Ronda Rousey: Floyd Mayweather Would Box the Hell Out of Me (Video)

May 27, 2014
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What was an off-hand comment has turned into a days-long discussion in the media about whether or not UFC women’s champ Ronda Rousey would or would not beat world boxing champion Floyd Mayweather in a fight.

While the debate about a street fight will surely rage on, Rousey has nothing but kind words for Mayweather as a boxer, calling him the greatest technical boxer that ever lived.

“Floyd would box the hell out of me if we were in a boxing match, but I think that boxing is a limited form of fighting.”

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  • HpPavilion22

    Mayweather is not James Toney,, Mayweather can really box..


      Toney could box as well in his prime, he should of been fighting at super middle or Lt. hvy he had a great career when boxers fought each other unlike today with 25 weight classes and 6 champs from 6 different orgs….

  • wow

    Like we really needed you to clarify that Ronda…

  • i dont know…rhonda is REEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY good.

    • SonnenRoids

      LOL Man you are delusional. I like Rousey but Floyd will kill the poor girl in the first few seconds of the first round. One punch lights out. You are insult to boxing to think she even has a chance.

      • Hahaha boxing is already an insult onto itself. All im saying is the girl is the best female fighter right now. Obviously mayweather is a better BOXER, but homegirl can fight.

  • Mike mckinney

    Too bad were not back in the Mike Tyson era. It would be interesting to see who would have the balls to run their mouth if that guy was back ruling the boxing world.

    • Dan Balkwill

      Tyson weighed 210- 235 lbs. Mayweather fought at 135 to 154 lbs. the same area that Ronda fights at.
      No one is talking Ronda/ Klitscko *spelling is wrong! I know.

      • Mike mckinney

        I wasn’t really talking about Rhonda and Tyson specifically. It was a general “mma guy calling out boxing guy.”
        I know it’s not even guys calling guys out. It’s just one of those questions guys shouldn’t answer.

  • Lucas Freire

    Dude…I don’t care if boxing is not complete, it’s very disrespectful to Mayweather being compared to a female competitor. And I don’t even like him to come up here on his defense.
    Call me sexist but we all know that a man and a woman with the same weight don’t have the same strength. On a world-class level? Even more disrespectful.
    She’s a world-class fighter, but any male world-class fighter would do better. Would someone around here compare her to any BW top10 fighter? Someone thinks that they’d only be able to win because they know how to defend takedowns? They’d kill her on the first punch.

    • Mike mckinney

      It’s as obsurd as people saying she’s on the p4p list. People keep talking about weight, and forgetting gender.

      The part to me that makes it rather rude is that it puts Floyd in a no win situation. If he comes out and says he’d beat her ass people would jump on his ass. It’s really annoying when people talk about kicking someone’s ass knowing full well it can’t happen, and the other guy will be looked down upon if he responds in defense of himself.

    • Brian Furlano

      Don’t be ticked at her when its reporters that are the ones asking the stupid questions.

      • Lucas Freire

        Yeah, I don’t blame her, even though she’s a big mouth sometimes she knows how stupid these kind of statements are.



  • HooahJuice

    I love the “she walks around at 160” hahah

    • Dan Balkwill

      And then he ASKED HER her weight! Not gettin any tonight, Dana.

  • The milkman

    She didn’t need to clarify this information but she did manage to make an understatement about what would happen in a boxing match. He wouldn’t box the hell out of her, he would annihilate her in seconds. Literally seconds. 3 punch combo max and she would be carried out in a stretcher.

  • ronda cant box

    yup all she would do is get on her knees and give him 2 blows to his head…


      your funny are you related to that punk a$$ kid that shot up UCSB????

  • Raleighwood007

    Dana White it the biggest douche bag on the face of the planet! Floyd is a man who happens to be a extremely good athlete and is number 1 on the pound for pound list. He would have a decent shot of beating her in a street fight. If they went to the ground Floyds punches would hurt her even if he was throwing them on his back. I am positive Floyd’s Stamina is much better then hers and he has to be stronger then her. Who knows what Rousey is on like a whole lot of other MMA fighters. They really need to make their drug testing a lot more stringent. I am not saying Floyd would win. I am just saying that it wouldn’t be as easy for her as they are making it out to be.

    • Brian Furlano

      You do know that UFC’s drug testing is under the NSAC which uses the same testing for Boxers right?

      • Raleighwood007

        Everyone knows that NSAC is a joke. VADA is the one and only one that should be used!

  • This is another media hype and Ronda play into it. To the guy
    above that stated you to not like May weather, I contend that Floyd is much
    more respectful than she. Look at how she treated Eye after the fight when Eye
    wanted to shake hands. She has a really
    nasty attitude and if fighter such as Anderson Silva , Jon Joes etc had
    done such Dana would threaten to cut him, But but he said that is
    why they hired Ronda… go figure??? The
    reason that any dork would reply as the kid above “ I don’t know Ronda is tuff”
    It’s because you really don’t know fighting, you have been watching too many
    freaking movies where a 135lb woman beat the crap out of a 240 muscular
    wrestler/ martial artist. Just watch any movie now a days they push this
    feminism crap. You witness women beating
    the crap out of men twice their size equally skilled. Really??
    Sissy men actually think that would occur in real life because you have
    never fought and live in the world of make believe. Your video games are not reality Mayweather
    would diminish that woman.

    • Terra_Ryzing

      Ronda’s never faced Eye in a fight so she couldn’t have refused to shake her hand after a fight. And to suggest that Dana would threaten to cut his top fighters, or any fighter for that matter, is simply ludicrous. A hand shake is a courtesy, a gesture of good will. It’s not mandatory and it’s done by choice not rule.


    O Jeeeesus, people …………you stupid petty people. Look you bung holes out here so wrapped up in Ronda. Can we talk about something that should happen instead of what is never gonna happen. Ronda is walking around with a fake belt calling herself a world champion. Talk about Ronda fighting a deserving woman like Cyborg and get off everything else.

    • the dude

      That’s ridiculous. You do realize they don’t fight at the same weight right? Whether they should fight being the two highest profile female fighters out there is one thing, but saying Ronda is a paper champion is just idiocy. It’s akin to saying Jon Jones is a paper champion because he hasn’t fought Cain Velazquez.

    • Brian Furlano

      Simpleton, it would help if you did a little research so you could act like you knew what you were talking about. Fact: Cyborg stated she would drop down to 135 to fight Misha Tate after having been stripped of her Strikeforce belt, but oh no she cant drop down and Ronda has to move up for some reason. Give me a break all this Ronda/Cyborg talk is just talk. UFC doesn’t have a 145lb weight class, and Ronda even if she does want to isn’t allowed to fight for other promotions due to her contract with the UFC.

  • ChoMama

    The UFC can’t sell their own event without mentioning Mayweather. They are going on their third PPV card about this topic. Noticed the big money man hasn’t said a word about this topic – he’s treating Dana and his fighters like peasants. lol

    • Andrija Sekulic

      Plebeian scum, yes

  • brad king

    floyd get in line! Rhonda gonna get slaughtered by cyborg first! but i doubt she will face someone with real game. Tho she will prob go for a rematch with someone ridiculous who will be overmatched
    again and dana will say it is for the title! haha get real

  • keith

    To be honest its all getting a bit silly, MMA is not king of the hill All the other combat sports have there place judo, kickboxing,
    Thai boxing, jujitsu, jeet kung do, kali stick fighting, in the case the called out a boxer Ronda against mayweather, Ronda against a kali stick fighter or Ronda against a top Thai fighter, now MMA is not street fighting because in street fighting there are no rules you can bite eye gouge pull a weapon as a top French MMA fighter found out who was left beaten and unconscious in a street fight, there are many martial Artist who only train for real fighting and would make mine meat of this girl in a street fight (no rules)

  • lowlb

    Can you imagine how this would go if Mayweather punched RR in the face? The whole event would immediately seem painfully stupid. If you think the world wants to watch Mayweather fight a woman you are crazy. This is such a stupid idea for the UFC to even be talking about.

    • earlsimmons

      Ehhhh i wouldnt mind seeing RR get dropped. It would be the most exciting thing shes done so far.

  • dandogood

    Rousey should work for Floyd as she would make more money.

  • Mark Cervantes

    Enough with this Rosey and Mayweather crap Its pointless and embarrassing to keep discussing this issue.

  • a9fingdad

    i think both floyd and ronda are both experts in their respective styles and yeah ronda probably would kick his ass but lets b honest THIS IS THE MOST RIDICULOUS CONVERSATION EVER IN THE HISTORY OF MMA IMO and ive been here from the start

    • put me in the sauna coach

      yup these boxing vs MMA arguments were settled long long ago.

  • put me in the sauna coach

    yes he would destroy her in the ring, yes she would destroy him in the cage. I did find it funny when the ESPN guys who have no knowledge of MMA said if Floyd trained for a few months he would destroy her in MMA, because he has “man strength”. There are plenty of strong men in the world that would get destroyed by her because of her judo technique and arm bars. Ronda needs to get real about wanting to fight Bryan Caraway…that’s when “man strength” matters, when you actually have the technique as well.

  • paul angel muyot

    if im floyd i will take rousey to a bed.. it s okay to depeat me..

  • Martin

    The problem with this discussion is that nobody seems to want to acknowledge that even though a boxer is at a massive disadvantage vs an mma fighter, men are so much stronger that Ronda couldn’t twist his arm or push him around at all. He would just brush off her attempts and punch her immediately out of the fight. He would would punch, many, many times harder than anyone she ever faced. Everything she tried would be easily fended off by a massive strength advantage. And his attacks would be immediate devastating.

  • YouKnowWhat…..

    Skillset or not, I’m going with Floyd. First of all, men are physically stronger than women. You can have all the skill in the world and be overpowered by someone more physically dominant and that is reality. Anyone who has ever competed in wrestling, boxing, jius jitsu knows that, even if they don’t want to admit it. I used to WRECK certified combatives instructors in the army without any training. That being said, Floyd is a world class athlete. Not only that he is the best boxer in the world. That puts him in a top .0005 percentile of dominant men on the planet at his size, period. There are only a handful of men his size who can stop him. Rousey is the UFC bantamweight(I believe)champion. this makes her formidable, but not on his level. first of all, women’s MMA is relatively new. There are not many competitors out there who have gained any sort of elite status. Ronda hasn’t really shown herself to be elite, just better than the handful of women who she has competed against(11). Pugilism has been around for centuries. Mayweather has beaten 26 world champions in hand to hand combat. To disregard this is just stupid. In an MMA setting, he may not have the skillset she does, but you are talking about putting four ounce gloves on one of the fastest boxers in the world, not an over the hill ex heavyweight champ like we have seen thus far. Boxer’s hands are registered lethal weapons. He could KILL her in that format. This is the reality no one wants to accept. People hate Floyd, and the new wave of sports fan prefers UFC and MMA over boxing. Understandable. But Rousey isn’t going to just take down Mayweather, Canelo, Cotto, Golovkin, Kovalev, Ward, Pacquiao, or any other elite boxer, like they are just some regular guy. Even if she does, she isn’t going to just man handle a man of that caliber. Any top 50 boxer has more of a chance of actually ENDING HER LIFE before that would happen that is just the reality of it.