Ronda Rousey Challenger Bethe Correia Reportedly Involved in Street Fight

March 29, 2015
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Bethe-Correia-UFC-177-post-press-3Ronda Rousey is slated to put her UFC bantamweight championship on the line against Bethe Correia at UFC 190 in August.

The challenger, according to a recent report by, was recently involved in a street fight in Brazil that included her boyfriend, Edelson Silva, who is also one of Anderson Silva‘s coaches; and her sister, Suzana Correia.

According to MMAFighting’s Guilherme Cruz:

Correia was with her boyfriend Edelson Silva, who is also one of Anderson Silva’s boxing coaches, and her sister Suzana Correia at a hotel in Rio de Janeiro. They asked for a taxi to go out for dinner, but decided to eat at a restaurant across the street as soon as the taxi arrived.

The taxi driver, Cleonardo de Freitas Alves, wanted to charge them anyway, and that’s when everything started.

According to the UFC fighter, Alves threatened to grab a gun at the glove compartment and got into a fight with Edelson Silva. A video footage also shows Alves throwing a trash can at Silva, who tried to punch him several times.

Thus far, there has not been any public comment from UFC officials, nor has there been any indication that Correia’s shot at Rousey is in any sort of jeopardy.


You can see purported video footage of the incident below…

(Video courtesy of MMAFighting)

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  • lols

    Might wanna correct your article, he may have whiffed one of those shots but Edelson landed some nice tight hooks for sure you can see the guy turtle after the first miss and get wickered with a few real clean ones immedietly after haha I’m not saying assaulting a cabbie is o.k but if some guy got out and threatened to get a gun because I decided I didn’t need the cab in the end and then grabs me… lets be real

  • TheCerealKiller

    She wasn’t involved.

  • Seth

    …Come on, MMAWeekly. Is that something you have to put on the site as “news”. Basically nothing happened related to MMA, that’s nice sidenote for a blog or twitter but not a site…

    • shakejunt

      except, ya know, this is a story involving a fighter…

      • Seth

        So what? Will we get a “news” like “Jon Jones bought himself a new pair of underwear!” only because it involves a fighter? Nothing really happened.

        • shakejunt

          would you really be all that surprised to see an article in the near future about jon jones sporting reebok underwear? like it or not, these type of sites aren’t strictly about the actual fighting aspect, they’re about the community and culture around that.

        • sintheticreality2

          What about if Jon Jones was in a steakhouse and was quietly knitting himself a pair of Batman underoos in a corner while people looked on confused? That’d be newsworthy. Oh, and he’d also be sticking his tongue out in deep concentration whilst wearing a napkin hat that he made himself during this whole affair.

  • ryan



    People are so PC these days. It wasn’t a street fight, they were just trying to rob the cabbie. Normal Brazilian behavior. Move along please

    • velma asije

      Your dumb.

      • EshamTheUnholy

        velma, you mean YOU’RE DUMB, NOT YOUR DUMB.

        • WhatsWithWannabeSmartguys

          Actually he doesn’t. Research what vernacular means and then feel stupid . Take that chip on your shoulder elsewhere, thanks.

          • EshamTheUnholy

            No, YOU ARE wrong.

          • sintheticreality2

            *Your wrong. You possess the wrong. It’s in your glove compartment with the receipt. A six-pack of wrong. Made in China.

          • EshamTheUnholy

            No, go back to school.

          • sintheticreality2

            *No. Go back to school.

          • EshamTheUnholy

            Retarded echo?

          • sintheticreality2

            No. I had to correct you. You’re keeping me busy correcting your constant examples of stupidity. I should be charging you.

          • Yes, because you meant to type “the dumb belongs to you.” That is the dialect of the people who roam your third world land.

            There is no vernacular that exists within any English-speaking country where typing “your dumb” doesn’t make you look like an illiterate mongoloid. Maybe if you post under another name and further embarrass yourself, that might change. You should try it.

          • TheCerealKiller

            “the dumb belongs to you.”

            I’m going to start using that!

          • sintheticreality2

            “Did you get a refund from the Dumb… Store? ‘Cause they sold out.” *shrug* I don’t know. Something like that. Experiment around and see what people think!

      • JJDNB


        • Stephen Kennedy

          be careful of what you say.bethe will think it is a death threat.and make up some other video with her family.

  • Is “Ronda Rousey Assaults Stephanie McMahon at Wrestlemania 31” going to be a headline tonight too?

    • Maria Sanchez

      She certainly set MMA back a few years by tying it in with fake pro wrestling

      • Groinstrike

        lol set back mma huh? I wonder how many young WWE fans who seen her there will be checking out UFC

        • earlsimmons

          Prob not many. She is a joke.

          • Stephen Kennedy

            Probably lots.i tell what is a joke this whole fake fight act.bethe is a joke

      • TheFacto

        Sorry but if you’re a clown, frank shamrock transitioned and as I stated in another post the ufc already knew because they would have a clause in her contract

        • mokseng

          U mean ken shamrock?

  • Maria Sanchez

    Don’t see how she was involved. She was there, but certainly not involved.

    • mokseng

      Wait till the investigations are done.

  • TrentSki

    Damn shes ugly, think she used her face for blocking punches one too many times

    • mokseng

      Hi brad pitt. 🙂

    • shakejunt

      low hangin fruit type of guy, huh?

  • Grymreefer

    i agree trent She is not hot at all, looks like dude from no country for old men

  • bob

    Things really escalate quickly in Brazil… I mean that really got outta hand fast