Ronda Rousey Injures Hand, Announces She Needs Knee Surgery Following UFC 175

July 7, 2014

Ronda RouseyUFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey extended her undefeated winning streak to 10 on Saturday with a 16-second finish of Alexis Davis, but the 27-year-old will have to address some lingering injuries before stepping back in the cage again.

She needed nine stitches to close up a laceration on her right hand following her fourth title defense.

“It turns out that from the last two camps for UFC 168 and 170 I kept ripping my knuckle open, and just covering it up and hitting on it still, all I did was make sure it didn’t get infected. I guess I ended up developing a cyst under my knuckle. After the McMann fight, I should have taken it more seriously and gone in to the doctor and had it taken out,” she said during the UFC 175 post-fight press conference.

(Watch the video here.)

“I just kind of kept dismissing it, and I ended up ripping it open with that first overhand right, and I just ended up getting nine stitches in my hand. Hopefully the cyst is actually gone, but I have to go to the doctor to get it checked out and make sure,” added Rousey.

Along with having to address her injured hand, Rousey said she needs surgery on her right knee.

“With the knee surgery, it’s just something that’s more maintenance that I need to do. So it’s not really a major knee surgery at all. It’s just a scope. I literally walk out of there and (should) be 100-percent in two weeks after that one,” she explained.

“Right hand, right knee, but I’m left handed. So it’s all good.”

She’s had knee issues for over a decade, dating back to her teenage years.

“This has kind of been a whole life thing. I tore my ACL when I was 16. When I was doing judo, I was getting knee surgery pretty much every two years. And then when I started doing MMA, it actually healed a lot, and it hadn’t really been giving me too much trouble,” said “Rowdy.”

“When I did the Miesha (Tate) and (Sara) McMann fights back to back, I had put so much wear on it from not resting in between. With McMann, I had to do so much wrestling that my knee started to really act up. I rested after that and it started feeling better. I knew I had to get surgery, but it wasn’t really imminent. My knee is really stable. All the ligaments are fine, there’s just stuff floating around in there,” said the women’s bantamweight titleholder.

Rousey was planning to take a break following Saturday’s event and she’ll be spending that time recovering.

“It’s just one of those things that it’s annoying,” she said. “It’s something that I need to take care of. I can’t put it off forever, and I’d rather do it now instead of risking it getting worse.”

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  1. Rousey is by far the UFC and all of MMA’s biggest attraction and biggest star. Amazing how a woman can surpass all the men in MMA but Rousey is the main star today in all of MMA. Dana has to protect this valuable commodity in Rousey almost like protecting Fort Knox. Rousey is gold for the UFC.

    • i wouldn’t say surpassed, i my self have never bought the ppv to see her fight! Al-tho props to her for creating her own notoriety. When/if the day ever comes that she is fighting cyborg then i will be buying the ppv to see her fight.

      • why should she fight a man?

        • Cris “Cyborg” Santos! she have a sex change i never heard about?

          • She has more testosterone in her system from the steroids than most men have so she might as well be a man

          • And you can prove this Jim, you moron.You’re trying to state a fact not an opinion.

        • If she’s not fighting men, are you willing to be her next opponent?

  2. I hope she takes a long time off. There is nobody in the UFC that can beat her.

  3. If she fights Gina Carano or Cyborg, I am genuinely interested. Anyone other than that, I have no interest whatsoever. Nor am I interested in seeing any other women fight. Just my preference/opinion.

    • Just Cyborg for me…or Cat Zingano.

  4. Lemme hit you guys w/ some TRUTH:

    the only 2 women fighters who actually have a legitimate chance against Ronda are:

    Marloes Coenen and Cyborg.

    1) Coenen would actually have to cut a bit to make 135 so she won’t give up a strength advantage; she has the height & reach advantage.

    Coenen is the more skilled striker and knows how to use her reach. Coenen has good power and excellent chin. Coenen would have a great chance at keeping Ronda on the outside and making her eat strikes and avoid the clinch and takedown by Rousey.

    Although Ronda may succeed w/ a takedown, Coenen is excellent on her back.

    Coenen is legit black belt in BJJ – although she did get caught once in her career by Miesha, it was late in the fight and Coenen was bit gassed.

    The big question would be Coenen’s gas tank. This fight would likely go to championship rounds and we’d have to see how much the weight cut effects Coenen’s stamina.

    2) Similar to Coenen; Cyborg has the advantage in experience, striking, and is also a legit black belt in BJJ. Cyborg also has a MAJOR strength advantage.

    Cyborg’s strength advantage is what allows her to just run through fighters, even when less technically skilled.

    Rousey’s striking has drastically improved from her debut, but not enough to stand w/ Cyborg.

    Bottom line here: if Ronda can’t take down Cyborg, Ronda will lose… however, Cyborg has a big strength advantage, excellent takedown defense, and is great at getting back up when taken down. Even if taken down, Cyborg has good submissions and excellent submission defense.

    Cyborg is the ONE fighter who should get even odds and the only one who could possibly be considered a fave over Rousey.

    The big question here is if Cyborg will test clean for steroids… but i think the only way she makes 135 is by getting off the juice. Second, if Cyborg makes 135 and is off the juice, how much power and stamina remains…

    Zingano: is a decent striker but not as good as Coenen & Cyborg. Zingano is also not as strong as these two women. You could see at times Zingano got manhandled by Miesha. Although ZIngano eventually got the win over Miesha, i don’t see Zingano having much success over Rousey. Not to mention Zingano has had a long layoff and emotional trauma of losing her husband. This reminds me of Denis Kang. Kang was on his way to being a top 10 MW in the world at the time; and should’ve won the Grand Prix, but got robbed by decision in the final; despite having two blown shoulders, knee injury, and plethora of other injuries. Not to mention he had just lost his fiancee. He was never the same fighter again.

    The key to beating Ronda: someone w/ excellent striking- can keep Rousey on the outside, good movement to avoid clinch/throws; and excellent on back (in case taken down). Also, experience & strength would be major pluses, in case they catch Rousey on the feet. Again: the only main 2 that fit the bill are Marloes Coenen & Cyborg… neither of which are currently on UFC roster.

    • and Gina Carano would be interesting, but Gina has no ground game; and would likely get thrown by Rousey and finished on the ground.

      Carano would only have puncher’s chance. Other major issue is that Carano had enough trouble making weight at 145, there’s no way she makes 135.

      Then there’s also the obvious… her long layoff from the sport.

      • You liked both of your own comments? What a douche bag.

        Thank you for mapping out why WMMA is a waste of time. None of them are in the same Promotion! Did you copy/paste that from every other website?

        • Your hatred for WMMA knows no limits man lol! I love it. Its like WNBA hate. You’re absolutely right tho. Its moot. They both fight at 145 in Invicta and they need Ronda to fight them so they’re careers stay relevant.

      • Lol. You pay attention to WMMA that much to think you know what your talking about. Coenen has zero chance. Cyborg is a maybe. WMMA in the UFC will be gone when Ronda retires. Unless the new division is any good. I’m rooting for Carla Esparza, went to high school with her. She was wrestling on varsity when she was like a soph. With the dudes. Shout out to RUHS

  5. Hopefully in Ronda’s next fight, she can go up against someone who isn’t suffering from Bells Palsy.

  6. She also needa an attitude-check.

  7. Anything that needs free publicity in a forum is either a sham or simply pathetic.

  8. I personally can’t stand Ronda. I’ll give her props for being a good fighter and her skill set is improving but she makes it extremely hard to like her as soon as she begins to speak. Dana continues to sing her praises while discrediting the men who have and are continuing to make the sport of mma awesome. Ronda had stated last week prior to her fight Saturday night that she would 1) take a fight on 24 hours notice and 2) fight on the UFC 176 if she was asked. Commendable? Dana ate it up! The irony of all this is that as Rogan asked her in the post-fight interview she wavered a little and all of a sudden revealed that she needed knee surgery. I had heard nothing of that prior to that time. The other thing we notice in this article is the issue with her hand that she has been aware of for some time. It really surprises me that Dana,who has been in the fight business for some time, either knows very little about the fight game or he is extremely gullible when listening to Rousey. I think he’s in love! All this nonsense talk about her being able to randomly walk down the street and wreck men,how she throws men around in the gym,(she didn’t do that to Mousasi, check out the video), how she would whoop Mayweather, how she could beat any and all women BJJ practitioners at any weight class under any rules(by the way several women have accepted her challenge only to hear a response to a chorus of crickets). All this stuff needs to stop! It only make Ronda and Dana appear less than intelligent.I get and understand that fighters need to sell or hype a fight but there obviously is a fine between salesmanship and insanity. At the enf the day she doesn’t need all the verbal hype, she proves her worth in the cage!

    • Heres the thing though man. You just wrote a pretty long post about how you can’t stand her. That means the “hype” you were talking about is working. It doesn’t matter if you love her or hate her you are still talking about her at length! Personally I think Dana goes to far with talking about how she could wreck any guy on the strip, thats inviting trouble. She did used to beat men in Judo matches in a controlled environment. That video of her grappling with Mousassi is just a practice session and Moussasi had to be well over 200lbs and he’s a very skilled grappler. I don’t think she would ever be able to dominate a guy that big and skilled. Everybody knows that. A big guy not so skilled she could maybe hurt him but why Dana would practically invite that kinda crap is silly. That being said we don’t know everything that they talk about behind closed doors. Her knee surgery is a minor scope procedure, she’d be fine in 2 weeks and theoretically could have fought Aug 2. The hand injury was nagging for most of 2014 but they didn’t know her knuckle was gonna require 9 stitches after the 175. Ronda fought on 8 weeks notice before and I’m sure she would fight on a months notice if she was healthy. Nothing was set in stone anyways, there no cloak and dagger conspiracies here, its the fight game its unpredictable. Cards get ruined with injuries all the time, look at Struve having a panic attack on saturday.

      Realistically Ronda has had 3 title defenses, made 3 movies and did the Ultimate Fighter in just over a years time. The Hype on her is real. She’s clearly a hard worker, does lots a of interviews and I think her confidence and brash attitude is mistaken for arrogance. She’s the best at what she does and is laughing all the way to the bank while people whine about her not being not being so nice etc…gimmie a break. She never has been caught in any scandals, no trouble with drugs or the police. All she does is beat people up, train, makes movies and make $$$. She’s accomplished more than most fighters or regular people ever will. I’m just gonna sit back and enjoy the show. Don’t hate! Appreciate! Coz when she’s gone, there may not be anything quite like her out there for quite some time.

      • While i agree with most of what you said you missed the boat and concentrated only on my points about her running her mouth and neglected to see that i respect her as a fighter. She is talented but i guarantee that her mouth will get her in trouble especially if she honors the challenges she has made to BJJ champs that are willing to compete against her. I don’t HATE anyone however if you’re going to talk than be prepared to walk. That goes for anyone.She’s a champ she has nothing to prove and all the hype in the world wont make her any better.

        • No no no man. I got that part. I see you respect her as a fighter. I thought that went without saying. Sorry if I glazed over that. I personally think its great that she is saying she can beat BJJ Champs and all that. A person in her position should absolutely believe they nobody can beat her at anything. That is the attitude of winner. But the reality is she is not going to be competing in any grappling tournaments etc. Its just her voicing her confidence. Its talk, its hype, all part of the show and should be taken with a grain of salt imo. But I don’t doubt she could hold her own against top level grapplers being a former Olympian. What UFC Champions are participating in grappling tournaments in their free time anyway? If anybody really believed she was going to go out and start grappling BJJ black belts for kicks than thats pretty silly. She does a lot of talking but truth be told she has done a lot of walking as well over her career. It crazy how emotionally invested people get to the point where they say “I can’t stand Ronda” lol. Its a show, sit back and enjoy!

    • You forgot to mention that Joe Rogan is a master of selling every fight, PPV and fighter as the greatest ever…

  9. Rousey should fight Mr. Meisha Tate Caroway next. beating that little elf sized wimp girly kid would be great for all.