sarah Kaufman who is next in line.

One more person who isn’t too keen on Rousey’s mouth is Strikeforce fighter Alexis Davis, who has won her last three fights in a row including a dominant performance over Amanda Nunes in September.

She’s been watching quietly from the sidelines seeing the drama unfold, but with Rousey trying to jump over her as well in the contender’s race, Davis is quiet no more.

“I’ve been watching a bit, back and forth, I haven’t quite seen it all,” Davis told MMAWeekly Radio about the Tate/Rousey situation. “I’m busy training in the gym, maybe these girls should be working out and getting ready for their next fights before they’re talking all this smack about how much damage they’re going to cause.”

While Davis understands the tactics that Rousey is using to get attention and possibly position herself in a title shot sooner rather than later, she believes the former Olympian is jumping in the deep end before she’s shown anybody that she can swim.

“I don’t think she’s really fought anybody who has been able to give her a challenge, that’s had like a serious ground game,” Davis said.

“She talks a lot of smack and on one side that’s great, well some of the things she’s said, for women’s MMA. It’s really got everyone’s attention. But some of the things she’s said, and I think she has talent in there, but has she fought anybody? Let’s get to the bottom line. Does she deserve a title shot? Sure, she’s doing great and the press and everybody’s talking about it, but has she earned it? I don’t think quite yet.”

Sometimes the loudest one in the room is the person everyone pays attention to, so Davis is happy to make a similar declaration, but she’s more than willing to back it up in the cage as well.

“I’m saying it right now I deserve a title shot. Let’s go. What’s going to happen, we don’t know. Like I said after my last fight, give me Miesha Tate, I’ll fight her. Sarah Kaufman, she’s right up there, she’s the top contender right now. I’d like to see Ronda walk all over her, it’s not going to happen when you get to that level of fighter,” said Davis.

“If I can’t have Miesha Tate, obviously I’m going to want her first or Sarah Kaufman, then I’ll take Ronda.”

Alexis Davis might be the perfect fight for Ronda Rousey to prove herself and then there is another top contender in the women’s bantamweight division in Strikeforce. With a card now booked for Jan 7 in Las Vegas could Davis get her wish?

That’s up to Strikeforce matchmaker Sean Shelby to decide.

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  • RonnieV

    Here’s an idea, quit reporting on this chick nobody has ever seen fight.

  • pegson

    i think ronda facing alexis davis is a much harder fight than ronda facing tate. davis has those hips that seem hard to manipulate around the cage, similar to kaufman. I ronda has the potential to be better than both kaufman and davis but at the moment once that armbar fales if it does of course. i dont see what tools she has.

    • MrAdidas

      Check & mate! Completely agree 100%

  • Asis

    The fact you cannot see other tools does not mean she does not have any. Frankly how the heck do you expect to see other tools when Rousey won 7 fights (3 ami + 4 pro) in like under 3 minutes TOTAL. In light of that you are asking the wrong question. The question is not does she have other tools, but who will be the first opponent to survive the 1st minute, 1st round etc…