Ronda Rousey Goes Rowdy at WrestleMania 31, Tosses Everyone

March 29, 2015
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Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania HOT SAUCE

UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey appeared at WrestleMania 31 along with The Rock, and everyone we know went nuts.

No more words. Just GIFs.

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  • Maria Sanchez

    Thanks Rhonda for setting back a legitimate sport like MMA years by tying it with fake sport like pro wrestling

    • Groinstrike

      Oh shove it. She didn’t set back anything. Do you know how many actors have been in WWE as guests? lots.

      • TheFacto

        Floyd mayweather used wwe as a platform, not to mention due to contractual clauses the ufc brass already knew about it.

    • C. Scott Relleve

      MMA and Pro Wrestling have deep ties as siblings that gone down different paths. One can’t exist without the other historically, and this is what hardcode MMA fans understand.

    • wer

      WWE is not a fake sport, because it is not trying to be a sport. It’s a modern performance circus and it is not trying to fool anybody. Unless you are 5 years old.

      • Guest

        I’ve watched WWE. I’ve watched MMA. WWE is choreographed to lessen the likelihood that a wrestler gets injured. Yes, it does happen but not frequently. MMA is Roman Coliseum gladiator combat. People get hurt and some get hurt bad. The only difference I see between MMA and gladiatorial combat is death being encouraged or the final end to the combat. Otherwise, it’s just as primal, ruthless and brutal as gladiatorial combat.

    • Seth

      I think bs like that ref in brazil sets it back waaaaaaaaaaaay more than Ronda promoting herself and prolly upcoming movies.

    • Gary Fredericks

      If you cannot differentiate between MMA and pro wrestling, well, I gotta think your problems are running deeper than just hating pro wrestling.

  • Sarge

    WrestleMania is a joke.

    • Seth

      Same as you bro, but no one calls you out on it.

      • mmafanguy

        Best comment EVER! Thank you!!! So tired of people compare wrestling to MMA… Anyways I’ve seen some of his previous comment and this guy is Hopeless.

        • Sarge

          since you can’t handle an opinion, you shouldn’t be leaving comments around here then. You’re just a child I bet.

          • TheCerealKiller

            Wow, attacking a dudes mom. You should ask if he has kids you can make fun of too.

          • Sarge

            bet he’s crying about it now.

          • mmafanguy

            It’s not your fault.

          • mmafanguy

            funny thing I did not even had the time to read his comment but I guess it was something really smart. It’s funny beacause we all know who wrote it.

      • Sarge

        yeah cos I’m a respectable guy and you’re not.

        • Seth

          Sorry, Im not into that kind of stuff. Ask mmalive, he likes it. Im sure he will help you out with that.

  • P-Pac

    Inoki Bom Ba Ye shows have always had pro wrestling matches as well
    There was once a Hulk Hogan of NJPW tapped out 4 gracies Koed k shamock tapped vitor and prime rampage SAKU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • snapdad

    I don’t know how any mma fan can watch pro wrestling. when I was a kid, I use to love it. but trying to watch it now, I have to turn the channel after about 5 or 10 minutes. but, to each their own, I guess.

    • MikeMcK

      I can’t speak for anyone else, but as a mma fan I can watch pro wrestling for the same reason I watch almost any other tv show or movie. Legitimate competition isn’t the only thing that entertains me, though I do follow a lot of sports.
      Spoiler alert, Tv shows make up fictional characters…. Same with movies. Sorry if I killed the entertainment industry for you…

      • snapdad

        you really cant compare wrestling with the movie industry. movies involve good acting and special effects. special effects in the wrestling ring involve a person stomping their foot as they throw a punch. and im not even going to get into the acting aspect.

        • deepgrim

          well in the movies they get to do many takes to get the scenes right, in wwe its all live and tho the outcome of the matches are set before the wrestlers improvise the move set themselves in the ring without a script so its how well they can choreograph the match themselves. alot of them are great athletes too just different to an mma athlete

    • Seth

      I skip matches all the time, I watch it mostly for storyline and promos. And stuff like that with Ronda is what makes me watch it. It’s fun and its entertaining. Like the guy below me – it’s same as movies or tv shows. It’s just entertaining, not legit thing.

    • taylor2008

      Same with me. 20 years ago I used to watch it once in a while, but now I cant stomach it. Only MMA for me.

  • mokseng

    I think it’s great entertainment to have skilled mma fighters in there tossing ppl. Lol.

  • LALO


  • b nasty

    This is a joke. Now we will have a bunch of uneducated Pro wrestling Douch bags at mma events that dont know a dam thing.

  • Sir_Roy

    Damn. Dwayne is jacked. Hope he passes the random tests after Wrestlemania! Lol. Sorry. Couldn’t keep a straight face.

  • Sun Li

    rousey has to be the most MISERABLE looking woman on the planet if she is one!!!

  • ElektroShok

    If you can’t say something bad to the person’s face. Best left unsaid.