Ronda Rousey is The Champ… That’s Why She’s the UFC 157 Headliner (Dana White Video)

December 23, 2012
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Ronda Rousey StrikeforceThere has been some controversy over UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey headlining the UFC 157 pay-per-view fight card in February. Some people believe that proven UFC fighters and former champions Lyoto Machida and Dan Henderson should have taken the top spot, but UFC president Dana White disagrees.

“She’s the champ. If you’re the champion, you’re the headliner. You’re at the top of the card.”

  • Timothy Malone

    He actually dodged your question. You mentioned Fox and free events. Yes she was going to be the headliner as champ, but why PPV? That was the question asked. The first flyweight title fight in the UFC did not headline a PPV, and neither did the first featherweight title fight.

  • usa


  • Mike Oxafloppin

    What BS will Dana “Don King” White spew out of his mouth next?

  • chucker

    no shes headlines the event becuz she putting in overtym on dana white cock

  • Mike mckinney

    Ahh, if only it were the 1920’s.
    Rhonda would be in the kitchen preparing snacks while the rest of us prepared to watch a real men fight.

    Too bad every card doesn’t have a 205lbs or heavier fight headlining.

  • She’s no champion why because she arm bar’d a couple of people I could care less who she fights boring good luck trying to promote this one:(

    • She’s no champion? I’m pretty sure she defeated Meisha Tate for the title of champion at bantamweight. “arm bar’d” 9 people, 6 who happen to be professional fighters and I’m pretty sure she has won the bronze, silver and gold medals multiple times in Judo. Nothing like disrespecting the sport by talking trash about an olympic athlete competing in mma. Awesome fan you are .

  • Tyme_5

    If you want her to headline, fine. Just don’t let her headline a PPV. Rousey vs Carmouche is not worth $50. I don’t care what anyone says, that fight is not worthy of PPV main event. No amount of rationalizing can change that.

    • julioarroyos

      you’re an idiot if you pay 50 dollars just to see one fight no matter who is fighting.. you pay 50 to see everyone on the card fight. if even three fighters i like make it on to the same card, you bet your ass i’m buying that ppv even if the main event has fighters i don’t care much for. my point being… youre an idiot.

      • Tyme_5

        lol, k.

  • Rufus

    No one would be complaining if it was against cyborg

    • chucker.

      Duh cyborgs the only other big name fighter in womens mma

  • Ron Wheeler

    She was Strikeforce champ, not UFC champ. First Dana wrecks yet another promotion by stealing all their fighters. Now in his fairyland RR is automatically the UFC champ? Huh? Don’t get me wrong, I support women’s MMA, but the kind of stupid warped publicity stuff round it makes the ‘I hate him, we’re going to go for fight of the night and leave it all in the cage’ marketing BS of the male fights look sane.

    Anyway – it’ll all be over in 2 mins anyway with another armbar so not much lost.

  • sdelfin

    It’s a weak main event, mainly because there’s barely a women’s division to speak of. Should be a support fight to a more established title.

    • julioarroyos

      what better way to build up the women’s mma division in the UFC than to have women headline the show? RR has a talent worth the attention..

      • sdelfin

        I like Rousey and I have no problem with women’s MMA other than the lack of depth in the division. I like the fact that Dana is making sure that all the championships are important. I just don’t like a main event in which one participant is not well known. That’s why I’d prefer to see the match underneath a more established title. But, the UFC is doing it the way you suggest and if they can sell the card and do good business, that’s what ultimately matters.

  • onehitwonder

    give this fight a chance, you never know when someone will get KTF-out.

  • Alex Anderson

    Honestly do you really care what order the last two fights happen in? Get a life.