Ronda Rousey Fighter’s Cut: “Let the Two Pretty Girls Fight, Everybody Will Love It” (UFC video)

June 25, 2013
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Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey - StrikeforceUFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey is slated for a special Fighter’s Cut episode of UFC Tonight on Fuel TV on Tuesday night.

During Fighter’s Cut, Rousey sits down and recounts what was going through her head as she walked out for her first championship bout with Miesha Tate. That was when Tate was the Strikeforce champion and Rousey was the “undeserving” challenger whose credentials were being called into question.

While many questioned whether she should be in the cage with Tate, Rousey remembers the time fondly, saying, “Let the two pretty girls fight, everybody will love it.”

Rousey and Tate have now swapped places as the head into coaching stints on The Ultimate Fighter Season 18, and then square off at series’ end with Rousey’s UFC belt on the line.

UFC Tonight: Ronda Rousey’s Fighter’s Cut airs Tuesday night at 10 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. PT on Fuel TV.

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  • Brazilian women are hotter

    • Maddawgmar

      Yeah just look at Cyborg….

      • Kris-tyahn

        LOL – Check & MATE!

        • El Gvapo

          He did say women

  • julian moran

    I find Ronda Rousey quite unattractive. It only gets worse once she opens her mouth.

    • Vikers Smith

      you also aint exactly easy on the on eyes, mate…

    • Truth

      Rousey ain’t bad looking but she does get worse when she opens her mouth (to talk).

    • Maddawgmar

      I disagree, I feel she is extremely attractive. Everyone is gonna throw stone at those who shine.

    • Baller31

      I agree, not even remotely attractive.

    • Pablo Vasquez Jr.

      she is pretty but she is in the fight business not in the hooters business she not here for you to fantasize about her hot wings

    • rondayhot?hellnahhh

      she’s hella pretty on magazine covers (who isn’t) but once all that makeup and photoshop comes out, well, ronda, u aint even a 6 (outta 10)

  • solo

    Actually im with her on this one. They are two sexy warriors who doesnt like each other. Who dont wanna see that fight?

    • earlsimmons


  • Cereal Killer

    Let me know when the two pretty girls get in the cage. You guys probably thought Chyna was hot in the WWE too.

  • Stephen Quadros

    Where are these two pretty girls you speak of?

  • lozo

    I think Cat Zingano is hotter than both these ladies

  • John Grant

    These women are in the fight business, not wearing makeup hoping that dudes in forums find them hot. And stop lying to yourselves if Ronda is in the bed, NONE of you are kicking her out!

    • Baller31

      Depends….are we also drunk??

    • Jeff

      Are you kidding? I don’t sleep with men.