Ronda Rousey Named Most Dominant Athlete Alive

May 7, 2015
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Business Insider published a list of the “50 most dominant athletes alive” this week and UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey sat atop the assembly of international athletes.

Only one of Rousey’s eleven fights has gone past the first round, and only three have lasted longer than a minute. The 2008 Olympic Judo Bronze Medalist seems to be growing more dominant as her fighting career progresses. She recorded her two quickest finishes in her two most recent outings. She logged a 16-second knockout over Alexis Davis at UFC 175 and followed that performance up with a 14-second finish of Cat Zingano at UFC 184.

Ronda Rousey vs Alexis Davis at UFC 175In being named the most dominant athlete alive, Rousey beat out the NBA’s LeBron James, tennis legend Serena Williams, and soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

The 28-year-old made history by becoming the first female fighter to be signed by the UFC in November 2012. She’s the first and only UFC women’s bantamweight champion, and the first Olympic Medalist to hold a UFC title. She also became the first mixed martial artist to receive an ESPY award when she was named Best Female Athlete in 2014.

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Rousey looks to remain undefeated and add another quick finish to her resume when she faces top contender Bethe Correia in the UFC 190 main event on Aug. 1 in Rio de Janeiro.

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  • polk14

    Ronda haters are not going to like this.

    • Gary Love

      Key word, haters. No valid argument can be made in opposition to this. Just biased rants.

      • TheCerealKiller

        See my above comment. The pool of talent has to be a massive weight in a ranking like this.

        • Gontran

          It does.
          She’s 11-0… against competition that is at best around 9-0 or 13-5… she’s been fighting since 2011.

          Floyd just beat the guy who has been considered the #2 (at times #1) pound for pound boxe for the the last 9 years or so.
          His competition? Cotto, Mosley, Corrales, Castillo, Hatton, Pacquiao, De La Hoya, etc. Do I really need to make a case?
          He’s 49-0.
          Undefeated since 1996.

          You can’t even begin to compare Rousey to Floyd.

          And don’t get me wrong, she’s doing great. She’s completely destroying her opposition. But she’s not even close to being as dominant as a Floyd Mayweather or a Wladimir Klitschko. And that’s only fight sports!

          • Anthony Lopez

            And he’s dominated every fight? Some think he legitimately lost some of those fights. To say Floyd dominates his opponents is laughable

          • Gontran

            haha… “laughable”, really? That is a very ignorant thing to say.
            It is common knowledge that floyd dominates his opponents.

            It is a widely known and accepted fact in the boxing world.

            You are right about two things though: he actually is 48-0, and the first Castillo fight was controversial and could legitimately be scored to Castillo, depending on your point of view.

            I read some many time in the last few week that floyd will retire at 49-0 next fall that I got my numbers confused for a second. It doesn’t change the argument though.
            It is a fighter with a 48-0 record built against some of the best boxers in the world in a sport that has been established for centuries and that has a very, very deep talent pool, vs. a fighter with an 11-0 record built against in a relativeley new sport that has a very shallow talent pool.

            Also when you say “some” think he legitimately lost “some” of those fights…
            The second thing you are right about, is that many thought he lost the first Castillo fight. I’ll be honest, it was a very close fight, and some thought Castillo won, some thought Mayweather won.
            So let’s assume, for a moment, that he lost that fight.
            1. That fight was 13 years ago. That is 9 years before Ronda Rousey even started fighting.
            2. He has won, and dominated, every fight he has been in since, including the Castillo rematch.
            3. You say that “some” thought he lost “some” of his fights. No. Outside the first Castillo fight, which was already discussed, there’s a pretty strong consensus that Mayweather has won each and every on of his other fights.

            A few were a bit more competitive. The first half of the first Maidana and Zab Judah fights were competitive, Mayweather adapted and clearly won the fights in the second half. He also clearly won the Maidana reamtch.
            The Cotto fight was competitive, but the score were still a well deserved 118-110 and 117-111 (x2).
            Every other fight he’s been in he has dominated.

            So 11-0 since 2011 ? In a shallow talent pool?
            Great job, yes. I aplaud her talent and she’s obviouly way above her competition.
            More dominating than Floyd? That would be, as you put it, “laughable”.

          • Juchi

            More dominating than Floyd? You’ve answered your own question. While Floyd is an undeniably skillful boxer, probably the most skillful in boxing, numerous of his fights have gone to decision. What is more dominating, a first round finish or a 12 round decision where the winner has won mainly by avoiding his opponents punches rather than destroying his opponent ala pre-Douglas Tyson. Consistently edging your opponent out in connected strikes is not domination no matter how many times you do it.

          • Gontran


            “hit and don’t get hit”

            According to compubox, Floyd is also the best at that.

            He hits his opponents with more precision while evading more punched than any other active boxer.

            Only Alvarez has better precision (by 1%) but he gets hit more and only Rigo has better defense (by 1%) but he’s not as precise in his punches.

            He barely ever get hit clean and he hits his opponent at a higher percentage. He makes great boxers look ordinary, and makes it look easy to beat them.
            Floyd not only dominates his opponents, but he ahead of any other boxer, at any weight, statistically.

            Let’s see how Ronda does when she gets 48 fights against that kind of opposition. Let’s see how she does when she moves up in weight to fight Cybord (Floyd won titles in 4 weight classes). In the meantime, let’s face it, you can’t even compare the two.

          • Anthony Lopez

            And he’s 48 and 0 not 49. And to even mention the Castillo fight tarnished his claim to dominating the sport. Anyone who’s ever watched that fight besides the judges that night and fan boys knows he lost

        • Gary Love

          I think the only metric that is being considered here is how much of a gap exists between an athlete and their competition. Nobody dominates there own sport like Rousey. Only Tate took her past the first round, and she still finished her Pokemon @$$, twice.

          • TheCerealKiller

            So I guess if I start an arm wrestling league with Stephen Hawking, I’ll be the most dominant athlete in the world?

          • Gary Love

            That doesn’t even make sense. I know she is a b…ch, but you should stop hating. It’s not healthy.

          • TheCerealKiller

            Hating would mean I would have to say something negative about her, which I did not. I guess you don’t understand the difference in the talent pools of major sports and WMMA.

          • Gary Love

            If you qualified for the special Olympics, and won gold at every event you would have a legit claim…

          • TheCerealKiller

            No, you wouldn’t.

          • Gary Love

            I understand fine.Please see my original reply to you.

          • TheCerealKiller

            So then we agree that the entire ranking is a laughing joke. We’re good.

          • Gary Love

            Basically. Not enough variables have been considered.

          • backkick

            Have to agree. Seems ridiculous given the level of competition she has. Is that not obvious? Not “hating” , just feel like that’s pretty clear.

          • Gary Love

            If you had ALS and started an arm wrestling league for people like yourself, in which you beat everybody in less than a second, you would have a legit claim to most dominent athlete.

          • Tyson Searer

            Look, Rousey is competing in women’s UFC. She is the first woman to ever be signed by the organization, and this was only a few years ago. It should be noted that the decision to add a women’s division to the UFC is comically similar to the ncaa title 9 rule. To compare her accomplishments in relation to the average-at-best competition she faces to other professional athletes such as mayweather, bones jones, brady, and LeBron is a shame and almost laughable. But hey, at least this is a great step forward for the feminist population!

          • Gary Love

            Like I said, none of those metrics were considered. You can only come to a conclusion based on the variables being considered. This is why we are dead last in math and science.

  • Gontran

    Really? Over Floyd? And Wladimir?

    • TheCerealKiller

      Don’t like your own comments. It makes you look bad.

      • Gontran

        It does! 😛

        • Gontran

          I even liked your comment about me looking bad because I like my own comment!

          • TheCerealKiller


      • Darin

        I love my own comments and I don’t care who knows. The award is for “Most Dominant”. She dominates the most. You disagree with that? Sure, Mayweather has more wins, but are they dominant wins? Did he dominate Pac? I sure didn’t get that impression. Ronda wrecked her last opponent in seconds, and Cat is no joke. And maybe Ronda is so good she makes others look pathetic. I’d like to see her fight Cyborg so we can see just how good she really is.

  • TheCerealKiller

    The competition in the NFL, NBA, NHL and most of the other professional sports is at an elite status that WMMA doesn’t even deserve to be in the conversation with. I wonder what Zuffa paid for that title?


    She deserves it and she’s better looking than Floyd.

    • Gary Love

      True, but my pet bonobo also looks better than Floyd.

      • BRANDY

        Haha true.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Floyd would beat her ass… literately.

      • Kevin D

        She would arm bar Floyd in under 30 seconds.

        • JJDNB


  • TheCerealKiller

    Fjord Vanderflorgen, the most dominant Shpoople player ever. Should be #1

  • uncle

    Women sports like track and field, tennis, volleyball ,swimming etc are elite athletes but not in women’s MMA Ronda’s competition is so shallow. it’s like Jon Jones fighting the newcomers on TUF

  • kale

    Id have to give it to floyd simply because he just beat MANNY PACQUIAO! You can make a case for her if she beat cyborg in the first round but lets get real.. mayweathers win over Pacquiao is the biggest win in all of combat sports in a long time. People can say it was a boring fight and all that, but thats mayweathers style. What made the fight so exiting was the question ‘will manny be the one to break mayweathers defence’. That answer was no and we got another mayweather fight. We as people who love combat sports should be lucky we got to witness this. Thats how i feel anyway as someone who loves all and every combat sport. Lets hope we get another one in are lifetime. Im just glad they didnt give the award to some nascar driver or gulfer or even a basketball player. Boxing and mma are the greatest sports in the world.

  • saila
  • Juchi

    You got that right. Clearly our ideas of domination differ.

  • Tom McElroy

    Business insider needs to drug test their writers!!

  • Daily

    Floyd and Serena Williams should be 1 and 2 here.

    • JJDNB

      That big girls still playing?

      • Daily

        That “big girl” just mop the floor with that skinny second place blonde AGAIN to win ANOTHER grandslam championship just a few weeks ago. Domination. Best ever.

        • cuivre2004

          How does a water buffalo hold a racket in those hooves? LOL!

          • Daily

            Like a champion — 21 times. Seethe. LOL!


    Most scared champ ever.

  • deepgrim

    floyd is dominant in points victory, but he is really not knock anyones ass off and hasnt in a while, he is just amazing at not getting hit. ronda isnt just dominating decisions she is wrecking her opposition, her last 3 fights combined lasted like 50 seconds- thats just crazy. it almost seems like a success getting out of a round with her.

    • Gontran

      Give Floyd an opponent with 4 years experience and a 8-2 or 17-6 record, and he’ll probably knock em out too. Look at how he handled Gatti, who had certainly accomplished more in his own sport thant any of Ronda’s opponent.

      But it doesn’t matter if he knocks them out or not. The thing is, no one can beat him or even come close. He takes absolute destroyers and shuts them down completely and make them look amateurish. All the while landing punches with more precision and avoiding more punched than any other fither alive. Over the course of 48 fights. That’s more dominating than 11 stoppages over weak opposition (the best opposition she can get [outside of Cyborg], I won’t blame her for it, she’s doing as well as anybody could with the position that she’s in. Not her fault. But she’s just not the most dominating athlere, let alone fighter, out there.)

      But Floyd is just an example. If you guys want to use ko ratio as a measure, I’ve also mentionned Wladimir in my original post.
      He didn’t win a decision until his 18th fight. That’s 15 stoppages in a row (with 2 wins by DQ). THEN, it happened again for another 17 fights.

      He’s been champ for ten years. Hasn’t lost since 2004 (waaaay before Ronda even started fighting) and he avenged that loss in dominating fashion. Has an 80% ko ration in 67 fights. I repeat, 67 fight.

      Ronda has 11 fights. In a very shallow talent pool.

      Come on guys…

      • deepgrim

        wladmir more so for me tho he has been knocked out a few times, i personally thought the maidana first fight was a draw and i understand their was a fight that maymeather was getting well beat but got the ko, not sure who it was. rousey hasnt had the best of competition in fairness, but a lot of it is that she makes her opponents look so bad. And she certainly hasnt proved it over as long as a time period but on current form i think currently she is the most dominant.

        • Gontran

          1. You did not score the Maidana fight properly
          2. There was not a fight in which Floyd was losing but got a late ko. No such fight exists.

          You’re talking current form, yet referencing Wladimir getting ko’d 11 years ago.
          If we’re talking current form, let’s talk about his current streak, which is 22 wins in a row, 19 being title fights. His last defeat was 11 years ago. A majority of these fights ended by stoppage and he rarely ever loses rounds. And those fights were against the current best heavyweight fighters in the world.

          Give him subpar heavyweights with 9-1 or 15-5 records who were built on mediocre opposition and they won’t last a round against Wlad either.

          No one believes that anyone in boxing has a chance at beating either Wladimir or Floyd. Or even coming close.
          Same goes with Rousey. Except that Rousey has been doing it against far weaker opposition, and for really not as long as they did.

          • deepgrim

            well i mention wladmirs defeats, just purely that he has been beaten before and is not unbeaten like floyd and ronda. well i scored the first maidana fight 6 rounds each, floyd came back strong in that fight. plenty believed manny had a chance against floyd but he didnt really get close but i do believe the shoulder injury would have hampered him as the times he was able to get floyd in the corner he wasnt able to throw right hooks as floyd circled out to his left all the time. sorry my friends had mentioned a fight that floyd was down on points but was able to get the ko, cant remember who they said it was cant say much more on that.

  • Drock420

    What about Fedor? Wasn’t he more dominant? Just my opinion.

  • KennyDuit

    Her division is a joke.. shes getting hyped because she beat a girl that was 9-0, 3-0 (Bethe Corriea) in the ufc which 2 of the girls are cut because they suck and the other is ranked 24th or something. She had no chance.. hasn’t even faught a top 10. Her biggest conpetion right now us Tate? Really? No hate they’re good. Even great. But not most dominant. I won’t let the ufc trick me. If anything Chris Weidman