Ronda Rousey is Pulling for Anderson Silva to Beat Chris Weidman at UFC 162

July 1, 2013
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Ronda Rousey UFC 157 w_7488-478x270Many fighters have weighed in on the UFC 162 main event middleweight title bout between champion Anderson Silva and challenger Chris Weidman.  UFC women’s bantamweight titleholder Ronda Rousey believes Weidman is the worst stylistic match-up for Silva, but will be pulling for Silva to retain his belt on July 6.

“I think that Anderson Silva is pound-for-pound the best fighter of all time, and I really do believe that Chris Weidman is the worst style match-up for him.  But if anyone can overcome the worst style match-up, it’s Anderson Silva,” said Rousey during a recent Facebook chat sponsored by Metro PCS.

Silva is undefeated inside the octagon with 16 consecutive wins.  He has put together the longest title reign in the promotion’s history and defended his belt a record 10 times.  He holds the record for most finishes in the UFC with 14 and the most finishes in title fights with nine.  But at 38-years-old, his career is winding down.

“Being that Anderson is, I think, towards the end of his career, I’m going to have to just pull for Anderson just because it’s like the end of it.  I kind of want him to go out hot,” said Rousey.  “Chris Weidman has an amazing future ahead of him.  He’s going to be around long after Anderson Silva leaves.  And I think that once Anderson vacates the division that Chris Weidman, it’s very likely that he’ll hold onto the belt for a while.  But you never know.”

Rousey likes both fighters, but wants Silva’s legendary status to remain intact for at least one more fight.

“I think they’re both very, very cool,” she said. “I don’t want any of them to take it personally.  It’s just kind of like Anderson is a legend and I just like having him legend-like.”

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  • Ian Price

    Uh, like a prince in shining armor?

  • Can’t wait for this fight

    • Rushum86

      Can’t wait for this beatdown of Chris Weidman!!!

  • Raymond Gonzalez

    Weidman is great, I don’t think being aggressive with Anderson is a good plan. I actually don’t think Chris is that bad of a style match up for Anderson. He’s not as good of a wrestler as Chael and he’s not as good at anything else as Anderson. He also has a SERIOUS experience deficit. This whole thing is just getting blown out of proportion, imho.

    • Real

      it’s not just to be aggressive, but if Chris any chance, he’s gonna have to close the distance in a hurry w/ wrestling (ala Chael). If Chris gives Andy too much space, then it’s over. If Chris comes charging in thinking he can stand w/ Andy, it’s over.

      • Raymond Gonzalez

        That’s what I’m sayin’. I just don’t think he’s got the tools for the job. He can crowd Anderson all he wants. That’s what the Thai clinch is for.

        • Real

          agreed. I think Anderson should have this.

          Yes, Weidman on paper should have a better chance of beating Anderson than many (if not all) previous UFC opponents b/c of his style & strengths, but I don’t think it’s enough.

    • Baller31

      I think he is as good a wrestler as Chael, but since they haven’t fought it’s hard to say. Weidman has beaten Phil Davis and Ryan Bader in wrestling, and completely owned Munoz, so he’s obviously a badass wrestler. And his ground game is better than Silva’s. Silva has the advantage in striking and experience.

      • Real

        how do you conclude that his ground game is better than Silva?

        Yes, Weidman has a distinct advantage in wrestling, but not necessarily the submission game. He has a better ground game than CHAEL, i’d give you that one but Anderson is very slick on the ground. Anderson is a LEGIT black belt and his BJJ is only overlooked b/c he prefers to stand and got subbed 2x in PRIDE YEARS ago before UFC.

        As big an advantage that Chris has in wrestling, Anderson has an advantage in striking (if not more so). And of course, the edge in experience. Despite his age, Anderson also has the speed/quickness advantage and reach.

        • Baller31

          A few reason i believe his ground game to better than Silva’s: first, Silva would not go to the ground with Maia, while Weidman took him down several times and tried to submit him, and secondly, based on Weidman’s performance at ADCC..where Silva has never competed. I guess we will find out if I’m right in a few days.

          • Real

            called strategy, and proves nothing except that Maia is better than Silva on the ground, not that Weidman is better than Silva. (maybe Weidman is more bold? bigger balls? but does NOT prove better.)

            Silva had a distinct advantage standing vs. Maia and chose to exploit it instead of going to the ground w/ one of the best BJJ guys in the world.

            Weidman did well in ADCC for a noob, but only won 1 fight in that tourney b/c he ran into Galvao the 2nd rd. I’m guessing you didn’t really watch the match, b/c if you did, you would’ve seen that the biggest reason Weidman hung in was using his wrestling rather than submission skills.

          • iLogos

            Actually it doesn’t even prove Maia is better on the ground than Silva, just that Silva’s take down defense was better than Maia’s take downs. I do *believe* that Maia has the better ground game, but if you can’t get the fight there it doesn’t really matter.

    • Big Daddy

      Chael himself said he thought Chris was a much better wrestler than him so why do you think Chris isn’t as good when the man himself said he was and is picking Chris to win the fight?

      • iLogos

        Weidman is better than Sonnen at amateur wrestling, that was what he (Sonnen) was referring to. But look at their MMA fights — look at who they have foight and how they have fought. Sonnen has more success at putting top competition on their back and keeping them there than Weidman has. That second round in the second fight, Sonnen was getting stuffed and shrugged off.

        I suspect Weidman’s first fight will look very similar to Sonnen and Silva’s second. There will be successful take downs, but Weidman will not be able to capitalize, Silva will neutralize the ground and pound and simply not be there for any submissions. And then Weidman will make one mistake and the entire complexion of the fight will change when Silva capitalizes on it.

        I believe Weidman may be the future of this division…but Silva is its NOW.

  • jaredg613

    Can this girl stop commenting. She hasn’t done half the thing men have done in sports and gets all the spot light. She’s just a attention whore. Reminds me of Tito, who doesn’t say anything unless it promotes him.

    • verbalspanking

      What a half witted comment. You are comparing one female’s
      accomplishments to all the accomplishments men have ever made in sports?
      No single man has accomplished half of what men have done in sports
      either. Is it Ronda’s fault that the media eats up her every word? Media
      largely owned and operated by men, who look at her more as a sex object
      than an athlete. I gaurantee you she isn’t walking around looking for
      cameras. How does this statement promote her in any way, shape or form?
      You may be an intelligent person, but what a stupid comment.

    • Chicago

      i dont think that a lot of men in mma have a metal in the Olympics.

      • Real

        metal or medal

        • Chicago

          Ah crap! the wife was bitching @ me and i wasn’t paying attention.

          • Real


    • MMAMA

      Dude… if you see a page titled with Ronda Rousey’s name, why do you read it? Clearly you do not like her, and don’t wish to read about her opinions… yet reading a page which CLEARLY is what Ronda Rousey things, then taking the time to comment that you think she’s an attention whore, is YOU being a blatant attention whore. If you didn’t like her, and didn’t care what she had to say, you’d not bother to read posts here about her. It’s that simple.

    • iLogos

      She has done twice as much in the sport than most men which is to say headlined a pay-per-view card, earned a UFC championship and successfully defend.

      She has done more than a 100 times what most of the men in the sport have done which is to hold an advanced degree in a martial art, earn a spot on the Olympic team, and earned a medal in the Olympics (and the first American woman to do so in Judo).

      You hate her because you fear her. The fact that this woman is not just a pretty face, but makes more money than you, is more respected than you, and could kick your ass without breaking a sweat, all of it threatens your manhood. Fact is even as a woman she is better at being “the man” than you will ever be makes you scared that you are a failure as a man. Guess what…you are right. Not because she is a better bread winner and protector, but because you think that s*** matters.

  • solo

    Ronda’s so fine in this picture! Lets go SILVA!!!

    • Real

      ahh, u like her smile, eh?

      • solo


    • MMA

      She looks like a man in picture. I see why you are attracted to shehe now.thought you had sugar in your tank the way you lapdance silva

      • solo

        really? i dont see it. sorry

        • Real

          don’t worry, he just hatin

  • Darin

    This is not news.

  • bajafox

    If only Carmouche would have tightened that RNC… I like Ronda but the media is way over exposing her

    • Raymond Gonzalez

      the choke was crushingly tight, Ronda just fought out of it. she’s a beast.

      • bajafox

        I jumped out of my seat when I thought she had it

      • Baller31

        No, Cyborg is a beast….Rousey is her prey.

  • Truth

    That’s a cup Rhonda …

  • Dr Imhotep AlBasiel

    silva is the ali of mma

    • Werdoomb

      Fedor = Ali

      Silva = Sugar Ray Leonard

  • silvas daddy

    Silva and munoz used to train and munoz was always dominating silva, so much so that munoz called silva out.silva responded, “i dont understand him calling me out, we’re friends. ” Isay you a paid fighter then fight!!! Silva then, witnessed weidman destroy munoz easily and silva then ducked weidman for over a year til forced to fight his number one contender weidman. Silva himself knows weidman has a great chance of upsetting him.weidman wins by 1st rd ko via gnp!!!


    Rhonda pulls anything she can. especially the Diaz brothers.

  • misael lerma

    welcome to my parlor said the spider to the fly