Ronda Rousey First UFC Women’s Champion; You Wanna Fight Her, You Fight at 135

November 18, 2012
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Ronda Rousey StrikeforceUFC president Dana White recently made it official – with the signing of former Strikeforce champion Ronda Rousey – that women’s mixed martial arts has finally found a place in the Octagon… at least, for now.

White has also been quick to add that he feels there are enough quality women’s fights to be made for the next couple of years, but hasn’t laid concrete plans beyond that.

“We’re kind of playing with it and we’ll see how this thing works out,” he said following UFC 154 on Saturday night. “I know this. Over the next couple of years, we’ve got fights in the 135-pound division. Good fights.”

That doesn’t mean that he’s not serious about the bringing women into the Octagon.

He’s very serious. He’s already declared Ronda Rousey “the first ever women’s UFC champion.”

But had you asked Dana White a year or so ago, he would have told you that the women’s divisions just weren’t deep enough with talent to have them fighting in the UFC.

He still believes that to some extent, because the only division he’s committed to right now is the women’s 135-pound bantamweight division. It’s the women’s division with the deepest talent pool to draw from, and with the brightest star at the top.

As such, Rousey will be afforded the same treatment as any other UFC champion. White is expecting her to debut on a pay-per-view, possibly even headlining.

“She’s the champ,” remarked White. “Unless there’s a weight division higher than her that the champ would be defending the title, then yeah, she’d be the main event.”

He still fell short of naming the woman that will be standing across the Octagon from Rousey when she makes her UFC debut, but one name that has quickly rocketed out of favor is Cris Cyborg.

Saying that it doesn’t seem the Cyborg really wants to fight Rousey, White afforded no weight class or catchweight concessions to try and make that fight happen, as much promotional potential is it might have attached to it.

“I’m bringing in the 135-pound division. That’s what I’m doing,” said White, indicating that Cyborg would have to make the 135-pound class if she wanted to fight Rousey.

That’s not likely to happen, but for the UFC, Cyborg isn’t the focal point, Rousey is.

“I think that Ronda has the potential to be a big star,” said White. “She’s already getting media that we’ve never got before and she’s never even set foot in the UFC yet.”

Rousey is the one that the UFC is counting on to make a splash, the one that they can easily promote to force that door open for women. At the end of day, however, it will take a whole stable of fighters like Miesha Tate, Liz Carmouche, Sarah Kaufman and numerous others to establish roots in the Octagon that can’t be easily torn up.

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  • comaaaawn

    Actually, pretty sure it’s Rousey who doesn’t want to face Cyborg. Seriously, I’ve never heard such a bloody fiction being spun over a dude using steroids- Cyborg struggles to make the weight she was at. She literally cannot go down and still be in fighting form the next day. What, do people want to see Cyborg passing out from starvation in the middle of the ring?

    • Chip Douglas

      Why is everyone talking Cyborg? Rousey fights in the women’s division! It would be totally unfair to make Rousey face a man!

      • comaaaawn

        Oh, the hilarity of it!! It’s like you combined all the sexism and transphopia in the world into a moment of pure comic genius! ****, patent that quickly- I don’t think it’s occurred to anyone to call a muscly woman a dude before. Like,not in absolutely every thread on this subject everywhere.

      • comeoffit

        That joke is tired, dude. She’s a muscular woman. They exist.

        • mma fan

          No son. They don’t exist without roids

          • pffft

            Better get to the international Olympic committee with that groundbreaking bit of scientific fact based on, what, your gut? They’ll be horrified to know the toned and athletic women in most sports events, but particularly weight lifting, have definitely been doping.

        • bobbisappi

          the williams sisters in tennis are muscular women… that cyborg thing sounds like a dudette on roids… deeeeep ******* earth shattering roid voice.

      • mma fan

        You’re soo right! Its no joke. And women built like cyborg don’t exist without roids

        • pffft

          Look, Dr. Randomguyonthenet, I don’t want to confuse two issues- to say no women can get incredibly muscular and well defined is pretty well disproven by google imaging ‘women, olympics, muscular’. But Cyborg was caught doping- alright. But everyone has been perfectly comfortable making the logical leap she was clearly doping her whole career. Despite probably being one of the most heavily scrutinized female fighters in the world when it came to doping. I say you’re going to have to do a hell of a lot better than your gut suspicions and your sexist assumptions about muscular women before you can say anything with any sort of authority about Cyborg. Actually, the comment ‘no woman could ever do that’ is usually a pretty good indicator hearing some bs.

          • Mr Sarc Asam

            yes because no one EVER roids up except the times they got caught. Youre totally right. Who are we to think that people actually cycle it and have ways of tapering off right before a fight, or use HGH which isnt detectable in a blood test yet. Man caught us smart guy, boy are we stupid.

          • roid-pocalypse

            Gee, I guess there is no better evidence of something than a really strong suspicion. I mean, combine that with your expertise in steroid testing you’ve gained from years of gym gossip and threads on the internet, it’s a wonder people bother with drug testing at all. That aside, at best Rousey is ducking Cyborg because she believes there is no testing in the world that can absolutely assure Cyborg is clean. That’s still ducking. You notice that no one else demands male fighters drop in weight class after they’ve been caught doping?

          • magicpoop

            @pffft – you must really like dem jacked up women, dontcha? lols

    • Anthony Lopez

      I totally agree. I think Rousey, by calling Cyborg out to a weight she knows she can’t reasonably make, is trying to make herself look better without the dreadful fear of actually having to face Cyborg

  • comeoffit

    Wow, that reminds me- if women are allowed in the UFC, what does this
    mean for sexist douchenozzles everywhere? Might they actually look back
    to every moment of misogynistic asshattery with a degree of self
    reflection and maybe, for a moment, think ‘dude, what a duchenozzle I
    am. I wish someone had told me earlier.’

    • shakejunt

      yeah cuz racism just disappeared after the civil rights movement

  • Lt

    it’s Rousey who won’t fight Cyborg, not the other way around. I think Cyborg would knock Rousey out.

    • Maddawgmar

      She already beat the top 135ers out there. Who would be in the tournament?

  • Darin

    When they started the Flyweight division, they had a tournament. Rhonda gets to be UFC champ without a single UFC fight? Now I KNOW she blows Dana.

    • Yo

      Do you remember Dominck Cruz……

      • Greg

        Yea he was the UFC Champ after his last WEC fight

        • Anthony Lopez

          As was Jose Aldo

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    As soon, and it’s coming sooner than later, as these other ladies start beating Ronda’s over hyped @$$ Dana will say enough. This division will not last more than two years.

  • I’ve speculated about this Dana White decision in comments elsewhere here and it looks like I was correct. Dana will allow Ronda Rousey to continue ducking Cris Cyborg with the 135lb fake argument but I predict Dana will eventually add a 145lb women’s division around the best female fighter in the world Cris Cyborg. With his decision Dana runs the risk of one trick pony Rousey losing to Miesha Tate and/or other 135 greats. If that happens, the one true female super fight, Rousey vs. Cyborg goes kaput. Dana and Ronda know Cyborg will destroy Rousey at 145 so it appears White will try to milk Rousey’s popularity by helping Ronda run from Cris Cyborg until Dana wants to make that 145 super fight.

  • Sebastian Sassi

    You people are ******* idiots. It’s like saying GSP is a wus for not fighting Anderson at 185.