Ronda Rousey Continues to Make History as First Female to Make UFC Pound-For-Pound Rankings

December 22, 2013
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Ronda Rousey UFC 157 Pre 10UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has already cemented her place in mixed martial arts history. She became the first female fighter signed by Ultimate Fighting Championship in November 2012. On Dec. 6, 2012, she was named the first women’s UFC titleholder. In February, she became the first female fighter to earn a win inside the Octagon, defending her title against Liz Carmouche.

Earlier this week, the 26-year-old added another first to her list of accolades by becoming the fight woman ranked in the UFC fighter rankings’ pound-for-pound list. She debuted at No. 10.

“I was actually really surprised,” said Rousey on a recent media conference call. “I wasn’t really expecting to be on the pound-for-pound list until I beat Miesha, but it’s kind of cool that I got on there a little bit early.”

The undefeated Rousey is scheduled to face bitter rival Miesha Tate in the UFC 168 co-main event on Dec. 28 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. She hopes to move up the rankings with a win.

“It will be nice to see if it changes after this fight, if I move up even more,” she added.

Tate and Rousey first fought under the Strikeforce banner in March 2012. She submitted Tate by armbar in the opening round to become the Strikeforce women’s bantamweight champion.

The rankings are voted on my members of the media, including

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  • Mark McDowall

    Just another way to try and ram her down everyone’s throat. I don’t particularly care for her or Tate…but I think it will be interesting to see the UFC’s reaction if Tate were to win next week.

    • toom

      Yeah but tate is mostly a wrestler going against rousey bad idea she has like a 0% chance

      • Mark McDowall

        And Rousey is mostly a Judoka…its one style vs another.

        • toom

          Rousey is to much better then her on the ground first roundarm bar

          • Mark McDowall

            Thats a bold prediction considering thats all she has done in her career so far.

          • toom

            That’s not the only reason I’m saying that rousey is stronger with a way higher level on the ground

          • Mark McDowall

            Im not disagreeing with you. But if you put a strong wrestler in against even a decent Judoka…the Judoka will win hands down. A fight has NEVER been finished via wrestling…decision yes but never finsihsed.

          • TNT

            Judo should usually win. Ne-waza basically incorporates wrestling and Japanese jujitsu together. You can pin to win or submit your opponent. Just no leg locks anymore. Or you could avoid that all together with a nice ippon. (Fully throw your opponent for the 1 point). Wrestlers would typically get tossed because of their aggressive takedown style. I wish more mma fighters had a good judo background.

          • Mark McDowall

            I totally agree…Judo is way too under used in MMA.

  • Lex

    I like this because it attributes to her talent as an athelete. Too many people are focusing on her “character” and bashing her for being mean when in reality all of us joe schmoes are just as crude if not even more so. The public gets too plastered on One focus and and forgets that shes a very hard worker competetive athelete who has skills. I mean this bitch climbed a wall and won while cutting 20 pounds in one night. Shes ferocious and for that i will always like her. No matter how ‘mean’ she may act in front of the camera.

    • TNT

      That has nothing to do with it. I’d like to see her display some decent striking before she is put on a list with martial artist. She is just a judoka,so far, in my opinion. She is almost like the women version of Ben Askren, she just has Dana promoting her making people think she is better than she is. It’s all promotion, notice it said “UFC” fighter rankings. Not mma fighter rankings

      • Judo is a martial art and just because she’s not a striker first doesn’t mean anything. She’s new to mma, and so is Ben Askren. What do you expect to see high level kickboxing from them when they spent their whole lives training in their respective discipline.

        • TNT

          Sorry. I miss spoke. I meant mixed martial artist. And I expect to see mma if you make the p4p list. Not strictly ne-waza. I would like to see her throw a decent strike, just one.

          • Understood. Well I bet she’s been working a lot on her striking. Hopefully her kickboxing specifically. What do you think of someone like Rashad Evans who was a wrestler and began using his striking, are you impressed with his skill set? Or how about Josh Koscheck as well? Give her sometime and I’m sure an athlete like her will start looking sharp.

          • TNT

            Agreed. If she can beat Meisha again. Then Cat. I would have no doubt that she deserves it. As far as Rashad and Kos. They both have done amazing become true mma fighters. I think Rashad should drop to middle and make a title run. I think Kos is still a good gatekeeper but never a contender again.

          • Agreed, After Tate, I see three more fights but nothing else until the UFC picks up another high level athlete. Either a very accomplished wrestler or thai boxer.

          • Mark McDowall

            I think Cat, if it stays standing long enough, could KO her. Also if the UFC doesn’t sign Holly Holm soon then they are dumb. She is about the most legit threat to Rousey outside of Cyborg amputating a leg to get to 135.

          • TNT

            I agree about cat. But I think meisha can and will beat Ronda this time. I don’t think Holly is UFC ready yet, but considering how thin the devision is I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets signed soon. She is the type of person Ronda wants to fight to build her legacy. It would be very one- sided I think. Holly doesn’t have take down defense that could stop Ronda.

          • Mark McDowall

            If they fought today…your right. But I think given a few more fights…Holm will be ready. And the way she throws those knees and kicks…Rousey wont take her down as easily as you think…

          • Agreed. That Tate and Cat fight was pretty good. To bad she got hurt but at the same time it made for an interesting Ultimate Fighter.

  • Jrcr_15

    7 fights and shes in there with the likes of GSP, Jon Jones, Jose Aldo etc!? She is being hyped even more than Brock was. She was GIVEN the title and has defended it once.

    You can take a ditch pig and give it a ufc belt but in the end it is still just a ditch pig!

    • How was she “GIVEN” the title if she won it by defeating Liz C? She also beat Tate for the Strikeforce title.

      • jrcr_15

        I am aware of that. She was ‘given’ it based on the fact that other strikeforce champions like Hendo, came in and had to earn their shots. By that logic, every strikeforce champ should have been given an immediate unification bout.

        Or call her the champ after she beat Liz, either way she’s the champ now so it doesn’t matter.

        • Who would she have fought to earn the shot considering this was the first ever UFC womens fight and she already beat the other top womens fighters in Strikeforce? Liz was the toughest challenger. Should have two other women fought for the UFC Womens title and not the Ronda?

  • TheCerealKiller

    Let me get this straight. She beat every guy the same weight as her? It’s based on skill by the pound, right? LOL! She makes the joke of p4p list even more of a joke. If I were on that list, I would insist on being taken off. They fire Palhares for holding a lock for too long, but praise her after holding Tates armbar too long?

    • Ethan

      Did you watch either fight? Pierce tapped eight times, the ref jumped in to stop it, and Palhares held the lock for almost two full seconds after that. Rousey might’ve wrapped Tates arm around backwards, but Tate never tapped and Rousey let go as soon as the ref jumped in. Pretty big difference there. Also Palhares was already on thin ice for holding another lock to long and failing testing.

  • Jimmy


  • Corey Hutton

    Everything that happens in the UFC is making history. Maybe they should learn what that means. in 10 years, much like today no one will give a s*** about her.

  • drkdisciple

    Guess it doesn’t take much to make the ufc top 10 p4p these days!

  • Stephen Quadros

    What a joke

    • Guest


  • Mike

    Having a woman ranked in the pound for pound discussion is a complete joke

  • Intense32

    All i want for christmas is for Meish to submit Ronda by Arm bar, Wouldn’t that be something !

  • I don’t know what everyone is complaining about. Of course Ronda is going to be on the pound for pound list she’s the champion and undefeated. She wasn’t just given the title and put on the list for nothing. The hard work she put in all her life in martial arts has payed off. People need to get over the fact she’s not a quiet little angel.

    • Alex Adams

      If she’s one of the best p4p in the world does that mean that 135 vs 135 she could beat a guy like Urijah faber?!? Forget about it! That poor girl would be on the floor contemplating the ceiling of an arena in less than 30 seconds. Men vs women can’t happen look at any sports men are faster, stronger than womam. P4P reflect men vs men if a guy like Barao was weighting 245lbs he would be able to be LHW champs or HW champ. Even vs a lighter fighter like Mighty Mouse I don’t thing she stand a chance. Man are stonger that’s genetic not sexism. For me that’s the UFC sayying : our women champ is losing popularity so let’s do something about it, That’s PR not MMA

      • If she goes on her next ten fights and remains undefeated and other fighters on the P4P list lose a fight or two then she will be placed as #1. Obviously she can’t beat any of the men in her own weight class let alone any other weight class. If women are fighting in the UFC then a women is eligible to be on the P4P list.

        • Alex Adams

          If women can be in P4P then they must be able to beat their male counterparts PERIOD! it’s impossible you say it yourself. That’s PR not MMa or ranking. Dana white’s giving a thunderous uppercut to his sport by allowing such a thing. it start to sound like the WWE. If she beat Cyborg Santos cleanly in less than 3 minutes maybe I will start listening. Till then she didn’t even beat the BEST women in the world, she didnt even fight 10 times in MMA. And you wanna comapre her to guy’s who beat the who’s who of MMA and have at least 15 fights? She got a olymnpic medal? Good for her! She can’t even strike! She already said it herself: after 30 minutes of boxing her gas tanks’s empty! P4P are for men right now and people who proves something in an octogon! Not just an Hype!

          • They should have done specifically a womens P4P list. I mean at least she was on the bottom of the list. As for her striking, I mean she’s been doing judo forever, it’s going to take time to develop a high level striking game. She is an athlete though so I’m sure over the course of her next few fights we’ll see some new things. I’m sure she’s not relying on armbars to win every fight. She is in the same spot as the flyweights. It’s because the division is so new and is in dying need of more talen. Cyborg is the best female fighter out there period. Taking on thai fights in between mma bouts. A come back from Gina Carano right now would really make things interesting.

        • MikeMcK

          The P4P rankings are supposed to be a ranking based on 1 handicap, weight.
          I won’t argue any of Rhonda’s skills. That’s pointless. She’s got the belt, and the favorite vs. Anyone in her weight class.

          Your trying to argue her place in her division. I get that. The problem is the p4p list isn’t about divisions.
          Rhonda’s division has two handicaps. Weight, and gender. Her effectiveness in her division is because of both those handicaps. Take gender out of the equation and there’s no women in pretty much all sports.
          Rhonda has a 2nd handicap. You can’t put her in the class with men until she competes there.

          • Then I guess they need a specific womens P4P list then. For the UFC it would be Ronda but outside of that it’s obviously Cyborg.

          • MikeMcK

            That doesn’t have to be the case. Rhonda fights at a weight that cyborg says she can’t make. Someone could argue that Rhonda is better at 135lbs, than cyborg is at 145lbs. If that were true, then Rhonda would top a women’s p4p.
            Cain is obviously the favorite over jones, but he shouldn’t be anywhere near as high on the p4p list as jones.
            (Cains ranking that high on the p4p list is a joke.)

          • Silva, GSP, Aldo are the most deserving guys to be on that list. I would think most people like Cain more then Jones but no offense to Velasquez but he’s only defended the title twice compared to Jones.

  • MikeMcK

    Oh wow. It seems that the people voting don’t know what a “pound for pound” list is. It’s not a p4p and gender for gender list, and it’s not a division for division list.

    Pound for pound represents your abilities while handicapping it by weight.
    Rhonda fights at 135lbs. She couldn’t handle any male at that weight in the UFC.
    P4p list have always been a promoters aid to try and make lower weight fighters seem more relevant, but this is absurd.
    If you want to put her at the top of a women’s p4p rankings that’s fine, but it’s an insult to the rest of the guys who fight, especially at 135lbs.

  • MuayThaiFood

    To be on this pound for pound ranking she should be able to dominate all the men fighting at 135# at the very least. The pound for pound handicaps for weight not gender.

  • Corey Hutton

    She couldn’t even hold her own against the worst at 135 mens, this is a joke, like her.

  • Berry

    I think this was a PR move by the UFC based on Cyborg getting the women’s p4p number 1 spot after her first fight back after suspension again. UFC has put Rhonda straight onto their p4p list because their champion was being undermined and they ‘have all the best fighters’ so this can’t happen.

  • Austin, TX

    Now we know that the whole thing is becoming a joke….there is no reality behind anything anymore. There should be a separate p4p list for females. If this is the case then why don’t women fight men is they go on the same list? This is stupid move on Dana’s part to allow this nonsense. Anything goes now I guess? WHere’s the art? Where’s the science? Wheres the legitimacy to anything????….

  • SaySo

    She is also “pound for pound” the most promoted fighter in the UFC

  • jeremy

    Can you imagine the temper tantrum she would have if Tate arm bars her lol man I would love that.