Ronda Rousey Criticizes Miesha Tate’s Coaching on The Ultimate Fighter (Video)

August 7, 2013
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Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate TUF 18 CoachesUFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey appeared on a recent Google Hangout chat with Fox Sports Correspondents Megan Olivi, Garath Davis and Mike Chiapetta where she discussed the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter, how she chose her coaching staff, the pressures of being the face of women’s MMA and of course, Miesha Tate.

“I had pretty much most of the people from Miesha’s team come up to me and tell me they wished they were on our team at some point. And I can guarantee you that nobody from my team ever said that to her,” said Rousey.

“She spent more time doing her hair than checking on her athletes,” she added.

Courtesy of Fox Sports

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  • “I had pretty much most of the people from Miesha’s team come up to me
    and tell me they wished they were on our team at some point” LOL’d.

    But really, this will be an awesome/feisty season.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Not going to watch…

  • Mark McDowall

    God I hope someone beats her soon so we don’t have to hear about every word that comes out of her mouth.

  • Tony

    What’s Ronda so angry at Miesha for? She mad because Miesha sexier than she is? I don’t get it.

    • Mark McDowall

      You mean you don’t find women attractive that when they smile they look young asian boys?? Nope me either…

    • Jay Mcgarrity

      maybe with a nose job, until miesha gets that nose taken care of id rate them about equal.

    • al57

      Big nose tate ain’t sexy but disgusting

      • Manuel Lopez

        “Big nose Tate”… you know how ****** *** you sound?! Are you one of those teen virgins that makes fun of shubby women or think that those perfect looking women on magazine covers are real? how old are you? Miesha is pretty sexy but besides that and most importantly she’s an athlete that goes in that ring and leaves it all in there. No point fighting, no posturing, no excuses she gives it her all. She kicks ass and is a former champion. That alone merits respect and admiration. She also has feelings and the last thing she needs is some anonymous *** obsessing on her physical details.

  • jeremy

    im so sick of her blind hatred and shes so jealous of her its sickening ,, her comments and going over the top when it comes to meisha is annoying and im not a fan anymore. i hope meshia woops her ass

    • Maddawgmar

      I see where you coming from, but I don’t think it’s blind hatred. And definately don’t think she is jealous, she has no reason to be jealous, she is far more famous and making way more money. She was kinda pissed that Meisha said she didn’t deserve a title shot and she talked her way into it, which was half true she did talk her way in but definately deserved to he there. Rousey never let that go, and is still pissed about it IMO. Her main problem is not letting go. I am a fan of Ronda but would like to see her ease up a bit.

  • wow

    I don’t think I hate terrorists as much as Ronda hates Miesha.

  • Timothy Malone

    I dont think these girls realize how damaging it can be to women’s MMA if they come across as overemotional and whiny on this show, picking at each other’s looks and stuff. They will likely be judged more harshly than the men in many ways. Their sport is young, is being put on the big stage, and they need to act like real professionals.

    • flyingphonebooth

      That would be ideal, but sadly the only reasons the pros have a shot right now is because of what these women were willing to do by ways of marketing their looks and s*** talking. Ronda was always willing to put on a show- that is as big a part of what got women to the UFC as her armbars. Good for her and Meisha for taking a few for the team.

  • al57

    Can someone please Knock Rousey out cold breaking all her teeth and jaw.

  • Manuel Lopez

    Ronda and Tate are true warriors. For that I admire them.. Both are super talented in mma. I don’t care for the ‘catty’ aspect of their fight build up. That s*** is for idiots.

  • al57

    Please someone KO this fat faced mole faced big mouth Rousey. Cyborg please destroy this loud mouth.

  • $12942371

    I used to have a lot of respect for RR until she started showing her azz. It’s sickening to repeatedly read of her childish antics. She got too big for her britches.

  • al57

    Chris Aerrola’s nose looks small when compared to Tates honker?

  • DrRJE

    Man shes annoying…

  • al57

    Big Nose Tate’s huge honker vs Rousey’s big mole? Winner Tate by a big nose.

  • al57

    Rousey’s 15 minutes should be about up

    • Joe

      Well, seeing as how she is reigning world champ, and coach on the Ultimate Fighter show not to mention Olympic medalist I don’t see how you can call that 15 min. of fame. She’s worked her azz off to be where she is at it or not. Even if she retired she will always be remembered for bringing women to the UFC…. unlike you, who will probably be rembered by no one. Stupid ignorant Haters.

  • al57

    Meisha Big Nose Tate is hard to look at but Rousey is hard to stomach and listen to.

  • BobGyro

    Brian Carogay is mad